10 Best VPS Hosting Brazil Jun, 2024 🇧🇷 (Top Picked)

Are you Craving to target Brazilians on your business or blogging website? 

Do you even require more affordable, separate, dedicated resources for your upscaling websites, such as CPU, RAM, and storage? 

Do you have an online store and would want to reach the Brazilian market?

If so, Try Using the Top-Best VPS Hosting in Brazil to Easily Achieve Higher Security Standards, Lower Downtime Risk from Round-the-Clock Power Supply, Compliance with Brazilian Law Enforcement Regulations, and Many More Features that we’ll Cover Later on This Page.

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10 Best VPS Hosting Brazil 🇧🇷 Jun,2024

Exclusively for Readers, below we have listed the Top 10 Best VPS Hosting in Brazil that offers Smart Caching strategies, SSD disk storage, Dedicated RAM and CPU, Full Root Access, 24/7 Support services via LiveChat and Ticket Support, and everything you need to boost the performance of your growing website.

⏰  TL;DR:

1. UltaHost– Overall Best VPS Hosting in Brazil
2. YouStable– Best VPS Hosting in Brazil 
3. Hostinger Brazil– Best VPS Hosting for Beginners
4. A2Hosting– Best VPS Hosting for Managed/Unmanaged VPS
5. HostGator Brazil– Best VPS Hosting in Budget
6. BrasilWebHost– Best VPS Hosting for SSD Drive
7. CloudWays– Best Cloud VPS Hosting in Brazil
8. Kinsta– Best Enterprise VPS Hosting in Brazil
9. Rubfy– Best-Performing VPS Hosting in Brazil
10. Hostnet– Best Easy-to-use VPS Server in Brazil

1. UltaHost- Overall Best VPS Hosting in Brazil

One of the Best Brazilian VPS server hosting companies, UltaHost, provides users with an excellent hosting solution and a dedicated management team that works backstage for users who have no experience handling and managing VPS servers.

UltaHost’s easy-to-manage servers, 24/7 Support services, and Unmetered Bandwidth make it a great choice for users.

In addition, Ultahost provides customers with a dedicated IPv4 address to create an isolated hosting environment.

ultahost ABout

Key Features

🔶 Fully Managed VPS servers: UltaHost’s fully managed VPS servers allow users to concentrate on expanding their websites.

🔶 Free Automated Backup plan included: Get Free Automated Backup Plans to assist you in recovering your website’s data at no cost in an emergency.

🔶 Enhanced Security: To guarantee safe connections with website visitors, BitNinja security, Dedicated FireWall, and Free SSLs are supporting the VPS servers.

🔶 Committed Uptime: UltaHost VPS servers provide 99.99% Guaranteed Uptime to keep your website up and running round-the-clock.

🔶 Full Root Access: Gain complete root access to your virtual private servers (VPS) so you may customise them to your specifications.

Plans & Pricing

R$ 27.48/ month (Basic)R$ 47.47/ month (Business)R$ 82.44/ month (Professional)
1vCore CPU2vCore CPU3vCore CPU

2. YouStable- Best VPS Hosting in Brazil

YouStable, one of the Best Managed VPS Hosting services, offers various options to users, from VPS servers to CyberPanel VPS Hosting, DirectAdmin VPS, and cPanel VPS hosting.

Users can easily scale the web resources as per the website’s requirements.

Moreover, The VPS services are Fully Managed hosting, enabling users with Zero technical knowledge about server management to focus more on the growth of the website.

YouStable About

Key Features

🔶 Highly Scalable VPS Plans: YouStable offers extreme plans that allow users to easily increase or decrease the web resources as needed by the website.

🔶 Server Monitoring & Weekly SnapShots: 1 Weekly SnapShots and 24/7 Server Monitoring help detect any issue and fix it immediately.

🔶 Free cPanel & Free SSL: Zero-cost cPanel and DirectAdmin enable the user to easily manage the website, whereas Free SSL encrypts the connection between the user and the website’s visitors.

🔶 Optimised Smart Caching: Get smart caching strategies to improve your website’s load time and performance.

Plans & Pricing

R$ 36.11 per moR$ 62.77 per monthR$ 109.92 per month
1vCore CPU2vCore CPU4vCore CPU
4GB RAM (1TB Bandwidth)6GB RAM (1.5TB Bandwidth)12GB RAM (2TB Bandwidth)

3. Hostinger Brazil- Best VPS Hosting for Beginners

Popular for hPanel and AI assistance, to make VPS management similar, Hostinger, with data centers located in the heart of Brazil, offers VPS hosting services to target the Brazillian audience.

Cutting-edge technology like MD EPYC Processor and NVMe SSD Storage boosts the performance of the website tremendously.

Moreover, for security purposes, Hostinger offers a Malware detector that can scan any sort of cyberattack and fix it instantly.

10 Best VPS Hosting Brazil [current_date format='M, Y'] 🇧🇷 (Top Picked)

Key Features

🔶 30MB/s Network: For maximum loading speed and the highest uptime, Hostinger offers a minimum of 30MB/s network bandwidth to ensure a zero-lagging experience.

🔶 Automated Weekly Backups: Hostinger’s Weekly BackUp plan ensures quick restoration of your website’s data as and when the user requires it.

🔶 Multiple Operating System: Hostinger offers several operating systems for the user to choose from like Debian/ Ubuntu/ Windows/ Linux/ CentOS, and many more.

🔶 Wanguard’s DDoS & Firewall Protection: Keep harmful traffic away by Hostinger’s Firewall Protections and Wanguard’s DDoS filtering.

Plans & Pricing

KVM-1 (R$ 29.99/ month)KVM-2 (R$ 35.99/ month)KVM-4 (R$54.99/ month)
1vCore CPU2vCore CPU4vCore CPU
4GB RAM + 50GB NVMe8GB RAM + 100GB NVMe16GB RAM + 200GB NVMe

4. A2Hosting- Best VPS Hosting for Managed/Unmanaged VPS 

One of the best overall VPS hosting services in Brazil offers managed VPS servers for users who have zero knowledge about server configurations and unmanaged VPS servers who know how to handle the servers properly.

A2Hosting also has 99.90% Committed Uptime to ensure that your website is running 24/7.

20Times Faster Turbo servers quicken the website speed, thereby boosting the website’s SEO ranking and resulting in higher conversion rates.

A2hosting VPS Hosting

Key Features

🔶 Developer-Friendly: A2Hosting’s UnManaged VPS hosting services offer command-line management and full root access to the web server, allowing the developer to customise the server fully as required. 

🔶 Free Account Migration: For users wanting to shift their website from another hosting provider to A2Hosting, here it is done for absolutely Zero Cost.

🔶 SSD Storage Technology: A2Hosting offers the latest SSD Storage mechanism, which provides greater website speed and a quicker loading process.

🔶 24/7/365 Support Services: LiveChat and Ticket support in the local language is what A2Hosting offers its VPS users.

Plans & Pricing

R$ 9.99/ month (UnManaged)R$ 149.83 (UnManaged)R$ 274.74 (Managed)
4vCore CPU10vCore CPU8vCore CPU
4GB RAM + 3TB Bandwidth32GB RAM + 8TB Bandwidth32GB RAM + 4TB Bandwidth 

5. HostGator Brazil- Best VPS Hosting in Budget 

HostGator offers its users up to 5 cPanel accounts and a WHM Management Panel when buying VPS hosting services to cater to the greater needs of the website.

Get amazing hardware and Reliable web hosting technology like DDR4 RAM and the latest SSD storage disk for greater loading speed and maximum caching strategy.

With the cPanel of HostGator, users can manage domains, unlimited emails, FTP accounts, access to the audience matrix, and much more.

Hostgator About

Key Features

🔶 TopNotch DataCenters: Data Servers in Brazil are Fully backed by Power Generators, HVAC Cooling facilities, Gigabit uplinks, and Redundant networks.

🔶 Portuguese Support 24/7: Get expert opinions via LiveChat and the Ticket Support system, especially in Portuguese.

🔶 cPanel is included in the VPS plan: cPanel ensures easy website management and is included in the plan itself.

🔶 Free LetsEncrypt SSL: HostGator provides SSL Certificates at an absolute zero cost to protect the private connection between the user and the website visitor.

Plans & Pricing

R$ 111.99/ month R$ 132.19/ monthR$ 178.39/ month
3vCore CPU4vCore CPU5vCore CPU

6. BrasilWebHost- Best VPS Hosting for SSD Drive

With data servers in Brazil, Brasilwebhost offers cPanel or DirectAdmin to allow the user to easily manage the configuration of the websites.

Along with Free SSLs for all the domains and Unlimited professional email hosting, Brasilwebhost offers the highest committed Uptime.

Brasilwebhost employs SSD Storage technology that elevates website loading speed to the next level. Moreover, you will have complete access to the VPS servers so that you can easily make necessary configurations as and when required.

10 Best VPS Hosting Brazil [current_date format='M, Y'] 🇧🇷 (Top Picked)

Key Features

🔶 Remote JetBackup: Brasilwebhost offers Remote JetBackup to VPS users to enable them to easily restore website data instantly.

🔶 24/7 Support Services: Offers Round-the-clock expert support services via LiveChat and ticket support for users who know nothing about the website’s management process. 

🔶 Server Monitoring at all times: 24/7 Server Monitoring ensures your server is Free from all sorts of cyber attacks.

🔶 CloudFlare integrated CDN: For quicker website loading speed, Brasilwebhost offers Cloudflare CDN for smarter caching.

Plans & Pricing

Users wanting to acquire VPS hosting services from Brasilwebhost can Contact the Sales Team or the Tech department via Ticket Submission for Custom VPS plans.

7. CloudWays- Best Cloud VPS Hosting in Brazil 

Popularly known for Managed Cloud VPS Hosting Services that are Quick, Easy, and Dependable, CloudWays, powered by DigitalOcean, offers advanced caching and Cloudflare (CDN) to ensure the best website performance and, consequently, faster website growth. It also features SSD NVMe Storage technology for faster website loading times.

cloudways about

Additionally, Cloudways, having data centers in Brazil, offers 10X quicker website loading times with a 99.99% uptime guarantee.

Key Features

🔶 24/7 Server Monitoring: Cloudways provides round-the-clock real-time server monitoring to oversee the security of your website.

🔶 Quick BackUp plan: Use the One-Click Backup function to restore your data and get important information about your website back.

🔶 Enhanced Security: Web FireWall Application, Advanced DDoS Protection with CloudFlare, and Free SSLs offer a secure hosting experience.

🔶 Free & Easy to Use cPanel: Cloudways and the free cPanel offer a one-click setup that offers an easy-to-use hosting environment.

Plans & Pricing

R$ 69.95/ month (Plan1)R$ 139.89/ month (Plan2)R$ 269.79/ month (Plan3)
1TB Bandwidth2TB Bandwidth4TB Bandwidth

8. Kinsta- Best Enterprise VPS Hosting in Brazil 

With a data centre in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Kinsta offers the best VPS hosting services to cater to the needs of growing websites.

Moreover, Kinsta deploys state-of-the-art hardware and top-notch security mechanisms to handle deadly cyberattacks in seconds.

Along with that, Kinsta also offers an automated backup plan included with the VPS hosting plan, enabling users to retrieve website data as and when needed.

kinsta About

Key Features

🔶 Automated BackUp plan: Get Quick restoration of the data as and when required, thanks to the Manual Backup included with the VPS plan.

🔶 SSD Storage mechanism: The latest SSD storage technology ensures quick website loading speed and delivers content with lightning speed.

🔶 Support Services in Local Language: The support service of Kinsta is responsive, friendly, and informative, and they are ready to help users 24/7 in the local language.

🔶 Fully Managed VPS servers: Kinsta’s VPS servers are 100% fully managed, thereby enabling the one with zero server-related knowledge to easily survive the hosting environment.

Plans & Pricing

Clients who would want to purchase VPS hosting services from Kinsta can submit a ticket to the tech department or the sales team to inquire about custom VPS plans.

9. Rubfy- Best-Performing VPS Hosting in Brazil 

Rubfy, one of the Best-performing VPS hosting services in Brazil, offers high-speed VPS servers with SSD NVMe storage technology for greater loading speed.

Get an intuitive and easy-to-use cPanel to effortlessly manage web files, emails, and domains.

With a 2Gbps Uplink, Ruby offers the highest uptime commitment, ensuring the website is online around the clock. Moreover, you can get a Weekly backup plan to easily restore the website’s data.


Key Features

🔶 Unlimited Transfer: Get unlimited data transfer (unmetered bandwidth), ensuring quick access to the user’s website for visitors 24/7.

🔶 Advanced & Intuitive cPanel: cPanel is easy to use and really advanced, as it can handle all your emails, FTP accounts, and Domains with minimum effort.

🔶 Highly Scalable plans: Ruby’s VPS plans are highly scalable and let the user easily upscale and downscale the web resources as and when required,

🔶 Full Root Access: Provides 100% access to the VPS servers in order to enable the user to configure the servers as required. 

Plans & Pricing

R$ 69.98/ month (Plan1)R$ 149.98/ month (Plan2)R$ 199.98/ month (Plan3)
2GB (DDR4 RAM) + 2vCPU4GB (DDR4 RAM) + 3vCPU6GB (DDR4 RAM) + 4vCPU

10. Hostnet- Best Easy-to-use VPS Server in Brazil 

HostNet, which has data servers in Brazil, provides users with easy-to-use website configuration management tools like cPanel.

HostNet guarantees the finest uptime, together with unlimited professional email hosting and free SSLs for all domains.

HostNet uses SSD storage technology, which significantly improves website loading speed. Additionally, you will have total access to the VPS servers, allowing you to make any necessary configurations quickly and simply.


Key Features

🔶 Constant monitoring of the server: Thanks to round-the-clock server monitoring, your server is protected from all types of cyberattacks.

🔶 Extremely Scalable VPS Plans: HostNet provides plans that are incredibly flexible, enabling customers to quickly adjust the amount of web resources required for their websites.

🔶 Optimised Smart Caching: Enhance the efficiency and load time of your website with intelligent caching techniques.

🔶 24/7 Expert Services: HostNet provides its VPS customers with ticket and live chat help in the native tongue.

Plans & Pricing

R$ 59.90/ month (Cloud1)R$ 119.90/ month (Cloud2)R$ 199.90/ month (Cloud 3)
2GB RAM + 25GB Transfer3GB RAM + 50GB Transfer4GB RAM + 100 GB Transfer
5GB Web/ MySQL10GB Web/ MySQL15GB Web/ MySQL

What Are the Benefits of Managed VPS Hosting in Brazil?

Managed VPS Hosting services in Brazil have their own set of benefits that one can reap to cater for the needs of the growing website:

  • Local Support: VPS Hosting in Brazil provides Expert support services to users in Portuguese and English, which happen to be the local languages of Brazil.
  • Strong Data Regulation: Get Stringent Data Regulation and the Strongest Data Protection Law, thereby protecting the website’s data at all times.
  • SEO benefits: Due to Quick loading time, Smart Caching strategy and local support, get Extreme SEO Benefits and enjoy a high ranking of your website,
  • Fully Managed VPS Servers: The VPS servers in Brazil are fully managed and help new users customise the VPS servers completely without any knowledge required.
  • Reliable Hardware: The hardware of the VPS hosting service providers in Brazil is highly reliable, offering the best in-house mechanism and the fastest loading time.

How does a VPS differ from shared hosting and dedicated servers?

With the help of the table given below, one can easily understand the clear difference between VPS Hosting, Shared Hosting and Dedicated Server Hosting services:

VPS Hosting Shared Hosting Dedicated Server Hosting
Virtual servers are allotted to each userMany Users share one physical serverOne Physical Server is allotted to one user only.
Web Resources like RAM & CPU are dedicated to each user sing Virtualization TechWeb Resources like RAM & CPU are shared equally among the userWeb Resources like RAM, CPU, Bandwidth, and Storage are dedicated to one user only.
Less expensive than a dedicated server hosting serviceCheapest web hosting serviceExpensive web hosting service
Good for Web Developers/ Gamers Good for BeginnersSuitable for Enterprise/ Govt Agency

In a nutshell, VPS hosting is the best option for users who want to employ dependable and dedicated web resources to manage their larger website needs but who also never want to pay more for server hosting services.

With VPS hosting services, you may enjoy all the benefits of dedicated server hosting and none of its disadvantages.


Can I trust Brazilian VPS servers?

Absolutely Yes! You can fully rely on Brazilian VPS servers as they operate under strong data protection law, thereby securing your website’s data from cyber attacks and malicious online threats.

Which company offers the best VPS hosting in Brazil?

UltaHost and YouStable, to name a few, are the best VPS hosting providers in Brazil. They offer highly scalable plans, Full root access to the VPS servers, Local support, and a Smart Caching technique for greater website speed. 

What are the security features available with the Brazil VPS plans?

Anti-DDoS Protection, Malware Scanning, Weekly Screen Shots, and Firewall Protection, to name a few, are state-of-the-art security services that ensure strong protection from data leakage and other online threats.

Why Should I Choose Your Brazil VPS?

Go for Brazil VPS hosting if you want to target a Brazilian audience for your website. 


Brazilians seeking a highly effective and fully scalable web-related solution for their heavily trafficked website should choose the best VPS services in Brazil to host it and maintain its accessibility 24/7.

This post lists the Top 10 Best VPS hosting companies in Brazil. These Brazil VPS hosting providers not only provide excellent local support in Portuguese but also top-notch web hosting infrastructure, including CPU, RAM, and storage, to ensure that your website is always up and running.

We sincerely hope that the information in this post is worthwhile for you to read.


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