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When using Shinjiru, one of the top Worldwide Web hosting providers, it’s obvious to run into technical glitches with numerous aspects related to payment, speed, bandwidth and many more. Therefore, resolving them is a crucial step to ensuring that corporate operations run undisturbed. 

So, the only question that pops up in mind is, How many Support options are offered by Shinjiru? How to approach the support staff? And How to track the registered complaints filed through the ticket system? 

Basic inquiries about the customer support services offered by Shinjiru and other related issues will be answered on this web page sufficiently. 

About: Shinjiru- A Quick brief

Shinjiru, which began its operations in 2000, has steadily developed into one of the top worldwide web hosting providers

Shinjiru Support

It is the sole company selling offshore web hosting plans which holds ISO 9000:2008 accreditation. 

For the sake of providing the latest user-friendly innovations, Shinjiru collaborates with numerous leading providers.

Shinjiru offers you greater connectivity options for your company by operating in 8 Data Centers all across the globe. 

Shinjiru Data Center

Currently, stocks are not available in other locations, so only 2 data centers are operational for the time being.

Shinjiru Location
Shinjiru Location

Maybe, in years to come they can make the other data centers functional to its fullest.

It strives to provide the greatest possible security services to all of their offshore hosting clients, giving high quality servers and network protection. 

Emergency problems are handled professionally and expertly by a 24/7 support team.

Shinjiru support team

Shinjiru is renowned for offering both technical and private support, ensuring that business affairs run smoothly with negligible interruptions. 

Shinjiru offers a Support program that is designed for resolution of various issues. The Shinjiru team has over 90+ staff ready to assist you round the clock.

For Further Reference- Visit: Shinjiru

Users often face technical backlash about which they have negligible knowledge. In order to resolve such a situation, Shinjiru has provided diverse opportunities to the users to enable them tackle the common glitches, thereby educating them with the technical know-how involved in solving such issues.

Shinjiu Customer Support

The basic inquiries that the users need to be aware of as provided under.

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What Opportunities for technical support do Shinjiru provide?

The most fundamental of all the inquiries is, how many support options do Shinjiru provide? So, in order to get a technical issue resolved, a user is available with 3 efficient means of establishing communication with the support team of Shinjiru. They are:

Connect via Live Chat

In the event of a critical issue, that requires a minor assistance only, calling one of the operators is the foremost step that is advised.

Connect via Live Chat 1

Communication with the operating team can be easily established via Skype or by a third party app-WICKR

Skyp Wickr

Online Ticket system

On an occasion of a grave technical issue that requires a detailed solution to the problem, the online ticket system is very helpful in such a situation. The reply is prompt as the query is answered in 15 minutes time and is reliable as well. 

Shinjiru Technical Support

Contact via Website Enquiry Form

If you have inquiries regarding the products and services, please seek guidance by filling the form with your concerned inquiry, and a web hosting expert will soon get in touch with you.

Contact via Website Enquiry Form


When requiring a detailed knowledge about the technicalities of the products and the related services offered by Shinjiru, the users can refer to knowledge base option as it provides step by step instructions and unique solutions to common technical concerns.

Shinjiru Knowladgebase

After knowing about the various means of contacting the support team the story doesn’t end here, establishing a perfect contact depends upon the ease in locating the options that grants access to the support teams. 

So let’s discuss the ways in which a perfect contact can be established with the supporting staff.

How to contact the Shinjiru Support team?

Going through these steps can make users’ accessibility with the support team very simple. Follow the steps provided below:

Via live chat :

There are various techniques  to establish contact with the support team via live chat

  • Go to Shinjiru. 
  • Press the Blue chat box option provided at the bottom right of the screen.
Shinjiru Live Chat
  • Second Option: Go to Shinjiru 
  • Scroll down to find a Skype:Shinjiru 121 “Chat Now” option available that is efficient and trustworthy for uninterrupted calls and chats.
Shinjiru Second Live Chat Option

Via online ticket system 

Do you require technical support? Resolving issues using the ticket system is rapid and one can get detailed step by step instructions to resolve technical issues.

The following ways to get access to the ticket system are as follows:

  • Go to Shinjiru
  • Scroll down to find the Submit Ticket option. Press the Submit now button to fill in the form asking for technical assistance.
Shinjiru Submit Ticket option
  • After pressing the submit now button, you ll be required to fill in the form explaining the technical assistance you are wanting to seek. 
Shinjiru submit Ticket
  • You will also be required to tap the department name concerned with the issue. 
  • After tapping the department name concerned with the technical issue, press “Next” option.
  • Fill in the form with the necessary details to be provided under the option “Your ticket details”.
Your ticket details
  • Describe the technical issue being faced in detail, and then click submit.
Shinjiru Submit

Shinjiru: Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is positive as a result of quick and responsive replies. The customer support team solves problems in just minutes with step by step  technical know-how about the issue.

Shinjiru Customer Feedback
Shinjiru Customer Feedback
Shinjiru Customer Feedback

You have gained enough knowledge about the technical issues and skills required to contact the Shinjiru support team that helps your to resolve dynamic problems from this article.

Getting your issues resolved correctly and timely ensures that your website functions flawlessly and with highest efficiency. Additionally, this ensures a gentle and harmonious bond between the Shinjiru team and its clients. 

We heartily endorse your thoughtful suggestions and will be obligated to put them into practice.  👍

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