7 Best Web Hosting in Germany 🇩🇪 2024 [In-depth Reviewed]

Targeting or trying to reach German audiences or readers for your website and looking for hosting platforms for it?  Are you a blogger or the owner of a website and desiring to spread your words in Germany? In both the cases, you need a web hosting provider with better uptime, speed and data centers. 

Stick to this article as here we will discuss the best web hosting Germany.

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Top Best Web Hosting Providers in Germany

We are aware of the fact that web hosting providers play a crucial role for our websites. For example, your website is powerfully built with the latest technologies but is unavailable and slow to the target audience in Germany then it is difficult for you to reach them.

Below is the list of the best 7/10 Web hosting services in Germany, their features, plans and prices. 

⏰  TL;DR:

1. Ultahost – Best Web Hosting Provider Germany
2. Cloudways Managed Cloud Hosting Platform
3. ContaboOverall Best And Reliable Web Hosting Germany
4. QloudHost 100% Fully DMCA Ignored Hosting
5. FastcometManaged Cloud Hosting
6. A2Hosting Overall Best Web Hosting Germany
7. Strato Best for Small Businesses 

1. Ultahost – Best Web Hosting Provider Germany

Looking for a web hosting provider with 20X faster page load times and user-friendly hosting? Ultahost can be the right pick for you as it is the best solution for all your hosting problems and one of the best web hosting providers in Germany. 

ultahost ABout


🔶 Multiple choice of Linux and Windows OS, countless data centers, and unlimited website hosting make Ultahost one of the most flexible web hosting providers. 

🔶 Protect your websites with high-quality security tools like Dedicated Firewalls, Login security, BitNinja security and many more. 

🔶 Enjoy the hosting services with zero point of failure and ultra-optimise server in order to give you repetitive success in terms of network and power. 

🔶 UltaHost offers server management helping newbies to spend less time in complex server monitoring and focus more on the growth of the website. 

Pricing and Plans: 

Now that we know the basic features of UltaHost, let us have an understanding of the plans and pricing offered: 

ultahost web hosting plans

2. CloudWays – Managed Cloud Hosting Platform

Seeking a web hosting provider that offers free Cloudflare CDN ensuring faster content delivery to the visitors? Cloudways is one of the best hosting providers that help you with 99.99% uptime and round the clock customer support in order to enhance your online business. 

cloudways about


🔶 Take advantage of a user-friendly control panel and simple interface that helps you manage your applications smoothly. 

🔶 If you are freelancer or manage agencies and handle multiple sites at the same time then, you may find Cloudways helpful as it offers Advanced Server Cloning in just one click where you can easily clone apps, SSL certificates and domains. 

🔶 Receive expert guidance on your first site migration and avail unlimited site migration with Cloudways’ WordPress migrator plugin. 

🔶 For the best results in terms of performance and speed, they have 65+ global data centers including Germany, Japan, Korea, Ireland, Taiwan and many more for your website. 

Pricing and Plans:

You can have a look at the plans and pricing that Cloudways offer: 

cloudways plans

3. Contabo – Overall Best And Reliable Web Hosting Germany

Want to choose a web hosting provider where you do not have to choose between performance and affordability? Contabo has been the German Quality since 2003 which serves you with global availability and 99.9965 uptime. 



🔶 With 8 regions and 11 locations including US (West, Central, East), EU(Germany), Asia (Japan, Singapore) and Australia (Sydney). Contabo provides you with outstanding global availability. 

🔶 Get the premium 24/7 customer support offered by Contabo by the experts via voice call, ticket submission and more. 

🔶 Enjoy all the high quality features at a lower price as they focus only on what’s needed for your website starting at just $3.99. 

Pricing and Plans: 

Here is an overview of the plans and pricing offered by Contabo in order to help you choose better. 

contabo plans

4. QloudHost –  100% Fully DMCA Ignored Hosting

Is website safety your first concern? QloudHost provides you with smart security features such as Anti-DDoS protection and more. It is also a 100% fully DMCA ignored offshore web hosting server in order to save your identity and data. 

QloudHost Hosting


🔶 They offer you the DMCa ignored servers to protect the identity of the user over the internet. It also protects the data of the website from online malicious threats. 

🔶 Want to enhance the security of your website even more? You can do it on QloudHost with their Weekly Backup feature. For VPS, weekly backup and for Shared hosting, alternate day backup for 7 days is available. 

🔶 Enjoy the complete flexibility of posting content on your website with zero interference or restriction from their side.

🔶 They provide you with all the technical features for small startups to professional businesses. 

Pricing and Plans:

Here you can have an idea about QloudHost that offers the following plans at different costs according to their features. 

qloudhost Plans

5. FastComet – Managed Cloud Hosting

Are you comfortable working with WordPress through WooCommerce plugin? FastComet provides you with special WooCommerce hosting plans to help you in your online business store. FastComet has many other interesting features in buckets for you. 

fastcomet Image


🔶 Looking for free daily backups and low cost Web Application Firewall for your website? FastComet has both. 

🔶 Get the opportunity of a 45-days money-back guarantee with FastComet giving newbies a risk free environment for web hosting services. 

🔶 Beautify your content management system such as Joomla, OpenCart, Magento and more with free attractive and creative templates. 

🔶 Get free video and text tutorials by their experts in order to enhance your knowledge before starting your web hosting journey at FastComet. 

🔶 Enjoy the freedom of managing billings, domains, accounts and orders from any device including your tablets or mobiles with the same 100% responsive and amazing client control area. 

Pricing and Plans: 

Below is the list of different plans offered by FastComet like FastCloud Basic, FastCloud Plus and FastCloud Extra. 

Fastcomet web hosting plans

6. A2Hosting – Overall Best Web Hosting Germany

Looking for a web hosting provider that has a 30 days-money-back guarantee policy? A2Hosting gives you such an opportunity with high-quality services. They even understand your needs and provide you free solutions to help you choose the right hosting type for you. 

A2 Hosting About


🔶 Enjoy the free website migration with A2Hosting if you want to migrate your website to a better server.

🔶 Get a cPanel license included in most of the plans offered by A2Hosting though there are also other control panel options available. 

🔶 A2Hosting lets you try Turbo Web Hosting for 40% faster CPU performance, 20 times faster page upload and 3 times faster page loading as faster sites always have better SEO ranking.  

🔶 Want to build your website with zero confusion? A2Hosting allows you to build your sites easily and quickly with the help of A2 Sitebuilder and enjoy free themes, simple editing and super fast site publishing. 

Pricing and Plans:

Here is the list of different types of hosting with their starting price and you can further choose their respective plans and pricing by clicking on view plans. 

A2 hosting plans

7. Strato – Best for Small Businesses 

Your data is protected by Germany’s implementation of the European data protection law (GDPR) at Strato which is a single platform for all your web hosting, desired domain, default SSL certificates and up to 150 GB email storage space. It gives the best hosting in Germany and enables you to have solutions for all your web hosting concerns with certified data centers globally.



🔶 Want to switch plans in-between when not satisfied enough from one web hosting plan? Strato allows you to do that at zero inconvenience. 

🔶 Enjoy 30 days money back guarantee, flexible contract periods and excellent customer service with its headquarters in Berlin, Germany.  

🔶 The impressive features like inclusive domains, large web space, email storage space and no traffic limit make Strato one of the simplest and best Germany hosting providers.  

🔶 Get the high quality security features with Strato such as SSL secure data transmission and automatic malware scan. 

Pricing and Plans: 

Here are various plans and pricing of web hosting provided by Strato with different features. 

Strato Plans

Factors to Consider When Choosing Web Hosting in Germany 

Web hosting providers are essential for your website as they decide the overall performance, speed and security but what are the basic factors to consider when choosing web hosting in Germany? 

Below are seven major factors that you should keep in mind while selecting the web hosting provider for you in order to prevent website failure. 

Performance and Speed:

A smooth website guarantees the user’s trust. No user will trust a website if the performance and speed is low. Thus, you need to make sure that the web hosting provider you are choosing offers the best and latest features so that your website loads quickly.

Reliability and Uptime:

Reliability and uptime both are one of the most initial and crucial factors that you must check before choosing the web hosting in Germany. Make sure that the web hosting provider is guaranteeing you the uptime closer to 100% because a website in Germany may need more uptime and reliability due to the distance. 

Control Panel and User Interface:

The more easily you can handle your website well, the more your website shines out bright. Control panel and user-friendly interface makes your managing understandable and simple to you and you are able to manage your websites excellently. 

Therefore, you need to ensure the fact that the web hosting you are selecting for your website offers a simple control panel and is easy to understand. 


Pick the web hosting provider in Germany that is highly scalable and lets the user upgrade and downgrade the web resources as per the requirement of the website. You need to make sure that your web hosting offers you increased data storage and traffic. 

Security Features:

Keep in mind how well the web hosting providers offer you the security features as it is very important for you to protect your websites from all the harmful activities. Make sure your German web hosting provider offers you different powerful security features and tools such as free SSL certificates, routine backups, firewalls, malware scanning and more. 

Customer Support:

If you are a blogger or a business owner, you need to have strong customer support provided by your web hosting provider round the clock through live chat, email, phone call or tickets in order to guide and help you throughout your web hosting journey. 

Cost and Value for Money:

Setting a budget while choosing the web hosting for you is one of the most important things that one can do. You need to check whether the web hosting is providing all the features in your budget or not. You should also observe your business needs and spend accordingly. 

FAQs – Best Web Hosting Germany 2024

Can I host an e-commerce website in Germany, and what features do I need?

Yes, you can host an e-commerce website in Germany for which you need web hosting that provides features like scalability, reliability and uptime. 

Which hosting company is the fastest in Germany?

A2Hosting is the fastest hosting company in Germany as it lets you try Turbo Web Hosting for 40% faster CPU performance, 20X faster page upload and 3X faster page loading.  

What is the most reliable web hosting in Germany?

UltaHost is the most reliable web hosting in Germany as they provide hosting services with zero point of failure and ultra-optimised server in order to give you repetitive success in terms of network and power. 

What is the Best web hosting in Germany for small business?

Contabo is the best web hosting in Germany for small business as it provides all the high quality features at a lower price because they focus only on what’s needed for your website starting at just $3.99. 

Are there any cheap hosting germany providers?

Contabo, FastComet and A2Hosting are examples of cheap hosting providers in Germany that give you all the required high quality features at a lower cost.   

How can I migrate my existing website to a German hosting provider?

If you are frustrated with your current web hosting server’s performance and want to migrate your website to a better server? A2Hosting helps in the website migration for free. 

Conclusion – Best Web Hosting Germany 2024

In conclusion, we come to know about the best web hosting in Germany and how well they are able to provide us the right uptime, data centers, scalability, reliability, user-friendly control panel all at low cost in order to run your website faster with zero failure even in other countries like Germany. 


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