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Have you navigated your way through websites and arrived at this page because you got tangled up in the technicalities necessary to have your problems fixed by the IONOS support staff? If so, then coming to this page was the ideal choice for you.

This article will inform you about the numerous customer service channels available and the technical skills needed to get in touch with the IONOS support team.

We’ll try every possible means to make it as simple as possible for you to contact the support staff if serious problems arise while using or ordering hosting services from IONOS.

So without further delay, let’s start off with a little brief introduction to IONOS.

About IONOS 

Since its founding, IONOS has served millions of customers in different countries by offering web hosting services at reasonable prices. Amazing features, diverse customer care options available 24/7, make this web hosting company extremely user-friendly.

Having that been said, let’s learn about the many help channels IONOS provides to its customers before we do a thorough review of them.

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What Support Channels Does IONOS Offer?

Now, First let’s see the number of support channels that IONOS offers to its potential clients and new users visiting their official website to browse about the products and services IONOS provides. The support channels via which you can establish contact with the support team are as follows:

  • Live chat (instead provide a personal consultant option)
  • Ticket support (Only to clients)
  • Product Consultation Form 
ionos support
  • Help Center
IONOS Support Help center
  • Phone support
IONOS Phone Support
  • Schedule a call with one of their Expert Agents (Only for clients)
  • Visit the IONOS official website > Log in to your IONOS account.
  • Select Contact in the upper right corner.
  • Click the Schedule a Callback option.
  • Now, you can either select As Soon as Possible or Schedule a Callback and provide us with a date and a time slot.
  • Complete the process by clicking on Request Callback.
  • One of our experts will contact you according to your wishes.
IONOS Personal Consultan support
  • Email support 
IONOS Email Support
Contact IONOS Cloud By Phone or Email

If you want to use the services from IONOS, you need to keep one thing in mind most of the support channels are provided only to its potential clients. As a new user, you can access the voice call or email support to get assistance.

It is only after you buy hosting services from IONOS that you can avail the feature of the support ticket system in IONOS.

How to contact the Support Ticket option?

To contact IONOS support and raise a support ticket, you can follow these steps:

IONOS official website
  • Go to the IONOS official website > login to your account.
  • Once logged in >  click on the Support tab or look for a Contact Us link on the Dashboard. (it is usually located at the top of your portal)
  • On the support page >  you will find different options to contact IONOS customer support.
  • Look for the option that allows you to submit a support ticket.
  • Click on the relevant option to open the support ticket form.
  • Fill in the required information in the support ticket form. (Provide detailed information about the issues you are facing so that the support team can assist you).
  • Once you have completed the support ticket > Click on the Submit button to send your support ticket.
  • After you send the support ticket > you will receive a confirmation email with your Unique ticket id.

Remember that you may avail of this feature only when you have an account registered with IONOS. The ticket support system customer service is only available for active users of IONOS. 

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How do I Check My Support Ticket History?

You may adopt a similar measure as mentioned above, to check the history of your support ticket previously submitted. 

  • As you login to your dashboard > Click the support tab 
  • You can see the status of all your tickets previously submitted to the support team of IONOS.

Now let’s scroll further to see what reviews have been posted by IONOS potential users, who are actively using the hosting services from them. They can provide a better picture of the support services offered by IONOS. 

Other IONOS Customer Feedback

The bedrock of any hosting company is its 24/7/365 support services. And as far as IONOS support services are concerned, it is user-friendly when it comes to potential users who actively purchase and utilize the services offered by IONOS. 

New users, who visit the official website of IONOS may find contacting the support team very challenging as no live chat option is available to them. The only means of establishing contact is left with email and phone support. That’s why we might see a heavy backlash in the feedback posted by new users.

So let’s see what the clients and the new users got to say about the support team.

Little personal support

IONOS Customer Feedback

No live chat option 

IONOS Support feedback

Staff is responsive.

IONOS Support Customer Reviews

For our users comfortability, we ourselves have tried establishing contact with the support team via various channels and provided useful points below to help users understand the functionality of the support channels of IONOS.

With that being said, let’s see if the feedback provided by the users sounds authentic. 

Our Experience with the IONOS Support 

As far as support services of IONOS are concerned, customer care is not functional most of the time. However, the support channels offered by IONOS are diverse and serviceable 24/7/365, they are unavailable for the greater part of the day due to unavailability of staff. Below, we have successfully run a few tests to check the functional status of all the support channels provided by IONOS and been able to gather key points that we would like to share with you.

Live chat with an Agent- 

  • As a new user, you might face a lot of trouble contacting the support team of IONOS via Live Chat.
  • Option is mostly unavailable due to insufficiency of support staff to attend it.

Ticket support (Only to clients)

  • Ticket support system is also not an option provided to the new users visiting the official website of IONOS.
  • Potential clients, or people who buy hosting services from IONOS may have a ticket support system in their IONOS account Dashboard.

Product Consultation Form 

  • New users, visiting the official website of IONOS to browse about the hosting packages offered by them, can make use of this option.
  • Easy to configure and responsive(support team may reach you with 2 to 3 hours or so)

Help Centre

  • New users, having tech related issues to resolve, can easily navigate through the official website to get access to the documents, pdf and video guides in Help center option > under support tab in the Home Page of IONOS.
  • The guides are comprehensible and provide technical knowledge about the services offered by IONOS in an easy way.

Phone support

  • Customer support services offered via voice call is diverse and user-friendly
  • IONOS provides contact numbers of the support team to the users spread world wide.
  • The dial number can be used via Skye as well
  • The tone of the agent is positive as per the feedback collected from the clients (details given below)

Schedule a call with one of their Expert Agents (Only to clients)

  • Potential clients, who are active users of services from IONOS can use this option to promptly contact the support team by scheduling a call with one of the Expert Agents of IONOS.
  • The request is acted upon instantly.

Email support 

  • Email support, just like support services, are diversely available not only for the clients but also for the new users as well.
  • The emails answered are well-informed and Prompt (responds to the mail within an hour).

New users may find contacting the support team of IONOS very challenging, as they have fewer yet efficient options to establish contact with the support team like Phone and email support and Help Centre.

For potential clients or users who buy services from IONOS would have no trouble contacting the support team at all. However the live chat is unavailable, the other support options like Scheduling a call with an Expert and 24/7 email and phone support proves worthy. 


Lastly, we would like to convey that if you are a new user and trying to contact the IONOS support team, it will prove better if you try reaching them via phone or email support as it is not only diverse, user friendly but also it is responsive, resolving your grave issues in a matter of seconds.

If you happen to be an active user of the services rendered by IONOS, you are lucky enough to enjoy the support services of a personal consultant along with the other support channels as well.

If you find the information provided useful, we urge you to post your valuable comment to make a sincere move to motivate us.

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