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Serverspace Review

Serverspace Review : Not all hosting service providers can understand your needs. You know yourself and your needs best, and creating a plan that satisfies your hosting requirements would be best. 

But can you make a plan for your specific needs? With Serverspace, you can. 

With Serverspace, you can choose from plenty of services this hosting platform offers. Also, you have the facility to build a plan precisely according to your needs. The network is widespread; therefore, the expectations are high. 

Now let us look into this Serverspace review and check if it meets our expectations. 

About Serverspace

Founded in 2008, which provides Serverspace with over a decade of experience, this hosting platform is now an international cloud provider with over 120K happy customers. This hosting platform has multiple data center locations which form strong connections worldwide. 

About Serverspace

With Serverspace, you get various services to choose from, such as web hosting, application hosting, servers, clouds, SSL certificate , etc. Also, a benefit that comes with this hosting platform is its scalability and flexibility. 

Test and Analysis

It is now time to test out the services of this hosting platform in this Serverspace Review.

User Interface & Ease of Use

The user interface is something you have to work with, and therefore you must have a thorough knowledge of how it operates. The easier the user interface, the better.

That is why Serverspace offers a beginner-friendly user interface with the simplest method of doing things. 

Serverspace Customer Support 

Now let us talk about customer support. You might not consider this while buying, but it is pretty crucial.

Serverspace Customer Support 

With Serverspace, you get the facility of 24/7 customer support through live chat, which might take up to about 41 minutes, emails, and phone calls. 

Security Analysis 

You must know what important security is when going online. Now with Serverspace, you can stay relaxed about your data’s safety. Therefore Serverspace makes the best effort to keep your data safe through SSL, monitoring, etc. 

Serverspace Data Centre 

The data centers of Serverspace are located in:

Serverspace Data Centre 
  • Amsterdam
  • New Jersey
  • Moscow
  • Almaty

Key Features Of Serverspace Hosting

Let us now list out the key features of this platform in this Serverspace Review. 

Add-In Members

Owning a server from Serverspace means that you have complete privacy and security. But what if you want to segregate your work as it has become a significant burden on you.

Serverspace lets you add your team members to your servers to work better and faster in such a situation. 


As we mentioned earlier, with Serverspace, you get the facility to build your plans as per your needs. Here, you can select every feature and customize your plan accordingly.

That is precisely what this hosting platform offers.


The closer your server or data center is to your customers, the better experience they will get on your website, and the more will you be favoured. Therefore with Serverspace, you get the facility to choose the data center you want and not settle for a standard one. 

Serverspace Refund Policy  

Serverspace states, “A refund will only be given if there are no active Services.” This means that there is no standard refund policy for all plans.

The refund policy here follows a long process and conditions. 

Serverspace Hosting Pros & Cons 

Let us now list out the pros and cons of Serverspace hosting in this Serverspace Review.       


  • Scalability
  • Multiple data centers 
  • 10-minute billing
  • 99.9% SLA
  • Intel Xeon processors
  • Public IPv4 networks
  • No workload limits


  • Not so quick customer support

FAQs: Serverspace Review

Why choose Serverspace Hosting?

You could choose Serverspace as your hosting service provider as this hosting platform offers an excellent scalability feature, where you can create a plan precisely for your needs. 

What kind of support options does Serverspace offer?

This hosting platform offers customer support through three channels. You could contact the customer support team through live chat, emails, and calls. However, live chat might take up some time to respond. 

What types of web hosting are offered by Serverspace? 

This hosting platform offers services such as web hosting, application hosting, servers, clouds, SSL, etc.

Conclusion – Serverspace Review

Now let us look back at this Serverspace Review and look for the critical points that could create a difference. This hosting platform does not offer a standard refund policy with conditions. Also, a little work is required towards customer support. 

However, there are plenty of good points as well. This hosting platform offers scalability, which is one of the best features of this hosting platform. Also, the multiple data center locations make your work even faster.

Mamta is a writer, blogger and hosting geek. She loves to explore and test the many hosting companies that are in the industry. When she’s not testing web hosts, she is found researching new companies or exploring new marketing trends while working on developing new skills.

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