Best Web Hosting in Bulgaria 🇧🇬 2024- #Top 7 [Reviewed]

Looking for servers in Bulgaria? Craving to lure the audience of Bulgaria to your website with the help of dynamic hosting plans but finding other languages difficult? Desire to have customer support service in your native language for web hosting in Bulgaria? 

Eager to spread your words worldwide through your website? What is the meaning of Web Hosting in Bulgaria? What are the best web hosting companies in Bulgaria, their important features and plans? How can web hosting in Bulgaria benefit us? 

Curious to learn all this? In this article, we’ll discuss all the above queries one-by-one. First, let us understand what web hosting in Bulgaria is.  

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What is Web Hosting in Bulgaria?

Web hosting providers help you maintain and store your website and applications on the server so that the audience can easily access and view your website’s data. 

Web hosting in Bulgaria means when your web hosting provider has the data center present in Bulgaria in order to host your website and can be accessible to the Bulgarian audience. 


Short of time? Here are the top 3 web hosting in Bulgaria to give you an idea about the basic features that they offer. 

➡️ ScalaHosting: SSheild, SPanel control and cloud management platform, 100% satisfactory support service, Free Site Migration, 99.9% Uptime after migration,  OpenLiteSpeed.

➡️ A2Hosting: WooCommerce, 40% faster CPU performance, 20X faster page upload, 3X faster page loading, Turbo boost servers, ultra-fast SSD storage, best security, Speed cPanel license.

➡️ UltaHost: Multiple data centers, Flexible choices of OS and Limitless website hosting,  anti-DDoS protection, Automated free daily and weekly backups, Unlimited bandwidth.  

7 Best Web Hosting in Bulgaria in 2024

Now that we know what web hosting in Bulgaria is, let us understand in detail what are the best hosting companies in Bulgaria, their basic overview, major features, plans and pricing in order to help you choose the right one for you. 

⏰ TL;DR:

1. ScalaHostingOverall “Fast” Web Hosting Solutions
2. A2HostingOverall Managed Web Hosting
3. UltaHost Overall “Cheapest” Web Hosting Solutions Bulgaria
4. Kamatera – 30 Days Free Trial
5. Liquidweb – Fully Managed Web Hosting Bulgaria
6. Superhosting. bgBest Managed Web Hosting Bulgaria
7. NS1 . bg Best Secure & Managed Web Hosting Bulgaria

1. ScalaHosting – Overall “Fast” Web Hosting Solutions

ScalaHosting believes in changing the status quo in the web hosting industry by constantly developing SSheild, SPanel control and cloud management platform. They also provide you with 100% satisfactory support service and everything at right pricing. 

Let us now go through various features that ScalaHosting provides in web hosting.



Here are the incredible features cataloged below for you to make a deeper analysis before you make a decision on choosing ScalaHosting for your web hosting services.

🔶 Enjoy trouble-free site migration for free of charge at zero downtime during the process and 99.9% uptime after migration. 

🔶 Get SPanel for the effortless VPS hosting maintenance and management which is included in every Entry Cloud VPS

🔶 Boost your website’s speed with OpenLiteSpeed which helps you in being easily accessible to your audience. 

🔶 The activation of Anytime Unconditional Money-back guarantee lets you enjoy 100% refund if by chance you do not want to continue the services. 

🔶 Enjoy round the clock technical support with around 30 seconds response guarantee on live chat and 15 minutes response guarantee on the ticket. 

Prices & Plans:

Here are the major plans and pricing that ScalaHosting offers in a tabular form. You can easily compare all the plans by clicking on ‘Compare All Features’. 

ScalaHosting Plans

2. A2Hosting – Overall Managed Web Hosting

Looking for a web hosting provider for 40% faster CPU performance, 20X faster page upload and 3X faster page loading?

A2Hosting lets you try Turbo Web hosting that offers such features. They even acknowledge your needs and provide you free solutions in order to help you choose the right hosting type for you. 

Below are some of the most important features of A2Hosting web hosting. 

A2 Hosting About


🔶 Turbo boost servers help in faster page loading as just a one second delay may result in poor SEO ranking. 

🔶 With A2 Cloud Backup, you can have an effective yet simple backup method in order to back up and restore files. 

🔶 Get the best ecommerce tools or platforms such as WooCommerce, osCommerceor OpenCart that is capable of handling 9X better traffic and ultra-fast SSD storage on every Turbo plan. 

🔶 A2 blog hosting allows you to experience the best security, speed cPanel license, 1-click setup on platforms like Dotclear, WordPress and more. 

🔶 A2 Business hosting gets you 40% faster CPU performance, unlimited email accounts, unlimited sites for marketing programs and business experimentation. 

Prices & Plans:

Here are the different plans and pricing that A2Hosting offers and you can compare and contrast the features by clicking on ‘Compare All Features’.

A2hosting Green Hosting Plans

3. UltaHost – Overall “Cheapest” Web Hosting Solutions Bulgaria

Looking for one of the most flexible web hosting in Bulgaria? UltaHost provides features like multiple data centers, flexible choices of OS and limitless website hosting. UltaHost also serves the best hosting solutions for your website. 

Here is a list of the major features of Ultahost to have a better understanding of web hosting services that it offers.

ultahost ABout


🔶 Get the automated free daily and weekly backups with easy server control. 

🔶 Get anti-DDoS protection at UltaHost in order to have high quality traffic for your website. 

🔶 Get unlimited incoming and outgoing traffic as UltaHost gives you the unlimited bandwidth facility for your website.

🔶 Get instant WordPress setup as Ultahost gives you an added advantage of automated WordPress installation. 

🔶 Enjoy one of the most affordable VPS hosting at Ultahost as they give you the VPS hosting with powerful features at a lower cost. 

🔶 Get powerful security features like free SSL certificates, BitNinja security, dedicated firewalls, automated backups and auto-healing. 

Prices & Plans:

Below is the table that shows the basic plans and pricing of web hosting like shared starter, VPS basic, Power Plus and ULTA100 XEON. You can choose the plan more suitable to you. 

ultahost web hosting plans

4. Kamatera – 30 Days Free Trial

Kamatera is one of the most flexible and reliable global cloud services platform providers. With 18 data centers in total, they are confidently serving a diverse group of different clients such as app developers, startups, international enterprises and more. 

Let us now have a quick analysis of the most important features of Kamatera web hosting services. 

Kamatera About


🔶 Get the personal account manager whom you can contact throughout the service for full-time assistance. 

🔶 Get the free technical support 24/7 via email, phone and live chat. The live chat is the easiest and their response time is not more than a minute. 

🔶 Kamatera secures your website with the help of different security features such as monitoring, backups, root access and more. 

🔶 Enjoy the freedom to choose between hourly and monthly payments for renting the servers in order to run your website. 

🔶 Get the assured uptime of 99.95% and website loading time up to 1-4 miliseconds which is quite impressive. 

Prices & Plans:

Below is the plan offered by Kamatera which starts at just $4/month. They also have an option for hourly payment. 

Kamatera Plans

5. LiquidWeb – Fully Managed Web Hosting Bulgaria

LiquidWeb can be said to be the best Bulgaria server with 10 Global data centers and product innovation in order to keep yourself on the latest technologies. In addition, they have excellent customer support, uptime and performance. 

Below is a list of the most highlighted features of LiquidWeb hosting. 



🔶 Boost your website’s speed with Cloudflare CDN (Content Delivery Network) that allows your website to reduce the page-loading time with the help of servers located closer to your visitors. 

🔶 Manage your website or server with multiple control panel options like Plesk, cPanel or Interworx. 

🔶 The standard DDoS protection acts like guards for your website and protects it from sudden attacks or harm. 

🔶 Secure your business website from unwanted and sudden downtime with the help of features like automatic resource monitoring, off-site and off-server availability, replication that keeps data in sync between your servers and many more.

🔶 Get free instant staging, daily backups, SSLs, curated plugin stack and unlimited email with all the WordPress hosting plans. 

🔶 Get Faster 10GB network, Memory Optimized and CPU Optimised plans availability and more with VPS hosting. 

🔶 Enjoy White Glove Migration with the help of which you can transfer everything from content, email to control panel and databases. 

Prices & Plans:

Below is the basic WordPress hosting in Bulgaria plans in a tabular form which starts at $21/month. 

Liquidweb WP Plans

6. – Best Managed Web Hosting Bulgaria gives you unlimited bandwidth, 99.9% uptime and round the clock technical support. It also allows you to transfer your domain at zero inconvenience to in seven business days without a change in the settings. 

Here are some of the major features offered by


🔶 web hosting allows you Unlimited traffic, subdomains, domains, databases, email accounts and an option to install custom software. 

🔶 Get features like unlimited traffic, free WordPress tools and plugins, complete protection from external attacks, fast ALL SSDs and DDoS protection in the WordPress hosting. 

🔶 Get a large number of customization options such as additional IP address, option of replacing HDDs with SSDs in order to boost the server’s performance and more.

🔶 Get a huge variety of hardware configurations if your projects need an additional or specific configuration with the dedicated servers. 

🔶 Get Managed SSL with Hosting, Managed VPS services and WordPress hosting. With dedicated and VPS, just the issuance of an SSL certificate is available. 

🔶 Enjoy simple to use cPanel control panel in managed VPS hosting with additional tools. 

Prices & Plans:

Here are different plans with different prices like SuperStart, SuperPro and SuperHosting from which you can choose the most suitable plan for you. WP Plans

7. – Best Secure & Managed Web Hosting Bulgaria

Looking for a web hosting provider that takes responsibility for installation, maintenance and optimization of your server? is the right Bulgaria web hosting for you which is #1 platform for managed cloud hosting with complete customization and anytime scalability at reasonable prices. 

Here are some of the key features offered by web hosting.


🔶 Enjoy up to 30-seconds response time on live chat and 15-minutes response time via ticket.

🔶 Be free from expensive providers and licenses. Instead, has new SPanel functionality and when the team adds a new functionality, you automatically get it in SPanel for free.

🔶 You can easily launch a website with features such as automatic installer where you can install 250 apps in 1-click; simple site management and additional resources when needed. 

🔶 Boost your website’s speed with Open LiteSpeed because faster sites are always attractive. 

🔶 Enjoy the risk-free services of as they offer a 30-days-money-back guarantee policy. 

Prices & Plans:

The table below shows the different plans at different prices offered by WP Plans

What are the Benefits of Bulgaria Web Hosting?

Now that we know the different web hosting companies in Bulgaria, let us have a quick understanding of the important benefits or advantages that we get from Bulgaria hosting. 

  • The data center in Bulgaria helps in targeting your Bulgarian audience because then the web hosts will be closer and faster. 
  • You can target a larger number of audience even if you are away from most of the countries. Your provider will help your website reach different countries. 
  • It will expand your business in Bulgaria if you have an enterprise level website and a web hosting provider with a data center in Bulgaria. 
  • Enhancement of performance and speed depends highly on the location of the web hosting provider.
  • Increased data protection and privacy is ensured with a web hosting provider as it is usually not safe for your data to travel overseas at zero protection.
  • Another benefit of Bulgaria web hosting is cost-effectiveness which means your site is hosted in Bulgaria at the same price and quality.  


Which hosting is the best in Bulgaria?

A2Hosting is the best in Bulgaria as it lets you try Turbo boost servers to help in faster page loading as just a one second delay may result in poor SEO ranking. 

How do I choose the best web hosting company in Bulgaria?

While choosing the best web hosting company in Bulgaria, you need to make sure that the provider offers you the best uptime, reliability, storage and security features. 

Is customer support available in Bulgaria?

Yes, various web hosting companies in Bulgaria are available 24/7 for customer support via email, phone, live chat and tickets. 

Is it easy to upgrade or downgrade my hosting plan?

Yes, you can easily upgrade or downgrade your hosting plan with the help of site migration. 

Do local Bulgarian servers provide an SEO advantage?

Yes, local Bulgarian servers may provide an SEO advantage because the closer the location of the server will be, faster will be the page loading which also impacts the SEO rank. 


We now know about the 7 best web hosting in Bulgaria 2024, their primary features, plans and pricing. We also come to know about the highlighted benefits of web hosting in Bulgaria and how important role these web hosting providers play in hosting our sites in other countries. 

RankCompanyGoogieHost Review RatingStarting PriceVisit Site
1ScalaHosting4.7$2.95/moVisit Now
2A2Hosting4.9$2.99/moVisit Now
3UltaHost4.8$3.29/moVisit Now
4Kamatrea 4.9$4/moVisit Now
5LiquidWeb4.1$21/moVisit Now
6SuperHosting.bg3.94/moVisit Now
7NS1.bg3.96.45BGN/moVisit Now

Looking for other Web Hosting Locations? Here you go-


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