7 Best France RDP Provider with full Admin Access Jun, 2024

Ever knew that it was possible to control and handle the main Desktop from a far-off location and that too using a normal smartphone handset? 

Do you reside in France and are looking for Remote Desktop Services in France with Full Administration Access in 2024?

If Yes! Then this post is worth reading. 

To cut a long story short, Troubleshooting clients’ issues from a Remote location, accessing files like audio, and playing multiplayer games on a Remote Computer, is possible with RDP, one of the best technologies that can be used to manage Remote Systems.

Here, Exclusively for our readers who have Zero clue about What RDP actually is, we’ll help them understand in great detail about France RDP and the Top #7 best France RDP server Providers that users can Blindly go for to Experience seamless Remote desktop services.

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What is France RDP?

In a very simple language, France RDP, Remote Desktop Protocol, is a Technology that allows a user to access, manage, and control a Remote desktop located in a far-off place (France) using a simple Android device or other computer system.

For example, Tech support experts from IT companies use RDP services to Troubleshoot technical issues of clients residing at a far-off location. Employees working on a remote basis use RDP services to access the workplace computer from a far-off location or from their residence. 

What is France RDP?

Moreover, RDP can even be used to connect with a Remote Printer (or any peripheral device) to Print documents from a device located very far away.

RDP services are useful! Is’nt it? So Now, without wasting even a single minute, Let’s embark on our journey to learn about the Best France RDP Providers in 2024.

Best France RDP Server with Full Admin Access

Below, we have listed the Top #7 Best France RDP server Providers with Full Admin Access that not only offer seamless Remote services but are also affordable as well.

⏰ TL;DR:

1. ScalaHosting – Overall Best RDP Server France
2. UltaHost 20X Faster and Cheaper France RDP Server
3. Kamatera – Fast, Flexible France RDP Solutions
4. Contabo Easy to Use RDP Server in France
5. Liquidweb Best For France Window RDP Server
6. A2Hosting Best and Cheap France RDP Server
7. Vultr Cheap RDP Server in France

1. ScalaHosting – Overall Best RDP Server France

ScalaHosting, one of the best France RDP server providers, not only allows complete server admin control but also offers the best network infrastructure to ensure smooth data transmission from the remote device to the local device without any lag experience.

ScalaHosting’s Powerful and Secure Windows VPS servers can easily be used by users to perform Remote Trading or for playing Remote multiplayer games on a Desktop located at a far-off distance.


Key Features

The main specifications that the RDP servers (Windows VPS) of ScalaHosting offer to its users are given as follows:

🔶 Instant RDP server setup in just a matter of seconds, ensuring quick Remote connection just after the purchase.

🔶 RDP resources are Scalable and can be easily upgraded and downgraded as per the users’ needs.

🔶 Get committed Uptime and Dedicated RDP resources for seamless, fast, and the lowest latent remote connection.

🔶 Get a chance to build your own Cloud VPS server as per your demand, letting you pay only for the RDP resources that are needed.

🔶 ScalaHosting offers top-notch bandwidth, ensuring Quick data transmission from one Remote device to another system.

🔶 Provides SSD NVMe for Lightning-fast Storage of the Data and even ensures Quick loading of data in the remote desktop as well.

Plans and Pricing

ScalaHosting VPS Plans

2. UltaHost – 20X Faster and Cheaper France RDP Server

UltaHost lets you use Advanced Remote Computing technology that ensures speed, complete administration access, and secure Data transmission from remote systems to local devices. Get your RDP servers Set up instantly with Zero Delays. 

30-day money-back guarantee and a very affordable Pricing scheme offer a Risk-free environment and make RDP VPS services from UltaHost newbie-friendly.

Be assured of the security features of UltaHost, as UltaHost offers BitNinja security and other network-related Infrastructure to ensure fast, secure, and reliable Remote connection.

ultahost ABout

Key Features

Let’s look at the main features that RDP VPS servers of UltaHost offer the users, wanting to Remote trading, Gameplaying, and Remote device sharing:

🔶 UltaHost’s Committed 99.99% Guaranteed Uptime ensures 24/7 Remote Connection without any technical glitches.

🔶 UltaHost’s RDP servers come with Fully manageable features and also a smart assistance service for users having zero knowledge about RDP services.

🔶 Dedicated FireWalls, BitNinja Security, and Dedicated IP offer secure Remote services, thereby protecting servers from cyberattacks.

🔶 Want to store your remote Data? UltaHost even offers Free of free-of-cost backup plans ensuring Quick data restoration at a faster pace.

🔶 Get Unlimited BandWidth, enabling the users to transmit data from one desktop to a remote device with a Zero Lag experience.

🔶 Using RDP services may turn difficult at times, to which UltaHost offers Dedicated Customer support services 24/7.

Plans and Pricing

Ulathost RDP Plans

3. Kamatera – Fast, Flexible France RDP Solutions

Kamatera, an Enterprise-level Cloud RDP server provider, offers all Remote computing services that are required for seamless, fast, reliable, and secure remote desktop access from a far-off location with minimum lag experience and greater RDP server performance with high network infrastructure.

Kamatera has numerous RDP solutions for SMBs, Web Developers, App Developers, SaaS Providers, and other agencies as well, where Remote desktop access is the most integral part of the Business activity.

Kamatera About

Key Features

The features of Cloud RDP services offered by Kamatera to users of various business enterprises are given as under:

🔶 Cloud RDP virtual desktop can be easily self-configured via the Simple Management Portal as per your requirement.

🔶 Increase or Decrease the RDP resources (like server capacity or CPU Processors) of Kamatera.

🔶 Cutting-Edge Kamatera’s Hardware offers a reliable and super fast Remote Desktop Connection.

🔶 99.95% Committed Uptime ensures faster response time and 24/7 Remote desktop accessibility with Zero Technical glitches.

🔶 Exclusive Network Security technology protects your RDP servers from Online CyberAttacks.

🔶 Cloud Block Storage technology shares data in fragments, ensuring Zero point of Data Transmission failure. 

Plans and Pricing

Kamatera Plans

4. Contabo – Easy to Use RDP Server in France

Contabo, known for providing 99.996% guaranteed Uptime, Powerful, and Reliable Windows servers, is one of the best France RDP server providers that offers complete administrative Access to the Remote servers without any technical issues. 

Traders can use Remote services from Contabo for Meta and Forex Trading Business, and Gamers can also make use of Contabo RDP services to enjoy a good multiplayer gameplay experience.

All of that is possible due to the top-notch CPU processor with the latest SSD NVMe Storage technology and the most advanced 2022 Windows Server


Key Features

Let’s make a leap forward to know the key features of RDP servers that are offered by Contabo to Traders, Gamers, and Remote employees:

🔶 Secured Core Technology and Advanced Threat Protection to help secure the data of the users during the Data transmission in the remote connection.

🔶 Get the latest version, Windows Server 2022, which is extremely helpful for Trading business and Running a Minecraft game.

🔶 Contabo has AMD-backed Remote Servers exclusively useful for applications that perform heavy computing functions like Deep Learning, and Weather Forecasting.

🔶 Enhanced Storage Mechanism and other high-performing network infrastructure lets users transmit data with the Lowest latency possible. 

🔶 Highest Committed 99.996% Uptime helps the users to access the Remote connection at all times without even a single point of failure.

🔶 For Users new to RDP services, Contabo offers 24/7 Support services to troubleshoot issues.

Plans and Pricing

Contabo VPS Plans

5. LiquidWeb – Best For France Window RDP Server

RDP service is available in all the versions of Windows Server with LiquidWeb. LiquidWeb allows Tech Support professionals to Troubleshoot remote issues on the clients’ devices using RDP services. 

Along with Complete Root access to your RDP Windows VPS servers, LiquidWeb also offers a Dedicated IP address, an Advanced Security mechanism for High Secure data transmission, and SSD storage for Quicker loading of Data as well.

LiquidWeb provides 100% network Uptime for ensuring Remote connection accessibility round the clock with Zero lag experience.


Key Features

The key specifications of RDP Windows VPS services offered by LiquidWeb are provided as under:

🔶 Block Storage enables the data to transmit in fragments, further ensuring smooth Remote connection.

🔶 Integrated Backups help users to restore the data from the Remote device at times of emergency.

🔶 Dedicated FireWalls and TopNotch Security Mechanism keep the Remote Connection 100% Free from CyberAttacks.

🔶 The RDP resources of LiquidWeb are Highly scalable and enable the users to Upgrade and Downgrade the resources as per the requirement.

🔶 Have a large Enterprize? Then LiquidWeb enables you to create your own Cloud RDP server infrastructure that is completely controlled by you.

🔶 Get full Cooperation and Expert Support services from the LiquidWeb Staff round the clock.

Plans and Pricing

Liquidweb VPS Plans

6. A2Hosting – Best and Cheap France RDP Server

A2Hosting, one of the Top Best RDP server Pick of 2024, comes with Turbo boost servers with 20 times faster data loading speed and Fully Controlled and Fully managed servers.

Users requiring a UserFriendly cPanel Interface and Quick Data Transmission Speed from one Remote connection to another can blindly go for A2Hosting RDP VPS services.

Apart from fully managed and Highly scalable servers, A2Hosting also offers 99.90% Guaranteed Uptime, helping to keep the servers accessible from a remote location 24/7.

A2hosting VPS Hosting

Key Features

Let’s hop in to see the various key specifications that are offered by VPS RDP servers of A2Hosting:

🔶 Free Imunify360 Security Suite secures the Data transmission between the Remote servers to your devices.

🔶 Free UserFriendly cPanel Control Panel offers a seamless environment for the users to manage the files in the remote servers.

🔶 Complete Root Administrative Access enables the user to handle and control the server thereby ensuring regular monitoring as well.

🔶 24/7 Guru Support Crew helps new users troubleshoot bigger Remote Server related issues.

🔶 A2Hosting allows you to get your own choice of Operating System (Windows/ Linux) that you like working with.

🔶 SSD VPS solutions help the quicker loading of Data, thereby ensuring the lowest latency when accessing the Data/Files of the Remote server.

Plans and Pricing

A2Hosting VPS Plans

7. Vultr – Cheap RDP Server in France

Highly Suitable for Small businesses and individual users requiring remote desktop services at very affordable rates and Hourly billing mode, Vultr Cloud Computing GPU servers offer Remote services, letting you transmit data to and fro between your remote desktop and your local device.

Vultr, with enterprise-level Cloud Infrastructure, offers servers with top-notch hardware and Unbreakable security technology.

Users can easily use NVIDIA-backed GPU servers for Remote Gaming due to the lowest latency and high number of Frames per second, giving an amazing Gameplay Graphic experience.

Vultr About

Key Features

Exclusively for you, we have listed the Top key features of GPU servers of Vultr that offer Remote connection services:

🔶 Hourly Billing Mode lets the users pay only for the RDP resources that are required hence making it highly Afforadable and Scalable at the same time.

🔶 SSD NVMe Storage Technology offers smooth and Quick Data loading and transmission between the remote and local devices.

🔶 Highest guaranteed Uptime and 100% Network connectivity ensures the movement of files to and fro the server and the device without any lagging experience.

🔶 High-performing RAM and other TopGrade Network infrastructure lets the user enjoy Quick Data Transmission in Gaming and Trading.

🔶 24/7 Vultr Support services help newbie users get their problems related to Remote servers resolved within a matter of minutes.

🔶 Faster Data Response Time and Higher FPS are possible with Vultr due to NVIDIA backed GPU servers.

Plans and Pricing

Vultr VPS Plans

Benefits of Choosing France RDP Servers 

Why should one Choose France RDP servers? How is it helpful to use RDP servers? Are you having questions like these in your mind? If yes, then Below is the list of things that one can enjoy doing after purchasing France RDP servers:

  • Employees working from home or Remotely can make great use of Remote Desktop services letting the user use the Remote Workplace desktop from a far-off location.
  • Wanting to use a Printer or any other Peripheral device that is at a remote location? Use RDP that lets you use Devices from a Remote place.
  • Having a Multiplayer Game on your Home Desktop in France and Wanting to Play it while on Vacation? Then Make use Of France RDP servers to Access the Home PC.
  • Are you Trading Freak and Want to use Forex Trading Remotely? Then Remote Desktop is the Best option for you at stake.
  • Technical support Staff uses the Remote Connection services and troubleshoots the clients’ issues by Screen or Device sharing.

The above-mentioned points are the primary benefits that one can reap from Remote desktop connection services.

Top Recommendations for France RDP Server with Full Admin Access

Having so many France RDP server Providers out there in the Globe, then Which one to Choose? Which France RDP server should a Gamer/ Trader/ Technical staff of the IT sector go for?

Exclusively for our Readers, We have brought the Top 4# France RDP server Picks that can provide a seamless Remote Connection option.

With TurboFast Servers, Highest Uptime Guarantee, and Regular BackUps, ScalaHosting offers the Best Remote connection experience.Enterprise-level Cloud Infrastructure and Hourly billing mode along with 30 days of Free RDP Trials, Kamatera is the Best RDP provider for newbies.99.996% Guaranteed Uptime, Reliable 2022 Latest Windows Server and other Remote server features, Contabo ensures Zero Lag experience.The Best SSD NVMe RDP servers with top-notch security mechanisms, UltaHost enables secure Remote connection, saving your Data from malicious Online Threats. 

How do I connect to a free RDP server?

Wanting to know how to Connect your Android/ iOS device to a Windows (10/11) PC Remotely? Here are the steps to connect the Free RDP server to :

  • Firstly make sure that you have Windows 10/11 > Go to Start Button > Press the Setting option > Click the System Tab and Press the Remote Desktop button.
  • Switch to Enable Remote Desktop > Press Confirm to Enable RDP service > Type a name for this PC to handle it remotely.
  • Now, Open the Remote Desktop app (available Free on Google Play Store) on your Local Android/ iOS Device > Add the Name of the Remote PC you want to connect.
  • Select the Remote PC name > Wait for the connection to complete.


Do any companies provide a test/demo on France RDP plans?

Absolutely Yes, Kamatera offers 30 days of Free RDP Trails, and ScalaHosting offers Free Demo on Request. Enjoy seamless and smooth Remote Connections with them.

Do any of the above Companies offer Full Admin Access with France RDP?

Yes! All the Companies mentioned above, Kamatera, ScalaHosting, UltaHost, and other RDP providers, offer Full Administrative Access giving users Complete Root Access for regular server monitoring as well.

Is RDP Server Cheaper than Windows VPS?

It all depends upon the need for add-ons and web resources. Windows VPS comes with Website hosting services and Complete Server control, whereas RDP servers ensure Remote desktop Connection with the local device.

Why Should I Buy France RDP?

You should buy France RDP servers to Remotely connect the France-based servers with your device from a far-off location that allows smooth data transmission and security.


It is really a Herculean Task to choose the most appropriate among the Best RDP providers out there in the market. Here, in this post, we have laid down the Top main features that RDP Providers offer their users, helping you to sit back and make a choice for the Right France RDP provider with Full Admin Access 2024.

Post your Insightful comments, and let us know the tech-related topics that you would like us to decode for you.

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