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Web hosting is a complex task, but many websites and platforms are available that make your work and procedure straightforward by charging a fee. It so happens that they charge you unjustified amounts, but there are a few alternatives available that are pocket-friendly and can fit in your budget. These allow you to create a website and furnish you with numerous other features for added convenience and ease. 

Suppose you are looking for the best web hosting solutions at minimal costs that provide you with added benefits and advanced features. For a hosting web facility, numerous features are required to align with your desires, including bandwidth delivery and managed services that enhance your website’s performance and accessibility. 

We have curated an in-depth analytical review of Virpus and its packages and benefits that a customer should know about. So, let’s start with this Virpus Review!

Overview of Virpus 

Virpus.com started its working in 2006, being one of the leading hosting providers in XEN VPS Hosting and Bare Metal Cloud Servers. It specializes in providing services and solutions within a cost-effective budget. 

Overview of Virpus 

Its services comprise SSD Cache VPS, Pure SSD VPS, Bare Metal Cloud Servers, Backup Storage facilities, and more. Affiliate and reselling programs make your work efficient and more straightforward. 

It was taken over by Wow Technologies, a cloud service provider since its owner Kenneth decided to stop his work in the web hosting industry.

Virpus Data Center Location

Virpus has one single data center in..

  • Seattle
  • Washington
  • USA

These ensure managed-to-host solutions, virtualization, unlimited and best bandwidth delivery with fully dedicated servers, and more, making your working efficient and smooth.  

Key Features of Virpus 

Key Features of Virpus

Low Prices

Virpus cares for its customers and offers outstanding benefits that allow proper functioning and uninterrupted work at minimal costs. The package pricing will enable you to purchase its products at $20 and perfectly fit your budget. 

Added Benefits and Services

It offers you unlimited disk space and bandwidth with a free setup, Cheap VPS Hosting, Bare Metal Cloud servers, and backup facilities with added benefits. It takes care of SSD cache VPS Pure SSD VPS and a diverse add-on library with server management, reselling and officiate programs, DDoS mitigation, and app development. 

24/7 Customer Support

Speaking of Customer Support, the experience has been pretty average, according to multiple customer reviews. Although they claim to provide live chat support 24/7, it does take time for any issue to get resolved. The same thing goes for raising tickets with the team for any query that might take even longer to get solved.

Types of Hosting Plans Does Virpus Offer 

Choosing the best plan for your website is essential for creating a website since it allows numerous benefits and features to enhance your experience. Virpus offers four different plans at the most affordable prices

Types of Hosting Plans
  • Joomla 3: This plan allows you to launch a mobile website that is user-friendly and comes with uncountable designs and features, including DDoS protection, cPanel control panel, SSD storage, and a lot more at $20 and is powered by Joomla 3. 
  • WordPress: This plan allows you to power your blog with WordPress, the most well-known blogging software with hundreds of thousands of plugins. It costs a mere $20, making your experience the best and top-class.
  • Php88: This plan allows you to create a discussion forum that, in turn, leads you to create your community and assemble a mass audience. It costs $20 to start this plan. 
  • Custom Website:  If you require creating your custom website, this is the best plan. This package allows you to construct a website from scratch for $20 and offers unlimited added benefits. 


How much does Virpus cost?

It is essential to purchasing the right package according to your needs. Otherwise, it might hamper the efficiency and precision of your website. You should choose a plan that keeps you and your website secure and takes care of all the requirements. 

Virpus offers a flexible and wide range of plans in accordance with all your requirements and hosting facilities at minimal costs of $20 to $30, making it one of the best and leading alternatives in the industry today. 

What kind of Plans does Virpus offer?

It allows numerous plans for all your requirements and convenience with backup services and hosting facilities. It offers backup storage and service options, DDoS mitigation plans, reseller, and affiliate plans, website hosting, app development, and server management.  

When discussing web hosting, it offers four different packages. You can create your custom website with added benefits and advanced features, creating discussion forums via php88, blogging websites via WordPress or mobile, and Android-friendly websites via Joomla 3. All of these start with a minimal cost of $20. 


So, did you understand everything about Virpus Hosting? When looking for web hosting, you should search for a plan and a platform that aligns with your requirements. And this is exactly what we saw in this review.

Virpus is a perfect example of such conditions. It is budget-friendly for all its web hosting services, and anyone who is a beginner can choose to select from among any of these plans. However, as discussed in the review, you can have issues with customer support that might be a considerable factor if anything goes wrong.

Mamta is a writer, blogger and hosting geek. She loves to explore and test the many hosting companies that are in the industry. When she’s not testing web hosts, she is found researching new companies or exploring new marketing trends while working on developing new skills.

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