8 Best Netherlands RDP with Full Admin Access (Jun, 2024)-(Top Ranked)

Talking about Technical support or managing web files from a far-off location, one requires Remote Desktop Services with Full Administrative access. 

Desire to access your main desktop in the Netherlands from a remote location even though you’re far away from it? 

Want to be able to control your client’s desktop in the Netherlands remotely to provide Technical support, troubleshooting, and access web files from a distant server?

If so, Then Pick the best Netherlands RDP server without hesitation. 

It provides you with full administrative access to your remote desktop and assists you in configuring it to meet your needs.

Here, you will learn what Netherlands RDP is and the Top 8# Best Netherlands RDP Picks with Full Administrative Access available in the Netherlands.

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What is the Netherlands RDP Server?

Let’s first see what RDP is. RDP, Remote Desktop Protocol, is a Microsoft-based protocol that enables a user to connect to another computer over the internet. 

It helps to interact with the device as if the user is physically present at the remote machine.

RDP allows for the remote control of the desktop of a computer that is located far from the current spot. 

RDP services based in the Netherlands are called Netherlands RDP. 

RDP is widely used for Remote Administration and accessing web resources of the server at a distance. 

What is the Netherlands RDP Server?

The RDP providers from the Netherlands follow the relevant laws and regulations of the place as well.

8 Best Netherlands RDP Servers with Full Admin Access (2024)

Now that you know what Netherlands RDP servers actually are, Below is the list of the Top 8# Best Netherlands RDP Servers that offer Full Administrative Access.

⏰ TL;DR:

1. QloudHost Best Fully DMCA Ignored Hosting Providers
2. Kamatera – Fast, Flexible Netherlands RDP Solutions
3. YouStable Overall Best Netherlands RDP Server
4. Contabo Easy to Use RDP Server in Netherlands
5. Liquidweb Best For Netherlands Window RDP Server
6. TMDHosting Cheap RDP Server in Netherlands
7. A2Hosting Best and Cheap Netherlands RDP Server
8. Cloudzy Powerful Netherlands RDP Server Solution

1. QloudHost– Best Fully DMCA Ignored Hosting Providers

Want to offer Technical support to your Client in the Netherlands? Desire to manage and access Servers located in Amsterdam from a far-off location and also want an incredibly secure environment? 

If yes, then Choosing 100% Fully DMCA ignored, Fast, and Hassle-Free Offshore RDP server hosting from QloudHost wouldn’t be a bad idea, providing exceptional RDP services giving complete security, FireWall & Anti-DDoS technology, thereby maintaining the privacy of user’s data. 

QloudHost Hosting

A friendly and easy-to-use interface takes the Remote experience with QloudHost to the next level. 

Moreover, for those who have no technical knowledge, QloudHost offers Powerful, Fully managed Offshore RDP Plans, even ensuring the data security status, strong on the other hand.


The key takeaways of RDP services provided by Offshore servers from QloudHost in the Netherlands are as follows:

🔶 Qloudhost has a Data Center in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, providing seamless CPU processors and Full root access for users buying RDP servers.

🔶 100% Fully DMCA ignored RDP servers provide a very secure environment for the users + backed by Advanced DDoS & Firewall Protection.

🔶 Instant activation Policy enables your RDP services to set up instantly without any delays, Free of Cost.

🔶 Top Quality A+ Grade with the Latest and the Fastest Hardware Technologies provides the users of RDP servers with powerful configuration options.

🔶 Control Panels such as cPanel, DirectAdmin, and many more are available to manage the web files of the server.

🔶 Free Server Migration + 14 Days Money Back Guarantee is helpful for users who are getting their RDP servers for the first time.

🔶 Fast NVMe SSD drive storage with 99.99% Guaranteed uptime offers the lowest page loading time and 24/7 availability of the server on the internet.

🔶 24/7 customer support services to resolve any sort of issue during server configuration or issues while ordering RDP servers.

Plans and Price

QloudHost offers the above incredible RDP features at the following Prices:

Entry50 GB SSD Storage 2v CPU4 GB RAM$18.99 Per Month
Value120 GB SSD Storage4v CPU8 GB RAM $46.99 Per Month

2. Kamatera – Fast, Flexible Netherlands RDP Solutions

Wanting a Highly secure RDP infrastructure in the Netherlands? 

Then Get Kamatera Remote Desktop servers with a 30-day free Trial, creating a Risk-free environment for Newbies and Startups. Users can centralize software management and make it accessible to several clients over a remote desktop.

Kamatera About

Moreover, Kamatera has 18 Data Centers across 4 Continents, with 4 Data Servers in the Netherlands. Data servers are highly reliable with Zero points of Failure, giving 99.95% of committed Uptime as well.


Let’s have a deeper look into the specifications offered by Kamatera to its RDP servers hosting users:

🔶 Provides 24/7 back-to-back Customer Support services via LiveChat and Ticket Support, assisting users who have Zero idea about server configuration.

🔶 Offers Intel Xeon Gold/ IceLake Processor + Minimum 2.7GHz CPU series, thereby providing High Performance and 100% Reliability.

🔶 Includes Security features like Cloud FireWall protecting your devices against malicious online threats.

🔶 Advanced Networking features like Virtual LAN have the ability to set up private IP addresses.

🔶 Daily Backups and Data restoration options are also made available for smoother performance of your remote server.

🔶 Get 99.95% Guaranteed Uptime to ensure 24/7 data transmission between the remote desktop and the device without any technical glitches.

🔶 Reliable Cloud Load Balancer to distribute the workload across the servers, further ensuring smoother performance.  

Pricing and Plans

Below are the various Plans and their related features, with their Prices presented in a tabular format.

Simple 20 GB SSD Storage 1v CPU1 GB RAM$4 Per Month
Customized 30 GB SSD Storage2v CPU2 GB RAM $8 Per Month

3. YouStable – Overall Best Netherlands RDP Server

YouStable, with 30 days of Risk-Free RDP server Trials, Get Windows 2019/ 2022 Server, 99.90% committed Uptime, along with blazing fast server speed giving users a low latency experience.

Comprises Pure SSD NVMe storage technology that provides Greater server loading, a minimum of 2 Core Processors, and a lot more features starting for just $15 per month.

Moreover, Get Full Administrative Access to Netherlands RDP servers of YouStable, letting you control the servers as per your requirement.

YouStable About


Curious to know more about the Netherlands RDP Server hosting features of YouStable? Go through the points below to make yourself aware of the specifications:

🔶 Grab a Minimum of 1 TB Bandwidth, 50GB NVMe SSD, and 4GB RAM with YouStable on your Netherlands RDP server Hosting Services.  

🔶 Get Full Root Access to your VPS server and configure it as per the requirements of your server.

🔶 Enjoy phenomenal server speed with LiteSpeed web servers, which gives you an incredible hosting experience + Get the Highest Performance for your server.

🔶 Offers the Latest SSD NVMe Storage Technology that ensures quick server loading speed, thereby offering the lowest Latency as well.

🔶 Be assured of Privacy and Data Security with BitNinjaServer Technology and 1 Weekly Snapshot, as a Greater server requires greater Security.

🔶 Enjoy a Free User-Friendly Control Panel (cPanel/ DirectAdmin) to easily manage the affairs of the server without the requirement of any technical know-how. 

🔶 Allows you to monitor all the information on your server, ensuring seamless hosting services.

🔶 Get 99.95% Guaranteed Uptime to ensure 24/7 data transmission between the remote desktop and the device without any technical glitches.

🔶 If you get entangled with a grave technical issue, you can get it sorted with 24/7 customer service via LiveChat, WhatsApp Support, Ticket Support, Email, and phone support as well.

🔶 Protects your server from malicious DDoS Attacks with the Latest Advanced DDoS Protection Mechanism.

Plans and Pricing 

The various plans of Netherlands RDP server hosting and prices offered by YouStable are as follows:

Price and Plans CPUStorage Price per month
Starter RDP (1 TB Bandwidth)2 Core Processor50GB SSD NVMe $15 per month
Premium RDP (1 TB Bandwidth)4 Core Processor100GB SSD NVMe $25 per month

4. Contabo – Easy to Use RDP Server in Netherlands

Desire to get Bare Metal RDP servers at an affordable price, 99.996% committed Uptime, 8+ Data Centers across the globe, the best Price-Performance ratio, and 24/7 Support services? 

Blindly Buy Contabo, a web hosting company that has bare metal RDP servers. Along with 100+ Web-related Apps, Contabo also offers an amazingly user-friendly cPanel for easy configuration of your server.



The features that users get in the RDP server hosting services offered by Contabo are as follows:

🔶 Get cPanel, Plesk, Docker & WebMin easy-to-handle RDP Server+ Best operating systems (Ubuntu, Windows, CentOS, FreeBSD, Debian) are also involved as well.

🔶 Full root access allows total control over the servers, including quick installations and configurations with your server hosting services. 

🔶 Get 99.996% highest Guaranteed Uptime, i.e. (20 minutes & 52 seconds Downtime for the entire year), ensuring quick accessibility of users’ servers.

🔶 In-house DDoS Protection to secure the data of the users’ servers from malicious online threats.

🔶 Servers are Fast and Responsive AMD EPYC 7282 16-Core Processors that make server hosting swift.

🔶 Get SSD or Gen 4 PCIe NVMe SSD to enhance the server loading speed, giving the users an incredible data transmission between the device experience. 

🔶 Add amazing Dedicated NVIDIA GeForce and Tesla GPUs to your RDP servers for high performance.

Plans and Pricing

The Netherlands RDP server hosting plans of Contabo and its related pricing are provided as follows:

Price and Plans CPUStorage Price per month
Window Remote Desktop (Window Server 2016)4 vCore CPU200GB SSD NVMe $12.79 per month

5. Liquidweb – Best For Netherlands Window RDP Server

Want to know what LiquidWeb has reserved for users seeking RDP server hosting services in the Netherlands?

Fully Managed Next-Gen RDP hosting services with a faster 10gbps network, Top-Notch Processor, and Memory + CPU optimized plans are what LiquidWeb has for you.


Moreover, LiquidWeb offers 24/7 consistent customer support services via LiveChat and ticket support to users who have Zero idea about Server configuration. 


Kindly look out for the features that LiquidWeb Provides to quench the greater requirements of your server:

🔶 LiquidWeb provides the most recent SSD NVMe Storage Technology, guaranteeing that your server load times are as short as possible.

🔶 Free daily backup for speedy server restoration Data allows you to obtain information when needed.

🔶 Highly Scalable, allowing you to upgrade and Downgrade your managed RDP resources as per the need of the server.

🔶 A user-friendly hosting environment is provided by the free c-Panel and one-click setup, making server management easy.

🔶 LiquidWeb offers 100% Guaranteed Power and Uptime assurance assuring near-zero downtime for your server.

🔶 Round-the-clock customer assistance through live chat and ticketing systems provides consumers with a very seamless hosting experience.

🔶 Standard DDoS Attack Protection to shield your Server from sudden malicious online threats.

🔶 Enjoy full Root Control over your servers with the Full Root Access feature offered by LiquidWeb.

Pricing and Plans

The various Windows RDP Hosting Plans and their related Features and pricing Policy are given as under:

Pricing PlansStorageCoreRAMPrice per month 
Essential10 GB SSD NVMe Storage2v Core CPU 2 GB RAM$20 Per month
Advanced60 GB SSD NVMe Storage4v Core CPU 4 GB RAM$30 Per Month

6. TMDHosting- Cheap RDP Server in Netherlands

Desire RDP servers backed by Fully N+1 Redundant Service & Fully Managed Windows server 2022 Services included with RockSolid Security, all just at $89.99 per month? 

If so, then Look at RDP server hosting services from TMD Hosting. TMDProtection secures servers from online malicious threats and the Global Content Caching offers seamless Data transmission speed.

Moreover, 24/7 Support services via live chat and ticketing and Easy to Control Plesk allows newbies to use RDP servers without any interruptions.

TMD Hosting About


Craving to know more features about TMD Hosting RDP server Hosting Services? Have a look at the following: 

🔶 Keep your servers secure with a Web Application Firewall(WAF), Advanced DDoS Protection, and Malware Protection as well.

🔶 The latest Ultra SSD NVMe Storage Technology provides you faster storage ensuring a rapid Transmission of data between your Remote server and local computer.

🔶 With TMD, you get a 30-day quick money-back guarantee on cancellation of the RDP server hosting services.

🔶 When it comes to Scalability, TMD is one of the best RDP server hosting providers, as one can Scale the Web Resources easily as per the needs of his Servers.

🔶 The User-friendly control panel Plesk for Windows also makes RDP server hosting easy for users who have no technical knowledge about configuring the Servers.

🔶 24/7 Customer services via Live Chat and Ticketing ensure quick issue resolutions, thereby providing an appealing RDP server hosting environment.

🔶 Get Full Administrative Access without limitations ensuring complete control of the RDP servers to the users to make some relevant changes as per the requirement.

Plans and Price

TMD Hosting offers the above RDP Server hosting features at the following Prices:

Plans StorageRAMPrice per month
Starter (1 Core)128 GB NVMe SSD Storage4 GB DDR4$89.99 per month
Original (2 Cores)256 GB NVMe SSD Storage 8 GB DDR4 $134.99 per month

7. A2Hosting – Best and Cheap Netherlands RDP Server

A2Hosting, with Servers providing 20x Faster turbo speed, offers high-performing RDP server hosting services in the Netherlands. 

Known for its TurboPlans, High Processor CPU, Latest SSD NVMe Storage Technology, and a lot more, A2 hosting provides Fully managed services for users having Zero knowledge about server management, providing them with easy-to-use cPanel.

A2 Hosting About

It also offers Unmanaged RDP services for those having idea about server management, giving them only a server configuration option.


Excited to know the in-depth features offered by A2hosting? We’ll be happy to invite you to read the key features one can get with it: 

🔶 Easy to use cPanel, Managed Server Security to Protect your Data, Managed Hardware and network for newbies having no idea about RDP.

🔶 Enjoy increased speed and uncompromised performance of your servers with 20x Faster TurboSpeed Technology.

🔶 Get the Latest SSD NVMe Storage Technology that provides a faster read/write speed for your Servers.

🔶 To help you keep your Servers secure from malicious online attacks, A2Hosting has in-built Advanced SSoS Protection Software.

🔶 Offer a zero Downtime, which in turn will improve the accessibility of your server at all times + Get JetPack security for your servers as well.

🔶 24/7 Customer services via LiveChat and Ticketing ensure quick issue resolutions, thereby providing an appealing server management environment.

Plans and Pricing 

A2Hosting offers the above incredible RDP features at the following Prices:

Plans StorageRAMPrice per month
Lift4 (2 Core)150 GB NVMe SSD Storage4 GB DDR4$35.99 per month
Lift 8 (6 Cores)250 GB NVMe SSD Storage 8 GB DDR4 $49.99 per month

8. Cloudzy – Powerful Netherlands RDP Server Solution

Cloudzy is a web hosting company that offers you reliable RDP VPS server hosting services at a very affordable rate. 

Cloudzy, powerful RDP located in 15+ global locations, provides the best remote desktop experience. 7-Day Money Back Guarantee offers newbies a Risk-free environment as well.

Moreover, it offers seamless 24/7 Customer Care services, strong security to protect the data of the user, and a reliable Uptime.



The specifics of RDP VPS services offered by Cloudzy are provided as under:

🔶 RDP servers are installed with Free DDoS Protection and FireWall Protection in order to protect the data transmission between RDP and local computers.

🔶 RDP VPS servers have the latest SSD NVMe storage technology + DDR4 RAM that ensures fast performance and swift data transfer.

🔶 99.95% of Guaranteed Uptime + a minimum 10 Gbps network connectivity minimizes latency ensuring 24/7 availability of the RDP servers.

🔶 Top-tier industry-leading Infrastructure is provided by Cloudzy for greater performance of the RDP servers.

🔶 Get Full Admin Access allowing complete control of the RDP servers to the users to make some necessary configuration as per the requirement.

🔶 Offers 24/7 Customer Support services via LiveChat and Ticket Submission (provided to Active users only) to settle technical issues.

🔶 Choose any Free and Pre Installed Windows OS of your own choice as per the need of the Remote services.

Plans and Pricing 

The various plans and pricing offered by Cloudzy are provided in a tabular format as under:

Plans StorageRAMPrice per month
Basic 50 GB SSD NVMe2 GB$9.95 per month
Advanced120 GB SSD NVMe4 GB$19.95 per month

How to Choose the Best RDP Server in the Netherlands 

Keep in Mind the following points when Choosing Netherlands RDP Servers that help you reap a number of benefits that are listed as under:

  • Choose the right RDP servers that have Data Centers in the Netherlands to provide RDP services to your clients living in or nearby the Netherlands to get High-Performance and Low Latency as well. 
  • Pick the RDP services that offer Full Data Privacy and 100% Compliance with Local Netherlands Regulations. 
  • Select the RDP server providers in the Netherlands that offer 24/7 Customer Service and Support. Along with that, Netherlands RDP servers might provide better assistance for English-medium queries.
  • Pick RDP servers that Access local web resources, including databases, applications, and other server-based resources, maybe quicker if the RDP servers are located in the Netherlands.
  • Get a Strong RDP Infrastructure that offers High Redundancy and a strong Network Infrastructure. Choosing Netherlands-based RDP servers might result in a more reliable and strong connection.

Top Recommendations for Netherlands RDP Server with Full Admin Access

The Top Picks for the Netherlands RDP servers that offer Full Administrative Access are given to the users as under:

Offers 30 Days Free Trial on the Netherlands RDP servers + Cloud FireWall and Cloud Balancer for smoother connection between the Remote desktop and the device.Along with a 14-day money-back guarantee, get DMCA ignored Offshore RDP with RockSolid Security, SSD NVMe Storage Technology, and a cPanel/DirectAdmin Control Panel for easy Server management. Get 99.996% Committed Uptime, Bare Metal RDP servers, user-friendly Plesk for easy Windows server configuration, and NVIDIA Ge Force for high Server Performance


What is the RDP limit?

Basic RDP services offer a minimum of 1 vCore CPU, 2 GB RAM, 20 GB SSD NVMe Storage, and an incredible RockSolid Security as well.

Is RDP hosting a free lifetime?

No, RDP service Providers like Kamatera, and QloudHost, offer 30-day Free RDP Trials and a 14-day money-back policy to offer a Risk-Free environment to the newbies.

Is the Netherlands RDP server suitable for gaming purposes?

Absolutely Yes, the Netherlands RDP services are suitable for Gaming as they offer Full remote server Access in order to let gamers play PC games at a Remote location from any device (Smartphones/ Tablets).

Do I need a license to use the Netherlands RDP servers?

Yes, RDP services involve a few Terms and Conditions that a user needs to adhere to when buying a Remote Desktop from the Service Providers. That’s why users need to get a License in order to buy the Netherlands RDP servers.


We genuinely hope that this post has provided you with all the necessary information to enable you to select the 100% Reliable Netherlands RDP Providers that offer full admin access. 

In addition, we covered the advantages of choosing the top Netherlands RDP service provider as well as the fundamental distinctions between Remote Desktop software and RDP Servers

Please leave insightful comments so we can learn about the tech-related subjects you would like us to write about in future articles.

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