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RightServers Review

Were you thinking of getting a hosting server for your website and also thinking of hiring a professional to manage your website as you are not an expert? Who said you had to be an expert? You could achieve all online business success through this hosting service provider. 

RightServers is the hosting service provider that will help you go from good to great on your online business with the help of its fully managed hosting plans. This means you can put more of your focus on your business rather than your hosting.

Let us know more about it as we go further in this RightServers review. 

About RightServers

RightServers has been operating since 2007 and was built by Wilfrid Laurier University entrepreneurs. This hosting platform is Canada-based and offers its managed hosting service to the world through its 24/7 functioning data center. 

RightServers Review

This hosting platform offers fully managed hosting services such as cloud hosting, cloud VPS hosting, etc. The set of services is small but very well equipped with all the features for your websites. 

RightServers Data Center Location

RightServers data center is located in:

  • Canada

Ease of use and user Interface 

This hosting platform aims to offer scalable cloud solutions to businesses of all sizes. This means it takes all users equally, whether an expert or beginner. Therefore, you get access to a user-friendly interface that will help you make all the settings and know all about your purchases in one place, your dashboard. 

RightServers Customer Support

No matter how good you are at something, you might always have some doubt or urge to something about your hosting you are not quite aware of or is causing issues. 

In such situations, rather than sweating with frustration and running internet searches, you could quickly contact the customer support team of RightServers. This hosting platform offers 24/7 customer support through live chat, calls, and emails. 

Key Features of RightServers

Now let us take a look at the key features of this platform as we move further in this RightServers review.


Who likes making tasks that could be done easily and quickly in today’s technology lengthy and frustrating? We assume no one.

But what if you do not know how to make those tasks more manageable? We will tell you how. With RightServers, you get the benefit of installing over 330 applications with just a click as it offers Softaculous with its plans. 

Daily Backups

If you fear losing your data to damage-causing third parties, take precautionary steps. These steps could be antivirus, monitoring, etc., but most importantly, you must always have a backup of all your data. With RightServers, you can get that every day as this hosting platform offers daily backups up to specific storage, which depends on the plan you buy. 


While you are running a successful business that has grown to become successful after buying a particular hosting plan, your hosting needs might increase, and the old plan can just not fulfill them. In such a scenario, you must not panic, especially with RightServers. This hosting platform offers scalability, which means that you can add more storage or any other feature whenever you require. 

Types of Web Hosting RightServers offers  

The types of hostings offered by this platform include:

  • Cloud VPS: The three plans under this category could cost you about $24 to $98 a month. 
  • Cloud Reseller: The five plans under this category could cost you about $39 to $312 a month. 

RightServers Hosting Pros & Cons 

Let us now list out the pros and cons of this platform in this RightServers review.    


  • Fully equipped plans
  • Good customer service


  • One data center
  • A little Expensive

FAQs: RightServers Review

How good is RightServers Hosting?

This hosting service provider offers a small set of hosting plans, but these plans are equipped with all the tools required to run a successful website smoothly. The customer support team is reliable. 

Where is RightServers based?

This hosting platform was established in 2007 by Wilfrid Laurier University entrepreneurs. RightServers is based in Canada with a data center in its home country. 

Which cloud server is best?

This hosting service provider offers two types of cloud hosting. If you are planning to buy a cloud VPS hosting, we might suggest the SOLO plan provides you with the facilities to be a beginner and helps you run a growing website. 

Do They Offer Free SSL Certificates?

No, you do not get access to free SSL certificates with RightServers. However, this hosting platform offers numerous features to keep your data safe on the internet, such as daily backups and SSD storage. 

Conclusion – RightServers Review

Let us now end this RightServers hosting review as we have now walked through the features it provides, analyzing all of it bit by bit. The facility to scale your resources and add in more if required is one of the best things we have found on this platform. 

RightServers offers daily backups and SSD storage, which also helps you in the long run. This hosting platform openly announces the way it works and hides nothing. However, a more elaborate hosting plan and a few more hosting options would be pretty good.

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5 User Reviews on

RightServers Review

  1. I'll stick around for a long time with these guys.

    As someone who runs an online business, security is always at the forefront of my mind. That’s why I was so pleased to find Right Servers, a managed VPS provider that takes security seriously. They have provided security and firewalls at every layer, from the physical layer all the way to the app layer (CMS), giving me peace of mind that my website and my data are safe. I have not had any security incidents since signing up with Right Servers and I appreciate their commitment to keeping my website secure. In the past, I had nightmare situations with exploits / hacks / malware and always had to revert to backups. It doesn’t sound like the worse thing that can happen but it’s very embarrassing when your client calls you in the morning to tell you that the site needs to be fixed ASAP. The customer support team at Right Servers, especially Yazan, is knowledgeable and always there to help if I have any questions or concerns. I would highly recommend Right Servers to anyone who is looking for a managed VPS provider with top-notch security. I definitely didn’t like the annoying security policies at first, but I have to admit that it has given me the peace of mind that my website and customer data are in good hands! I’ll stick around for a long time with these guys.

  2. Worth every penny!

    I don’t write a lot of reviews but I have to say that these guys at Right Servers really deserve some kind words. We’re a small web dev agency and we make some good (fairly passive) income from hosting our clients applications and websites. So when we started facing reliability and performance issues, and not to mention downtime, we had to make a switch ASAP as our clients we not happy at all! A colleague of mine told me about Right Servers, and I read a couple of decent reviews so we decided they’re worth a try, at least if they’ve been in business for 15 years then they’re worth a try, right? From day 1, it was a pleasure, I have to admit that their pre-sales told me their managed services were more like a “white glove service” I thought these guys were blowing hot air. I didn’t even have to update my DNS, they logged into the registrars and updated everything for me! Some sites ran a bit slower than I’d like but they worked with me to tweak things and now they’re BLAZING FAST! Haha, my clients are happier than ever, it feels like they got an upgrade for free! The clients definitely value their service a lot more than my last host and I’m going to charge a premium for my future clients because this is the best bang for your buck that you’ll ever see for a Managed VPS. Worth every penny!

  3. I really cant praise them enough!

    I just wanted to say a big thank you. These guys have been absolutely awesome and the tech support has been outstanding. I’ve used the services of many of the bigger named web hosting providers in Canada and paid far far more per year for their service only to be let down by poor customer services and support when needed. I really cant praise them enough give yourself a good pat on the back.

  4. Good managed solutions!

    Impressed! Rightservers is far suprerior provider for managed solutions for enprepreneurs – they solve problems and on an extremely timely manner. When I have a problem – their technicians get information which I can give them and determine what the problem is and fix it for me, while in most cases, you are in an IM session. I mostly use IM and when not available I know I can leave a support ticket – they are all over it.

  5. Best managed server for Entrepreneurs

    I was looking for a managed server for Entrepreneurs and found Rightservers – it is the best choice I’ve ever made in my life. The servers are excellent, reliable, and really powerful – love all the features and the support. Control Panel, free backup drive, free useful features – it’s a great package from Rightservers team. Thanks.


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