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Nameservers are an integral part of the domain name system. As soon as you buy web hosting packages, the first thing that you do as a new user, is to customise nameservers and point it to your domain name or if you already have a domain name registered with another service provider, you update your nameservers.

So, how to find nameservers of scalahosting? how to point the domain name to the 

Nameservers? How to track the updated nameservers? And last but not the least, how to contact tech support in case of namerserver related configurations? are the questions that we’ll be answering you through this article.

To begin with, what are the nameservers of scala hosting by default? They are:

How to Find ScalaHosting NameServers?

As you buy the services from Scalahosting, they provide you the nameservers in welcome email. 

ScalaHosting NameServers

Though for new users, the nameservers of the domain registered can be obtained by the support team via live chat option discussed below.

How do I point to the ScalaHosting NameServer in my Domain?

After registering domain name, the issue arises how to point scalahosting nameserver in the domain? It can be done by following the given steps:

  • Go to Scalahosting client area login page. Enter your details and login to your account.
ScalaHosting Login
  • As soon as you login, you’ll reach your dashboard showing all the relevant details pertaining to your account.
ScalaHosting Dasboard
  • Click the My Domains option provided on the menu bar.
My Domains
  • As you press my domains, itll display all details relevant to your domain name including will display.
As you press my domains
  • Now click the manage option provided at the end of the domain > then click manage Domain.
click manage Domain
  • On clicking manage domain, you get options to register a nameserver, modify a nameserver IP and delete a nameserver as well. After configuring the nameservers, press the Save Changes option.
On clicking manage domain

On pointing the nameservers to the domain, checking and verifying to see the updated nameserver also becomes important. Usually it takes 24 hours to get updated. Nevertheless, checking the status for verification is important. 

Normally, the experts use a third party app to check the updated nameservers to get a prompt reply.

And when it comes to promptness and cost free WHOIS checker tool, what else can come in the picture, other than GOOGIEHOST WHOIS CHECKER TOOL>>>>> VISIT

How do I Check and Verify my Updated NameServers?

To obtain speedy results it is advisable to use a third party application to check and verify the updated nameservers. GoogieHost, one of the best web hosting providers offers not only a user friendly but also a cost free tool for checking the status of updated nameservers. 

Here are the ways to get access to it:

  • Click, to reach GoogieHost free whois checker tool. Type in your domain name in Enter a URL box whose updated nameserver you require to verify. After putting in the domain name, press GET WHOIS DATA to proceed.
GoogieHost free whois checker tool
  • On pressing Get Whois Data, a detailed information is provided to the user about the domain name to enable him check his updated nameservers as well.
Get Whois Data
  • With the assistance of this helpful GoogieHost tool, a user without trouble can get access to his domain information absolutely for no charge.
  • Sometimes, the nameservers do not get updated due to a few reasons, so in that case the users should contact the tech support team for seeking resolutions.

How to Contact ScalaHosting Support if my NameServers Are not Working? 

In case of troubles faced related to the nameservers in Scalahosting, you can simply refer the issue to a live chat agent or by submitting a ticket.

To check the responsiveness of the live chat agent on nameservers issues, we tried contacting it. The chat executive answered the issue satisfactorily by providing me with the nameservers of the registered domain name

ScalaHosting Support

ScalaHosting Support teams are helpful and quick in giving responses to issues related to DNS and finding nameservers.


This article enables you not only how to locate and point your nameserver to the Domain name but also in case of requirement of further assistance, how to contact the tech support for resolving the issue.

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