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Melbicom Review

Are you done keeping up with the sluggish speed and customer service provided by your current hosting service provider? Do you wish to change it but do not have a big budget but significant needs? Do not worry; this hosting will help you with both. 

Here, the hosting service we are talking about is Melbicom. This platform offers numerous hosting plans, servers such as dedicated servers, clouds, etc. These products display a fast speed and satisfy most of your hosting needs. 

Overview of Melbicom

Founded in 2015, Melbicom has built its infrastructure and provided its services globally. This web hosting platform is built to handle heavy loads, making it suitable for businesses with significant traffic or aiming to grow on a large scale. 

Overview of Melbicom

This hosting platform, Melbicom, has 14 global data centers, which ensure the best speed for your websites, and you also get the facility of colocation. The numerous services provided by this platform include hosting, servers, clouds, domain-related services, security, etc. 

Melbicom Data Center Location

The 14 data centers of Melbicom are located in:

Melbicom Data Center Location
  • Amsterdam
  • Frankfurt
  • Madrid
  • Palermo
  • Sofia
  • Warsaw
  • Vilnius
  • Riga
  • St. Petersburg
  • Singapore
  • Moscow, etc.

Customer Support Analysis

What if your hosting service provider is like a genie who is always ready to help you out. Not just three times but as many times as you want without making you wait a second? Well, you can expect the same service from Melbicom.

Customer Support Analysis

This hosting platform offers impeccable customer service that does not delay a minute to provide solutions to your queries or issues. 

Melbicom Key Features 

Let us now list the key features of this platform in this Melbicom review.


When it comes to the security provided by your hosting service provider, we often consider antivirus, monitoring, DDoS protection, etc., no doubt these are necessary. But what if someone interferes at the hardware level?

This will never happen with Melbicom as, along with the security features we mentioned above, this hosting platform ensures the safety of its hardware through CCTVs. 

Content Delivery Network

To speed up your websites, you must ensure that your hosting service provider offers you plenty of CDNs. Cloudflare CDNs are one of the best, and if your hosting service provider owns its CDNs, it would be even better.

With Melbicom, you benefit from in-house CDNs, about 30 in numbers spread across the globe. 

DDoS Protection

You must have heard of the damage caused by DDoS attacks. How much moss did it cause? We are sure it wasn’t small. So why take such risks? 

With Melbicom, you will not be taking this risk as it includes DDoS protection in its services. 


If most of your customers are in Moscow, would it help with faster and smoother service if you chose a data center in Amsterdam? 

No. Melbicom helps you choose the data center location as per your needs. It will allow you to select the data center nearest to most of your customers. In this case, it would be Moscow

Types of Hosting Plans Does Melbicom Offer 

Hosting plans offered by Melbicom include:

Melbicom provides scalability with all of its plans. Therefore, you get to build your plan, and you pay as per the services you choose. The prices vary and range from 10s to 1000 dollars a month. 

Melbicom Pros & Cons 

So what are the pros and cons of Melbicom?


  • 13 global data centers
  • Own CDN
  • Strict security system


  • Cheaper options available

Do We Recommend Melbicom For Your Website?

Yes, we recommend Melbicom as a hosting service provider for your websites. It would be best to choose this hosting platform if you have a large-scale business and have a lot of traffic. This hosting platform is built to handle heavy loads and help you manage many requests. 


What type of hosting is offered by Melbicom?

Melbicom provides hosting that is most suitable for large-scale business websites. Some of its services are dedicated servers, clouds, managed services, domain name services, and more. 

Does Melbicom provide trustworthy hosting?

Yes, Melbicom is one of the most trusted hosting companies worldwide. This hosting platform is built for large businesses, and therefore it is used by many famous companies for their websites. 

Does Melbicom offer a Dedicated Server?

Yes, Melbicom offers dedicated servers. You can build your dedicated server as per your needs or buy a standard plan. We recommend making your plan as you know what you need and will also be charged accordingly. 


As we saw in this Melbicom review, this hosting platform is pretty impressive with its plans and services. It has over 10 data centers, numerous self-owned CDNs, and scalable plans, making it one of the best.

This hosting service provider is primarily suitable for large-scale businesses. Although you have the facility to build your plan, we would recommend using it if you have significant traffic or if you plan to have it.

Mamta is a writer, blogger and hosting geek. She loves to explore and test the many hosting companies that are in the industry. When she’s not testing web hosts, she is found researching new companies or exploring new marketing trends while working on developing new skills.

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