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Suffering issues to contact the Hostens Support team, right? Being a new user, facing these is normal.

You are at the right page if you are seeking answers to the query proposed above. In this post, we will be discussing all about customer care service provided by Hostens and along with that run a few tests to check the genuinity of the support staff. 

With this article, you will get a comprehensive idea about how to contact the tech support team in case of a grave issue that pops up while handling the services of Hostens. So let’s start off with a small introduction about Hostens. đź‘Ť

About Hostens

Hostens is a Lithuania based web hosting company that provides excellent quality shared hosting plans at affordable rates. Besides high quality hosting services, Hostens also offers  24/7 customer assistance not only to its potential clients but also to new visitors on their website as well.

About Hostens

So, now let’s not wait longer and keep reading further to know more about the support channels offered by Hostens.

What Support Channels Does Hostens Offer?

To make customer support accessible to its end users 24/7, Hostens offers a wide range of support channels to ensure quick and easy deliverance of issues. 

Here, are the support channels offered by Hostens:

  • Live chat 

In case of minor issues that require a quick resolution, live chat feature is the best of all the support channels available to the users.

Hostens Live chat 
  • Ticket Support

To get the technical issue related to your web hosting plan, Hostens nameservers for instance, you can approach the ticket system provided by Hostens as it not only gives you a chance to specify your issue in detail but also gives you an instant reply.

Hostens Ticket support
  • Email

For new users and fresh visitors to Hostens, who do not have a Hostens Login account can establish contact with the support team via email option as well. It helps you send your doubt to the appropriate department and along with that enables you to receive a prompt answer from the support staff too.

For sales and billing related issues, reach the support staff at: [email protected]

To report the services bought by Hostens, you can do so by mailing at: [email protected]

  • Contact Form

Another friendly support medium that Hosten provides is via Contact form option. For users, who do not have an existing account with Hosten and require a quick resolution of their doubts related to services or billing issues without wasting their time in creating an account to write a ticket, this option proves worthy.


Since now you know the various support options provided by Hostens, let us now understand how to approach each and every support channel in great detail to enable you to reach the support executives easily. 

How to Contact Hostens Support

Contacting the Hostens support staff will become effortless once you refer to the stepwise instruction given as under.

Live Chat

New users facing issues, be it while ordering hosting from hostens and even issues related to billing and payment methods that require a short and prompt reply, Live chat option suits the best to serve for these purposes. So to initiate the chat with an expert, follow the given steps.

  • Go to Hostens HomePage and click the blue message box provided at the bottom of the screen.
  • As you click the message box, the live chat option appears.
Hostens live chat option
  • Pressing the Send us a message option in the Home tab enables you to send your issue to the live chat agent to get your issue addressed.
Send us a message
  • In the Help tab, all the frequently asked questions are available. Simply type the topic on which you are trying to find remedies of and then the questions related to it will be displayed in the message box.
frequently asked questions
  • In the Message tab, the history of all the questions asked by the users and its related answers are available.
history of all the questions

Ticket Support

Ticket system offered by Hosten is very simple and user friendly. Users can approach this support option, when they need descriptive guidance on the technical issue that they face. To access this support channel you need to adopt the following steps provided as under.

  • Go to Hostens HomePage and click the login option provided at the top of the menu bar. Before you can use the ticket support system to get your issues addressed, you need to log in to your account 
  • If you don’t have an account then you can create one the option for which is provided beside the login section.
  • As soon as you login and enter your dashboard, drag down the support option to click the Open New Support Request.
Open New Support Request
  • On clicking the option a new ticket opens. You can write your issue and then click submit to finally send it to the support team.
click submit
  • On clicking the Submit button, the ticket is successfully created and sent to the support staff for resolution.
  • Once the ticket is resolved, you’ll receive a notification on your registered email address.
notification on your registered email address
  • As your ticket is answered, you’ll be receiving an email notifying you about the status of your ticket.
  • A sample of our answered ticket is given below for readers to see how the support channels respond to our request.
support channels respond

Thus, we notice the degree of responsiveness of the ticket support system. Users using Hosten for their website web hosting services can approach the customer care support staff at any time of the day. 


Email option, though not being too diverse, only provides two email addresses that are functional. 

In case you want to ask details regarding the services provided by Hostens, mail at [email protected] to approach the support staff for help.

Issues related to the services bought from Hostens, can be reported at [email protected]

How do I Check My Support Ticket History?

After the ticket is finally submitted to the support team of Hostens, sometimes the reply gets delayed. Or it happens at times that we require assistance on the same issue previously addressed by the support team.

In that case, checking the history of tickets previously submitted becomes important. So follow the instructions below to check the history of the support ticket previously submitted.

Live Chat

  • Go to Hosten HomePage and click the blue message box provided below at the bottom of the screen.
  • On clicking the message box, tap the message tab to see all the previously recorded messages between you and the support team.
On clicking the message box
  • Go to Hostens HomePage and login to your Hostens account.
  • Click the Support option provided in your dashboard to open all your tickets previously submitted.
 your dashboard

Other Hostens Customer Feedback

Feedback from the potential customers is a grassroot foundation of any company building a base for other new clients to buy services from the same company as well. 

Wide customer support facilities provided by Hostens 24/7,  attracted a large number of the potential clients to post positive feedback about the services provided by them. Lets see a few of them:

  • Quick Response
Hostens Customer Feedback
  • Great Support
Hostens Customer Feedback
  • Resolved the issue in a timely manner
Hostens Customer Feedback

Reviews based on without any tests and verification makes the remarks sometimes doubtful. 

Our Experience with the Hostens Support

We  made sincere efforts in establishing contact with the support team via all channels offered by Hostens to bring fruitful outcomes for our readers. After running tests, we came up with the following results:

Live chat 

  • At first, when an issue is raised by the client, a bot replies back telling the client to wait for 5 minutes or so for the resolution of the issue.
  • Then the live chat expert answers the query with proper guidance.
  • The live chat expert is friendly and responsive. 
  • The response is received in a matter of 30 seconds.
  • The chat expert is friendly in giving replies.

Ticket Support

  • The ticket support system is a bit complex as one needs to create an account to get access to the ticket support. 
  • The ticket system is responsive. The reply was received in a minute.
  • The tone of the support staff was mild and formal.


  • The email option lags a lot.
  • Only works for issues that don’t require an immediate solution.
  • Hostens doesn’t provide voice call facility to its users. Maybe the reason is that due to delay in answering calls and connection glitches, they might have not provided this option at all.

In days to come, they might make a toll free number available to its new users as well to give them technical assistance.


Lastly, we want to convey that if you are trying to contact the support team of hostens for any sort of technical assistance, you can simply use the live chat Or the ticket support option as it is not not only user friendly but also highly responsive as well. 

Share the article with your closest ones who you feel requires guidance in configuring functions of hostens.  

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