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If you are an Ultahost user, you are probably running into issues related to nameservers that you are hardly able to fix. 

So,  What are the ultahost nameservers? Or how to set up custom nameservers and how to point it to a domain? Are a few of the relevant doubts that you may be having regarding Ultahost which we’ll be discussing in this article. 

So without any further delays, let’s dig in 👍

What is UltaHost NameServers?

Ultahost NameServers translates human-memorable domain names into IP addresses. In order to locate the nameservers of Ultahost, one needs to follow the given steps.

  • Go to the Ultahost client area and login to your account. Enter your details and press the login button.
image 2
  • As you login to your account, you’ll reach your dashboard where you’ll find your bought services, your domain and other recent activities performed in your account.
  • Go to the menu bar provided at the left corner of the display to press the Domains option. As you press the domains option, click the Manage DNS option.
  • On clicking the Manage DNS option, press the edit DNS Zone option of the domain name.
UltaHost NameServers
UltaHost NameServers
  • As you click the edit button, you can find Ultahost NameServers under the DNS Zones caption.
UltaHost Nameservers 1

Through the above mentioned procedure, locating nameservers in ultahost becomes easy, now leaving us with the task of setting up the custom nameserver and pointing it to the domain name.

How do I point the custom nameserver in my domain?

To set up nameservers and point them to the domain, you require to follow the stated instructions to initiate the process. 

  • As you locate the nameservers of Ultahost(steps mentioned above in detail), scroll down the same page to find the Edit record option provided in front of the nameservers under the Edit Zone option.
UltaHost Nameserver
  • As you click the edit record option, the edit record window displays, which requires you to change the nameserver according to your suitability. Then, press confirm.
UltaUltaHost Nameserver Edit Zone

How to add a domain name to the DNS manager?

Reach the dashboard after logging into your account to initiate the process of adding a domain name to the DNS manager.

UltaHost DNS System
  • Go to the DNS manager and click on the + ADD DNS Zone option to add a domain name.
UltaHost DNS Manager
  • After that write your domain name in DNS Zone Name Section and click on confirm button then your domain will be added to the DNS Manager.
UltaHost to ADD DNS Zone 1

How to Track Your Updated NameServer? 

After transferring the website hosting to a new hosting provider or after setting up nameservers to the domain name, it is important to track the updated nameserver. The trouble-free way to verify the nameserver status is by using a third-party app, WHOIS LOOKUP TOOL.

So, Here are the stated instructions to follow in order to verify the status of the updated nameserver. 

  •  As you open the tool, type your domain name into the search box and press the search button.
  • The details pertaining to the domain will appear on the screen.
WHOIS Checker Tool

The whois tool makes the verification of the custom nameservers process quick and user-friendly, thereby enabling the users to track their updated nameservers.

If an issue erupts regarding nameservers, then who to reach for assistance? To this, we’ll be discussing the doubt further.

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How to contact Ultahost Support if my NameServers Are not working?

In such a situation, ultahost provides an upper hand to its potential clients by giving them proper assistance, not only with the issues related to nameservers but also covers other grave problems as well. Ultahost provides customer support via

Live chat


Ticket system 



Voice call

You can even reach the support team and have verbal assistance from them via: 

  • +1 302-966-3941
  • +905550000111


The information provided above, about the technicalities involved in locating and configuring Nameservers are genuine and tested. If you have some comments related to this article, we are highly grateful and will also try our level best to implement the changes as well.

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