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In the last article, we discussed the website builder and in the review, we came to know about many great features of Free Website Hosting.

But if you want to be a pro and create a website like a professional then you will need a proper website host. So in this post, we will be talking about, the free web hosting provider.

Biz.Ly Review
Biz.Ly Review is a very good platform to get your website up and running without much hectic. It offers very useful tools that can be very helpful to you. To get an in-depth idea of this host so let’s come to the features that it provides.

50 MB of FREE webspace + 1000 MB monthly bandwidth

I don’t know why they are showcasing 50MB space and 1 GB bandwidth transfer as a feature.

50MB will not do any good for you. If you plan to install a lightweight CMS like WordPress then also more than 70% of your web disk will be eaten up.

1000MB monthly bandwidth, on the other hand, might not make up to a month. Say your homepage weighs 1 MB in size, letting alone multiple pages.

views, if you get just 2000 visits a month then within 15 days your bandwidth limit will exceed.

FREE Domain Name address and 3 FREE subdomain hosting provides users with an option to get free domain name and this can be very useful for those who don’t want to pay for a domain. You can also create up to 3 subdomains for your website.

If you have registered as your main domain name, then you can create subdomains like

Free E-mail Addresses

E-mail addresses at your domain can give your business and your website a very professional look. gives upto 3 E-mail address for a single account.

You can create different E-mail accounts for your different needs like [email protected] for webmaster, [email protected] for contact and [email protected] for getting articles from your users.

Easy FREE Website Builder Free Website Hosting Free Website Hosting Review gives a free easy to use website builder that you can use to design your website. One advantage of this builder is that people with

no coding background can also create a professional-looking website by just dragging and dropping elements.

You also get dozens of templates to choose from, helping you to skip the designing part so that you can focus on the content.

Software and Scripts Free Website Hosting Review (2020) Free Website Hosting

Scripts in today’s world have become an important part of website creation. One benefit is that they are universal and you can easily shift from one host to another host using them. gives users a bunch of scripts to choose from but there is also a downside. Many famous CMS scripts come missing in this set and you are forced to install them manually if you want to use any of them.

ADVANCED Free Website Hosting SERVICES

Given that cool to setup free hosting websites, Free Website Hosting also delivers affordable and advanced web hosting bundles that offer much more dominant and dependable

website hosting services than free hosting servers can ever record, including more web storage and monthly transfer, as well as PHP web hosting, MySQL databases, FTP access, frontpage, etc.

Summary’s services don’t impress me a lot, although some features like free E-mails can be of use. In free web hosting services the size of web disk and the allowed bandwidth transfer plays a big role.

Many hosts just don’t give users the needed space and bandwidth and so is the case with You are provided with just 50MB of web disk and 1 GB of monthly bandwidth transfer.

Absence of many popular CMS scripts is another drawback. Suppose you want to create a blog using WordPress or an eCommerce website using OpenCart. You will have to install them manually and that can be a tough task in some cases.

If you ask me I will certainly not choose, there are many other free web hosting providers who give a good amount of disk space and

bandwidth limit. If you just do a little research over the internet, you will find the host that you need.

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