Arvixe Review: Web Hosting Reviewed on Customers Comparison

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Arvixe Review:  Web Hosting Company started in 2003, which has now become one of the most successful hosting service providers for many of the website owners. And the most valuable thing that Arvixe Company gave to their customers is the unlimited and Freebies on every plan you pick. Thereby you will get such a great opportunity to hold on these awesome deals only at just $7.70 for Linux hosting plan whereas only $8.80 for the Windows hosting plans.

When we talk about the Freebies, the Arvixe Company is giving you free Domains for the life of the hosting services which is rarely offered by any other Web Hosting Company. And also, for the great stuff, you will get massive Unlimited Disk Space, Email account and Data Transfers. All these necessary features you will get on a single hosting plan by which it is sure that you and your website is going to be a very highly professional way.

Arvixe Overview

Arvixe Company has also awarded for its best service that is also brought great popularity to the customers. And most importantly, the company is awarded for its high Uptime that is critical for any customers to know that it is very trusted worthy with regards to their Uptime of the service.

Apart from Web Hosting service, you are made available with the other hosting services like VPS and Dedicated Hosting service. So you are getting many options for you to select whichever you desired to do.

arvixe hosting reeview

Arvixe Review Web Hosting Service

Now we are proceeding to know more about the hosting service provided by this company and also the essential features of their plans. Normally, the Arvixe is very efficient to run on both the Operating system that may be Linux or Windows. But the real thing is that in both the servers you will get the same sort of plans and its features too; only the pricing may differ.

Hosting plans for Linux

Arvixe Review: Web Hosting Reviewed on Customers Comparison
Arvixe Personal Class ASP Plan

If you desired to buy the hosting plans for the Linux server, you would get starting from $7.70/month that is the best part of this web hosting company.

Personal Class ASP

Features– In this plan, you will get Free Domain for a lifetime and unlimited on Disk Space & Monthly Data Transfer and 6 Website (Subdomains).

Price- And you can buy this plan for just $7.70/month.

Personal Class ASP Pro

Features– In this plan, you will get Free Domain for a lifetime and unlimited on Disk Space & Monthly Data Transfer, Website (Subdomains).

Price- And you can buy this plan for just $11.00/month.

Hosting plans for Windows

Arvixe Review: Web Hosting Reviewed on Customers Comparison
Arvixe Hosting plan for Windows

If you are using the windows server here are the lists of the hosting plans along with the features. All the

Personal Class ASP

This plan starts with the free domain for a lifetime with features including Unlimited in Disk Space & Monthly Data Transfer, having 6 Website (Subdomains) & Dedicated Apps. And all these features you can buy at Just $8.80/month

Personal Class ASP Pro

This plan has something more than the basic plan with of course Free Domain for a lifetime and Everything is unlimited on Disk Space & Monthly Data Transfer, Website (Subdomains) & Dedicated Apps. And all these features you are buying at just $12.10/month.

Arvixe Additional features

When you pick any of the plans and from whichever the server may be (Linux or Windows) you will get all the features discussed below-

45 Day Money Back Guarantee

There is no paperwork or another difficult process for cancellation. Along with the 60 days of Money Back Guaranteed, so if you are unhappy with the service you can cancel the service.

99.9% Uptime

The company claimed for the 999% uptime guarantees and also if you face any problem immediate action will be taken to solve it.

24×7 Support

It is obvious that you will need external help from the company while running the service, so if you need help, there are live chat facilities, and also you can connect them to call an in their toll-free numbers.

Free Website Transfer

Having a problem with your current web hosting service? Here is the company is providing free transfers to the Arvixe service. Just connect with the technical support representatives to give your website and it will be done immediately with zero cost.

Automatic Setup

Your Web hosting account will be set up automatically which makes for you too easy to manage and run the service with Arvixe Company.

Arvixe Pros and Cons

Arvixe doesn’t have the goods, the fees or the presentation to justify signing up, and the broken website and obvious lack of upkeep are clear indicators that you should stay away.


  • 45-day money-back assurance
  • Lots of website building tools
  • Limitless monthly data transfers
  • Limitless domains and email addresses
  • Both Linux-based and windows-based servers
  • Wide range of hosting plans
  • 100% uptime during testing
  • Reasonably priced managed VPS


  • Poor uptime
  • Long customer service holds times
  • No introductory discounts
  • Feeble support website
  • Hugely expensive ‘priority’ support
  • Broken website links and inactive social media

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Arvixe stands up well when associated with most other web hosting companies. The sheer range of hosting types put them in a major position and allows for cool upgrades as businesses rise. The support provision for Arvixe appears to be actual positive and the team is keen to discuss different hosting choices with customers.

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