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DomainAdda Review

Are you a beginner, or do you have a small budget that you would hate losing on some lousy hosting service provider? We understand your pain and therefore have a suggestion for you. 

DomainAdda, as the name suggests, is the house for domain name registration and transfer. However, this platform offers small yet efficient and reliable hosting plans, which you will see are quite a bargain.

So let us get into this DomainAdda review to know more. 

DomainAdda Overview

As you can tell by the name, DomainAdda is an India-based hosting service provider founded in 2010, which gives it a decade of experience in growing its services. With a 24/7 operational data center, it offers you the best connectivity. 

DomainAdda Review

The services offered by this hosting platform are various. DomainAdda offers services such as hosting, domain names, and digital marketing. Also, you get 24/7 customer support. 

Test and Analysis

Let us now put the services offered by DomainAdda to the test.

User Interface & Ease of Use

One aspect of the hosting service provider you must look for while buying one is the ease it provides with its interface, as most of the work you do will depend on how easy it is to understand it. DomainAdda understands this and offers you a pretty simple user interface that you will find easy to use. 

DomainAdda Customer Support 

Another aspect you might not consider while buying but would know its value once the product gets challenging to use or confusing is the customer support it offers. With DomainAdda, you access 24/7 customer support through calls, emails, and live chat

Security Analysis 

Now let us look at the security system offered by this hosting platform. A security system is essential because all your data lies in the platform’s hands, and its loss could ruin your business. With DomainAdda, you get SSL certificates, DDoS protection, malware protection, etc. 

DomainAdda Data Centre Location

DomainAdda’s data centre is located in

  • Singapore

Key Features Of DomainAdda 

Let us now discuss the key features of this platform in this DomainAdda review. 

Free SSL Certificates

Keeping the connections, your website makes with other websites on the internet could be dangerous if the other websites have any malicious files. So, you must keep the connections encrypted, precisely what SSL certificates do. Therefore, DomainAdda offers you SSL certificates for free. 

Free Website Builder

If you do not want to buy a pre-made website or don’t want to hire a professional to get a website built for your business, you could always make it yourself. How? With the help of DomainAdda, which offers you a website builder for free. 

Free Site Migration

If you feel stuck with your current hosting service provider is not the one you want any more, you could just move to another one. What about the charges? I don’t want to go broke.

You will not go broke with DomainAdda as it offers to migrate your website for free. 

DomainAdda Offers What Types Of Web Hosting? 

The hosting services offered by DomainAdda offer to include:

DomainAdda Refund Policy  

Refunds are like a safety net while buying a product. DomainAdda offers only a 7-day refund policy to its customers which isn’t as impressive as other service providers we have come across.

DomainAdda Domain

Let us now take a look at the domain-related services offered by DomainAdda. 

Register a New Domain

If you want to register your domain name and are looking for a domain name registrar, DomainAdda, as the name suggests, is one of the best. Here you could get your domain name registered at a bargain. 

Transfer a Domain

If you already have a domain, do not worry about losing it. This hosting platform also offers to transfer your domain name to itself at affordable prices. 

DomainAdda Pros & Cons 

We will list the pros and cons of this hosting platform in this DomainAdda review.       


  • Site Builder
  • SEO tools
  • Email marketing


  • Only a 7-day refund policy
  • Only a single data centre

FAQs- DomainAdda Review

Does DomainAdda Provide Free Domain Transfer?

DomainAdda offers domain-related services such as domain registration and domain transfer. When you transfer your domain to DomainAdda, you get the facility to renew your domain name for another year. 

What kind of Services does DomainAdda offer?

DomainAdda offers various services that include three types of hosting domain name registration and transfer, email marketing, SEO tools, servers, Bulk SMS, etc. 

Does DomainAdda Offer Linux Hosting?

Yes, DomainAdda offers cheap Linux hosting; as the name suggests pretty affordable yet will satisfy your hosting requirements. 

How do I get DomainAdda BulkSMS Services?

Yes, DomainAdda offers Bulk SMS. Here, you have five options: Promotional SMS, short code, extended code, missed call services, and transactional SMS. 

Does DomainAdda Offer Seo Services?

Yes, one of the services offered by DomainAdda includes SEO services. Your website is SEO-friendly and provides plenty of support and security options. 


Let us now list out the features we liked and the ones we passed on offered by this hosting platform in this DomainAdda review. The availability of only a 7-day refund policy and fewer data centres did bother us. 

However, this hosting platform offers website builders, SSL certificates, site migration, SEO tools, and more with good quality customer support. So go through this platform and make a decision.

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DomainAdda Review

  1. Worst hosting - abandoned service

    This hosting service is not supported by the company anymore. CPanel softwares and services are already expired. Nobody is going to attend the service tickets to solve the problems. Even though they offer unlimited disk space, inodes and number of files are very limited. WIthout storing much file, my storage is showing full. But no one is attending the complaints to solve.

  2. Worst Domainadda

    They just keep pricing and services shown on website well mainatained but they dont provide all such. once domain and hosting is bought, control panel login doesnt work properly


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