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When it comes to customer care support, Scalahost finds itself among the top best hosting providers, offering top quality after sales services to its potential as well as its new clients.

If you are a new user and are unaware about the technicalities involved  and the support offered by the web hosting, you need to have patience to grab answers to your queries.

So as the title demands to explain about Scalahosting support, we are going to comprehend briefly about the various support channels offered by ScalaHosting and the step by step technique to operate it. So without any hindrance let’s get started 👍

What Support Channels Does ScalaHosting Offer?

In order to make customer care accessible to its potential clients, Scalahosting offers numerous support channels that operate 24/7/365, to enable its customers to get their issues resolved ASAP. They are as discussed under briefly: 

  • Live chat
  • Support ticket system
  • Email
  • Voice call

For verbal assistance, you can reach the support executive of ScalaHosting via – +1 469-217-6967

Through these contact channels, a new user can easily approach the support team for seeking assistance. So what can be the easiest way to establish connection with the support agents? Here is the detailed manner of contacting Scalahosting support staff. 

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How to Contact ScalaHosting Support?

When it comes to knowing about the support options, it is better to understand only about the live chat and the support ticket option as 99% of the issues faced by clients are cohesively resolved via these two methods mostly. So let’s read further:

Live chat

ScalaHosting Support
  • Then press the green message box provided at the bottom of the screen.
  • As soon as you press the chat box, the chat window displays in which u need to fill in your details to initiate chatting with the executive by pressing start the chat option.
start the chat

Ticket Support 

  • In order to get access to the support ticket utility, you need to go to the Scala hosting home page and then login to your account. If you do not have an account with Scalahosting group, you can create one too.
Scala hosting home page
  • As you login to your account, you reach your portal home. Go to the menu list provided to the left side of your dashboard and go to support > open new ticket.
  • As soon as you press the above option, a new ticket opens under the open ticket option. 
  • Fill in the particulars required in the boxes, choose the appropriate department among the given options. 
  • You can mention the ticket in high priority in order to get a quick response from the support team by dodging the long queue.
ScalaHosting Open Ticket
  • After typing the message, if required, then you can also attach a screenshot to validate your concern. Click submit at last.
  • As you click on the submit option, your ticket gets submitted and you are also provided with a unique pin for your ticket to enable you to even track and know its status. Press continue.
Ticket Created
  • The status of the ticket submitted shows: In Progress. My Support feature shows all the necessary details pertaining to the support ticket.
My Support Ticket
  • As soon as you get a response from the support team for the ticket submitted, the status gets updated. You can simply click on the ticket number provided below the subject tab in my support tickets option. ticket number
ticket number

So by now you got to understand about the procedure involved in submitting issues via live chat and support tickets too. It was easy to configure the options to get access to the support channels.

Even if the support ticket operates efficiently, it is of less use if the tickets submitted can not be tracked by the users. However, Scalahost provides an easily navigable way to see the status of the previously submitted tickets.

How do I Check My Support Ticket History?

Tracking the history of the tickets submitted is exclusively an easy task to perform. Firstly, 

  • Go to the ScalaHosting home page. Login to your account provided at the menu bar if you already have one or else create an account.
Scala hosting home page
  • As you login, you’ll reach your portal. Where you can find the notifications of your activities performed.
ScalaHosting DashBoard
  • The notification bar provides the recent updates related to support tickets and others. Click the support tickets.
Click the support tickets.
  • As you click the support ticket option, my support ticket area appears showing the details including the name of the concerned department, the status of your tickets as well.
ScalaHosting my support tickets

So you see how tracking your previously submitted ticket becomes so concern free. It enables you not only to have knowledge about the status of your tickets submitted but also to plan your further course of actions as well.

So far we’ve seen the extensive support quality provided by Scalahosting which has resulted in positive comments by the users who never had the tech know-how related to the features offered by the services but now after availing the products have mastered it. Here are some of the feedback posted by the honest clients.

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Other ScalaHosting Customer Feedback 

The smooth level of assistance provided by the expert support executive to its clients, has taken the quality of Scalahosting to a next level. 

The customers are glad to use the products as they find them easy to configure and understand due to the help provided by the support team as well. The feedback posted by the customer are really amazing:

  • Swift responses
Swift responses
  • Prompt solutions
Prompt solutions
  • Issues solved instantly
Issues solved instantly

Our Experience with the ScalaHosting Support 

Live chat

  • The live chat option was prompt in making replies. After we submitted a query, it took around 20 to 30 seconds to get a response back.
  • The tone of the executive on live chat was friendly and appealing.
  • The support provided was easy to comprehend.

Support ticket system

  • The assistance provided was instant too. After the submission of the issue, it merely took around 5 minutes to obtain a reply.
  • The language of the ticket support team was easy to understand and formal.
  • The option to track the status of the support ticket submitted was phenomenal.


ScalaHosting Email Support
  • The email option was inactive as the response that we were expecting to our doubt, never came.
  • It may be because of some connection glitches or unavailability of support staff.

Voice call

  • The dialed number did not provide any response due to troubles in establishing connection with the international number.
  • But may be in the years to come, Scala hosting might provide a toll free number enabling its international audience grant accessibility.

These experiences shared might help you get an idea about the performance of the support executives in Scala hosting. So far, it is highly understood that if you are a new user and anyhow run into an issue or a grave problem, the best way to get your query resolved is via live chat and ticket support . as they provide instant and knowledgeable replies.

Conclusion – ScalaHosting Support

Excellence of a support team is decided by its promptness and knowledgeable responses to its clients’ doubts. And here we see somewhat the same picture, where Scala Hosting provides instant solutions to your issues.

We believe that the above stated information about the technicalities of customer care support channels and its operations are well understood by you. 

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