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eNom data center migration mistakenly bangs the internet!


Recently, a web hosting service provider company named eNom met with a problem of domain resolution which was out of the blue for many users using its services. The company claims that the problem will last for a few hours. 

Twitter went trendy with worry and chaos last night, as different users came up with different beliefs about the same problem of email becoming inaccessible. Many customers started complaining about DNS issues in which they were not able to access their website and email accounts.

Let us know a few things about eNom before examining the topic.

Enom was established in the year 1997, in Kirkland Washington. It is basically a wholesaler in the digital market allowing resellers to sell their domain and provide other services under its own brand name. It is a domain name registrar and also a web hosting company.

eNom data center

The focal problems are generally like Gmail not getting new messages “My Google apps Gmail not working”. What the tech-experts detected recently is the problem of DNS, which was created because eNom had planned to shift its datacenter from its primary place.

This step is taken because the company found that it encountered the problem of domain resolution, which is affecting hundreds of domains. The company received reports of domains using eNom nameservers that couldn’t be settled at that time.

The users couldn’t change the nameservers because eNom is inoperative, all they can do is wait for the data center migration process to get completed.

The latest updates by the company says that data migration process would start from 6 AM PST January 14 and end by 6 AM PST January 15.

The company officials also say that a prior notice about the issue was already sent to the customers, though many users complained about the message issues also.

During this period the users will not be able to login to their accounts as, and the API would be inoperational.

While some management actions would not be possible, the company said that DNS resolution and email services would remain operational.

In succeeding updates on the progress of the data center migration process, the company announced multiple extensions for completing the process, the latest one being for January 16, 12:00 PM PST.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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