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Has ordering hosting services from Ultahost become a problematic task for you? Do you experience technical issues while ordering hosting packages from Ultahost? If you are seeking solutions to these concerns, then you are at the right page.

In this article, we have discussed the technique of ordering various hosting plans, the payment method available and various other things in detail. After browsing, you’ll successfully be able to order hosting services from Ultahost without facing any trouble. So let’s begin with a brief start about UltaHost. 

About UltaHost

Ultahost is one of the best web hosting companies that provides shared, wordpress, VPS, VDS and dedicated server hosting at an affordable rate. 


It offers extremely swift, secure and client friendly website hosting which ensures all size businesses run successfully. 20 times faster page load, unlimited bandwidth and free cPanel license are few of its worthy features that make operating a website easy.

Now after making a decision to buy the website hosting services from UltaHost, you need to follow the instructions mentioned below to order your suitable hosting service.

What if you decide to order shared hosting services from ultahost? In that case you need to consider the steps stated below.

How to Order Shared Hosting from UltaHost?

To order shared hosting, you need to follow the navigation given below:

  • Go to the client area and login to your Ultahost account.
  • After logging in to your account, your dashboard will appear where your number of services purchased, domains, unpaid invoices and ticket submitted is displayed.
Ultahost Dashboard
  • Click the Open New Service option under Your Active Products heading.
  • You can also click Order New Service provided under the Shortcuts heading.
  • Or go to the left hand vertical menu list beside My Dashboard and click store option.
  • List of various web hosting services offered by Ultahost will display.
  • Click shared hosting after choosing between Linux and Windows options offered by Ultahost.
  • On clicking linux shared hosting, the following will be displayed. Choose the appropriate hosting package for yourself and click the Order now option.
  • And on clicking windows shared hosting, 4 varieties are shown, among which you need to make an appropriate choice before clicking the Order now button.
  • After clicking the order now option, you need to choose your domain by registering it if you are a new user or by transferring or using your existing domain and simply updating your nameservers.
ultahost domain reg.
  • If you are a new user, you need to register your domain. First search the domain and choose the appropriate domain extension according to your nature of business.
  • As your domain name is searched you need to pay extra dollars to register your domain. Then click the continue option to carry on further with the configuration process.
  • Choose the billing cycle according to your needs.
  • Make a choice for server location between Frankfurt, Germany and Toronto, Canada.
  • Choose appropriate addons to make your website secure. Add SSL to give suffers the guarantee about the privacy of your website.
Ultahost Addonmake your website secure
  • Select a website builder to design your website and make it appealing.
Ultahost website builder
  • Pick professional email security to secure your email against malware.
Ultahost site lock website security
  • Choose site lock website security to protect your website data.
  • To save your website from data loss, choose from among the codeguard website backup.
  • Go for SEO tools as well to increase website traffic.
  • After adding all necessary features to your hosting package, Go to Order Summary and click on the continue option.
  • After clicking the continue button, you’ll find a review and checkout heading under which your order is written in a summarized way enabling you to make changes required before proceeding to the payment option.
  • A reminder option appears to request the users to buy the addons that make the website safe and secure.
  • Billing details confirm the user’s billing address.
  • Finally, choose your appropriate payment method from among the ones provided and place the order.
  • You can download a softcopy of your order by tapping the download option provided under actions at the right hand corner of the screen.

The instructions provided above in detail are user-friendly and by following the steps you can easily order hosting services from UltaHost. Now how to order VPS or DEDICATED game servers from Ultahost?

To users ease, the procedure adopted to order VPS and dedicated hosting are somewhat alike. However there are few additional configurations that one will be required to do so. 

How to order VPS hosting from Ultahost?

If you plan to order VPS Hosting from UltaHost, you can effortlessly order it by following the similar steps mentioned above. 

Just to make your work easy we can lay down the additional configuration required to order VPS hosting.

  • Choose the VPS hosting suitable for you from among them.
  • From the list of VPS hosting available, select the one you need and click the order now option.
Ultahost Plans
  • After picking the billing cycle and server location, choose from among the Operating system, cPanel and its license, additional disk space and IPv4 addresses that can make your website far more efficient.
Ultahost operating system
  • After making the important configurations for your VPS hosting Package, check the Review heading to get a brief list of your order and then proceed further to the payment section and finally place the order after checking out.

Likely, we also have to follow the same set of instructions as well to order dedicated game server hosting as well. So how to place an order for Dedicated game server hosting?

How to order dedicated game server hosting from UltaHost?

To users’ ease, the requirements are similar, however few other configurations are required to initiate the process of buying the dedicated server from UltaHost.

UltaHost Game Server
  • Click order now to begin the process of purchase.
  • After clicking the order now option, choose the billing cycle, Operating System, additional IPv4 addresses, control Panel with license, additional disks and server location.
Ultahost Billing
  • After making necessary changes that make your website safe, secure and appealing, proceed further with the checkout and payment option to place the order.
ultahost Review & Chat

Through these steps you can, without any hassle, order the website hosting plans. Now after you successfully place the web hosting order, the doubt that pops up in your mind is how much time would it take to get the order activated?

How much time does it take to get the order activated?

So for this we had a golden opportunity to establish contact with the live support team and we came up with fruitful information.

  • Well, Shared hosting takes a few minutes to get activated.
ultahost chat
  • However, Dedicated servers take 6 to 8 hours to get activated as they are large and take a longer period of time to initialize.
Ultahost order

Few clients have questions regarding the discount and money back offers, so we were also able to figure out the solutions for these important doubts too. 

  • The hosting packages that are offered by UltaHost are available with the discounted offers. Enabling the customers to choose from among the best options available. Furthermore, you can use Coupon GoogieHost to avail additional 5% OFF on all plans.
Ultahost order 2
  • Clients can also avail Addtional Discount on All UltaHost Web Hosting Plans from shared to Dedicated servers use Coupon-  “GoogieHost” and get benefit os Additional 5% Discount on all Plans.
ultahost search

The hosting packages are already discounted with monthly and yearly subscription enabling customers to enjoy best hosting services from Ultahost that also at affordable rates.

Before concluding we,ve been able to gather a few related Questions that generally users, availing Ultahost service packages, ask.

What if I need any help while ordering hosting from UltaHost?

If in case you need assistance while order services from UltaHost, you can establish contact with the UltaHost support team via- 

  • Live chat
Ultahost Live Chat
  • Ticket system
  • Voice call

For any assistance required you can reach them at- 

  • +1 302-966-3941
  • +905550000111

Does Ultahost provide any money-back guarantee offer?

According to the Live chat expert, UltaHost provides a 30 days Money back Guarantee, if the service plan does not meet clients expectations or fails to show the results, UltaHost will refund the cost within 30 days.

Ultahost money back

For further information: Visit here

What type of payment options does UltaHost have?

Ultahost offers a variety of payment options including Payments via Bitcoin cryptocurrency to make the billing process easy and swift.

Ultahost payment

Why should I choose UltaHost hosting plans?

Being fast, secure features, user-friendly configurations, wide variety of packages, attractive pricing and guaranteed refund policy at stake of  

To conclude We believe that the queries that you have been looking for regarding placing order from Ultahost and other relevant doubts have been sufficiently covered. We highly recommend your valuable comments and we will make sure to implement the same.

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