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If you have an e-commerce website and are looking for greater web resources for your business site due to its heavy influx of traffic and other related needs, then this article has something special for you.

Here, we are going to discuss the Top 7 Best Magento Hosting Service Providers that offer you web Hosting services to cater for the greater needs of the e-commerce website such as consistent high performance, cutting-edge security, Zero Downtime and other related features.

To learn more about the Top Best Magento Hosting providers, its key features and its pricing policy, let’s give the article a keen look to find the solution to the high requirements of an e-commerce website. 👍

  • Best Overall
    scalahosting coupon logo


    • Ideal for organizations seeking a high-availability, load-balanced setup. Reliable and efficient! Choose ScalaHosting for Magento VPS Hosting
  • Best For Beginners
    nexcess coupon logo


    • For organizations that want a full Magento partner, rather than just web hosting infrastructure (and are willing to pay for it – plans from $37 per month).
  • Most Features


    • It offers a robust, high-performance solution with excellent support for organizations seeking excellence. Get Kinsta for a top-notch Magento Hosting Server.

But before we make a move any further, let us first know what Magento hosting actually is.

What is Magento Hosting?

In very simple words, Magento Hosting is a kind of web Hosting service that offers web-related resources like back-to-back e-commerce website performance, a high level of security and the Highest Uptime (never to let your website down online and keeping it accessible 24/7) to cater all the requirements of the e-commerce website.  

Long story short, Magento Hosting service hosts specifically your e-commerce website, guaranteeing that it remains online 24/7. 

For example, You have an online Sports store, and for a couple of days, you’ve experienced a rise in your website traffic. That’s a good thing, but if you do not take steps to ensure your website is accessible online 24/7, then in that case, the visitors may switch to other websites leading to a loss in your business

Best Magento VPS Hosting

To prevent this from happening, Magento, one of the best e-commerce CMS is deployed on the server to cater for the above commercial needs. 

Magento Hosting ensures to carrying out of other commercial-related activities like a customizable product description page, easy checkout option, safe and secure payment medium and other related e-commerce features as well.

7 Best Magento Hosting Providers (Updated June,2024)

Exclusively for our readers, we have listed down the 7 Top Best Magento Hosting Providers, their features and their pricing policies to give you a brief idea about the services offered by them. Now, Let’s start with ScalaHosting, one of the best Performance Magento hosting service providers.

⏰  TL;DR:

1. ScalaHosting Overall Best Magento Hosting Provider
2. Nexcess Best Magento Hosting Providers
3. Kinsta Overall Best For Scalable Magento Server
4. Cloudways Overall Faster & Reliable Magento Hosting
5. A2Hosting Overall Best Unmanaged Magento Hosting
6. HostGator – Overall Best for Transparency
7. LiquidWeb – Overall Best Managed Magento Hosting

1. ScalaHosting- Overall Best Magento Hosting

ScalaHosting, known for its Fully Managed Cloud VPS Hosting with Unconditional 20X Website Speed and Turbo-Fast SSD NVMe Technology, offers Magento Hosting services exclusively to e-commerce startups with no prior experience managing websites. 

Additionally, every Magento VPS hosting plan comes with a free sPanel (a control panel created by ScalaHosting) for simple website maintenance. Along with that, it also provides live expert chat support round-the-clock to address issues arising from intricate server configurations.


Key Specifications

ScalaHosting’s Best Fully Managed Magento VPS Plans have more to offer. Look at the following specifications presented below, to get an idea about the features:

🔶 Increased Security: Protect your website with Imunify360, a web application firewall (WAF), and a free SSL certificate for all of your domains.

🔶 Environment for Risk-Free VPS Hosting: ScalaHosting offers a 30-day money-back guarantee for VPS hosting cancellations.

🔶 Free Migration & Committed Uptime: Transfer your website for free from another hosting company and take advantage of a 99.99% Uptime Guarantee to keep your website running 24/7.

🔶 SSD NVMe Storage Technology: The newest SSD NVMe Storage Technology gives you 20X quicker storage, guaranteeing that your web pages load quickly.


The pricing policy of the basic Magento Hosting plan is given below in the tabular format:

Plans RAMPrice per month
Entry Cloud  Plan2GB$14.95
Premium Cloud Plan4GB$29.95

🔔 ScalaHosting Offer June, 2024 – For Limited Time Offer ScalaHosting is currently offering up to 40% OFF. Get an Additional 10% OFF with Promo code GOOGIEHOST.

2. Nexcess – Best Magento Hosting Providers

As you already know the fact that CloudFlare-powered Managed Magento VPS hosting with a CDN is a must for hosting commercial websites.

Considering this, let’s discuss LiquidWeb’s sibling brand, Nexcess, which is quick and simple to set up and offers a 30-day money-back guarantee along with free advanced e-commerce plugins for more intelligent selling strategies and flawless customer support. It is the ideal Magento VPS hosting solution for novice customers.

Nexcess About

Moreover, fully managed Magento even assists new users with all the essential setups with only one click, simplifying website setup and freeing users to concentrate just on the expansion of their websites.

Key Features

Having that said, let’s dive further to learn more about the key specifications offered by the Magento Hosting services of Nexcess:

🔶 OnlineStore-Friendly feature: Automated Daily Backups, Updates for Plugins and WordPress Core Updates that are managed offer features like malware monitoring and autoscaling.

🔶 Customer Support 24/7: The knowledgeable Nexcess staff provides around-the-clock technical assistance via LiveChat, Ticketing, and phone calls with 24/7/365 support services.

🔶 Advanced Security: Your commercial website is safe and secure from internet threats round-the-clock with advanced DDoS security, Malware scanners, and IP Whitelisting.

🔶 Free SSLs and Free Other Plugins: Free eCommerce Plugins + Free SSLs for All of Your Domains allow you to easily customize your website to meet your store’s needs.

Pricing Policy

Below, we have provided the various Magento hosting plans offered by Nexcess.

PlansStoragePrice per month
XS Plan50GB$37
S Plan75GB$68

🔔 Nexcess Offer June, 2024 – For Limited Time Offer Nexcess is currently offering up to 40% OFF. Billed at $62.00 $37.20 for 3 months and then $62.00/mo

3. Kinsta – Overall Best For Scalable Magento Server

Kinsta, one of the best-performance Magento Hosting services, offers you rock-solid security, free SSLs for all of your domains, and free CloudFlare DDoS and malware protection for your online store.

To manage the online store with ease, Kista also provides an incredible Application Monitoring tool, an intuitive Dashboard, and a one-click auto-installer, Softaculous.

When obtaining web hosting services for your online business, prompt and attentive customer support services also guarantee immediate remedies for any technical issues that may arise.

kinsta About

Key Features

Refer to the points below to learn more about the Magento hosting features offered by Kinsta, before deciding from among the options to choose the best: 

🔶 Incredible Caching Technology: Enabling Edge Caching will provide fast content delivery without requiring any additional plugins or settings.

🔶 Multiple Data Centers: Users have several options when selecting data servers near website visitors to get the lowest latency, with over 35+ data centers spread across more than five continents.

🔶 In-built Container Technology to Run Store Applications: Use an application performance monitoring tool to quickly identify and fix website problems. Site Container Technology assigns website resources automatically to each site container.

🔶 Customer support Services: To sort out any issue when configuring the servers to handle the web files, users can easily contact the support expert agents via LiveChat and Tickets. 

Pricing Policy

The Magento Hosting plans offered by Kinsta are stated below in the tabular form:

PlansStoragePrice per month

🔔 Kinsta Offer June, 2024 – Additionally, when you sign up or upgrade to an annual plan, you’ll automatically receive 2 months free!

4. CloudWays – Overall Faster & Reliable Magento Hosting

Famous for extremely incredible cloud web hosting that is reliable, easy to use, and quick, CloudWays has data centers spread out throughout the globe and also has sophisticated caching and Cloudflare (CDN) to ensure the best commercial website performance, which leads to a quicker rate of website growth. 

cloudways about

Furthermore, Cloudways offers 10X quicker website loading times with a 99.99% uptime guarantee, ensuring that the user’s websites are accessible online 24/7.

Key Features

Look at the features below and find out more about CloudWays Fully managed Magento Hosting Services in detail:

🔶 Unbeatable Security: A secure hosting experience is provided by Cloudways’ Web FireWall Application, Advanced DDoS Protection, and Free SSLs.

🔶 Reliable Hardware: Modern SSD NVMe drives revolutionize website performance by reducing the time it takes for pages to load.

🔶 Incredible Cache technology: Faster response times are achieved using optimized Advanced Caches, such as Varnish, Nginx, Redis, and Memcached.

🔶 Handles the Growing needs of your website: Versatile virtual private server hosting that enables you to expand the server’s capacity in response to growing demand from websites.

Pricing Policy

The plans and pricing policy of Magento hosting offered by CloudWays are given as follows:

PlansRAMPrice per month

🔔 Cloudways Offer June, 2024 – Subscribe for the exclusive Cloudways promo code and enjoy a 30% discount on all of our plans for 3 months.

5. A2 Hosting – Overall Best Unmanaged Magento Hosting

A2Hosting, one of the Best Magento VPS Hosting, is the oldest players in the web hosting field. It offers Developer Friendly Magento VPS Hosting at Turbo Speed that is 20 Times Faster.

A2Hosting also provides fully managed VPS servers and excellent independent web resources, making it easy to maintain and ensure hassle-free website operation.

Moreover, A2Hosting provides a Dedicated Expert Team through LiveChat and the Ticket Support system to address any technical problems that users may have.

A2hosting VPS Hosting

Key Features

The Best Managed Magento VPS Hosting service features of A2Hositng’s fully managed VPS are given as follows:

🔶 In-built security: Use Imunify360, a free SSL certificate for all of your domains, and the web application firewall to keep your website safe.

🔶 Excellent for beginners: A 30-day money-back guarantee upon cancelling the VPS hosting services, along with a free website migration from another hosting company.

🔶 Reliable Hardware: The newest SSD NVMe storage technology gives you 20X quicker storage, guaranteeing that your web pages load quickly.

🔶 Committed Uptime: A2Hosting offers a 99.90% guaranteed uptime guarantee for continuous online website accessibility.

Pricing Policy

The Magento VPS Hosting services are provided by A2Hosting as per the following plans:

PlansRAMPrice per month
Lift Plans 16GB$35.99
Mach Plans 32GB$54.99

🔔 A2Hosting Offer June, 2024 – For Limited Time Offer Save 40% OFF on A2Hosting Web Hosting Plans. Take advantage of this offer now and save more on your A2Hosting hosting subscription.

6. HostGator – Overall Best for Transparency

HostGator, an Overall Magento Hosting provider, offers all the capabilities required to manage the growing volume of data, its administration, and even its security.

These features range from robust industry-leading technology to highly scalable Magento hosting plans.

For Magento hosting, users running online stores may expect the most hospitable Magento VPS hosting servers, a 30-day money-back guarantee, and the greatest network assurance.

Hostgator About


The key characteristics of HostGator’s Fully managed Magento hosting services are explained in detail below:

🔶 Exceptionally Scalable: HostGator’s web hosting plans are highly scalable, allowing users to select web resources based on the needs of their online store.

🔶 Complete Root Control and Customization: HostGator gives the servers full Root access so that monitoring may take place.

🔶 Round-the-clock Support: Novice users can get help from HostGator’s LiveExpert Chat service to solve any technical problems.

🔶 Unbreakable Security: LetsEncrypt SSL certificates and centralized DDoS protection ensure a secure connection between users and website visitors.

Pricing Policy

The plans and Pricing policy offered by HostGator are provided to you as follows:

PlansSSD Storage Price per month
Starter Plan20GB$0.95

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7. LiquidWeb – Overall Best Managed Magento Hosting

LiquidWeb, one of the Best Magento VPS Hosting services, guarantees 99.999% uptime, security, and dependability.

Additionally, the VPS plans have dedicated web resources like CPU, RAM, and storage, which makes them ideal for hosting an infinite number of websites.

LiquidWeb’s Magento VPS plans are ideal for startups who lack experience managing websites, since they provide fully managed Nex-Gen VPS servers, allowing the customer to concentrate on the expansion of their online store.


Key Features

Please keep an eye out for the following LiquidWeb’s Magento VPS hosting features to meet the demands of your commercial website:

🔶 Dedicated Uptime: LiquidWeb guarantees almost no downtime for your website with 100% Guaranteed Power and Uptime promise.

🔶 24/7 Support Services: Customers may get round-the-clock help via live chat and a ticketing system, which makes for a very smooth hosting experience.

🔶 High Security: To protect your website from unforeseen hostile online assaults, use Standard DDoS Attack Protection.

🔶 Total Management Permitted: Savor complete Root Control over your LiquidWeb-provided Magento VPS servers.

Pricing Policy 

The pricing policy of LiquidWeb is stated as under:

PlansRAMPrice per month

🔔 LiquidWeb Offer June, 2024 – Liquid Web coupon code gives you 74% OFF Tomcat hosting for yearly plans. Billed at $368.16 billed up front for 2 years.

Benefits of Choosing Magento hosting for Magento eCommerce site

Readers must be thinking about the benefits that Magento Hosting may bring if they install Magento for their e-commerce website. So, to begin with, there is a lot to tell. 

Let’s go through the points below to know the benefits reaped from the Best Magento hosting one by one:

  • Reliable Performance and TopNotch Ecommerce Hosting web resources: With Magento Hosting, you can get highly reliable web resources to cater the commercial needs like handling heavy traffic, optimum CPU and RAM to enhance the website performance and large enough Storage for Quicker web page loading speed.
  • Unbreakable Security: Magento Hosting lets you have state-of-the-art security services protecting the data of your website with Advanced DDoS Protection, Regular Malware Scanner, IPWhitelisting and a lot more security-oriented tech to shield your commercial website.
  • Full Root Access: Magento Hosting allows you to Fully control the web server in order to let you customize the options like, setting PHP workers, NGINX, enhancing storage / CPU/ RAM, autoscaling and deploying other web-related resources as per the requirement of the commercial website.
  • Developer-Friendly environment: If you want to customise the design of your commercial website and want to make it look more eye-catching, then Magento hosting offers you an incredible option with in-built Developer-friendly websites letting you design the website as per your liking.

Readers may have questions like, What if I need to deploy Magento Hosting for my e-commerce website? Will I suffer any issues? To this, the answer is yes! To explain the thing well, we have encapsulated the pros and cons in a table format.

Benefits of Choosing Magento Hosting Drawbacks of not Choosing Magento Hosting
Optimized PHP worker’s CloudFlare CDN for quicker loading times The absence of Magento hosting features impacts the commercial website performance with an extremely lagging experience 
Especially cater for the needs of commercial sitesCannot handle heavy commercial traffic on the business websites.

What to look for in a Magento hosting provider: 8 factors to consider

Now, after coming to know these many facts about Magento Hosting, anyone among the readers may want to give it a try to purchase Magento hosting for their e-commerce website. If you are looking forward to buying the best Magento hosting services, then Keep in mind the following factors:

  • First of all, Go for a VPS or a single physical dedicated server hosting service to deploy Magento on the server.
  • Choose the Hosting provider that offers a guaranteed 99.99% Uptime, letting your website online at all times.
  • Pick the Hosting service provider that has multiple data centers all across the globe ensuring your website remains up and accessible 24/7. 
  • Ensure that the Magento VPS hosting provider you choose offers round-the-clock support services to help you troubleshoot the issues arising out of web server configuration.
  • If the Magento hosting provider offers Free SSL certificates for all your websites and advanced DDoS Protection to check and prevent malicious attacks, then Go for it.
  • Even make sure that it offers Highly Scalable plans, allowing you to easily upgrade or downgrade the web-related resources like CPU/ RAM to match your greater site needs.
  • Who doesn’t like affordability? So, Go for those Magento web Hosting providers who offer cutting-edge web technology at a very affordable price.
  • Lastly, a Committed Refund policy can add a cherry on top and is an extremely reliable feature, letting you get your entire amount back on not liking the Magento hosting service.


Which is the best operating system for Magento?

Linux as it is extremely consistent and works well with open-source applications, like Magento.

Which hosting is best for Magento 2?

As far as Reliable Hardware, Strong security, Multiple Data Centers and the Best Price to performance ratio are concerned, Go for Magento 2 Hosting service with ScalaHosting & Nexcess.

What is the difference between Magento and Magento 2?

The table given below can sharly tell you the difference between Magento & Magento 2:

Magento Hosting Service: 1. Loading speed is comparatively less  2. Plans are less Scalable 3. Rarely offers mobile responsive options

Magento 2 Hosting Service: 1. Faster and more efficient Web Performance  2. Highly flexible and easier to customise 3. Mobile-Friendly options

Which hosting provider is best for Magento?

Web Hosting company that offers openLiteSpeed for quicker web page loading speed and maximum customizable options like ScalaHosting, Nexcess & Kinsta, are the best Magento Web Servers, as they offer Highly Scalable plans and Reliable web servers.

Does Magento Work Well on Shared Hosting Plans?

Yes! However, choose a VPS or a single physical dedicated server hosting service instead of Shared Hosting plans if you have to cater for the needs of your high-performing commercial website. This is because Magento needs full root access, advanced security features, and a dedicated amount of RAM and storage, which are available with shared hosting services also, but it does not allow flexibility as it allows users to share web resources with other users.


Readers who are looking for web solutions for commercial sites can get detailed information about the 7 Best Magento Hosting services, its features, and the Pricing Policy as well. 

However, if you are still confused about which Magento Hosting service provider you should go with, then Go for ScalaHosting or Nexcess, few of the Overall Best Managed Magento VPS Hosting services not only comprise Reliable Hardware, Optimised plans and Unparallel security services but also offer user-friendly cPanel for easy customization of commercial websites.  

S NoProvider  Starting Price DiscountVisit 
1ScalaHosting$29.95/mo36% OffTry Now
2Nexcess$37.20/mo40% OffTry Now
3Kinsta$30/moAnnual plan [2 month free]Try Now
4Cloudways$14/mo30% OffTry Now
5A2Hosting$35.99/mo40% OffTry Now
6HostGator$0.95/mo60% OffTry Now
7LiquidWeb$16/mo74% offTry Now

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