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5 Best Free Database Hosting Providers in 2024 – [Reviewed]

No matter! Whether you are running a blogging or a business website( especially eCommerce), you will need a powerful and fast database server to sync with your website and constantly manage your customer’s or product’s databases. 

Hence, we analysed many companies in the market and come up with the best free database hosting providers which you can choose to sync with your website to get optimum performance and blazing fast speed. 

What is Database Hosting?

Even though many web hosting services come with pre-configured database storage, big companies or high-traffic website owners usually prefer separate servers to store their database. 

It is primarily used to increase your website’s loading speed and performance. Hence those hosting service providers which offer you database hosting as an independent service are called database hosting service providers

 Free Database Hosting

Short on time? These are the Free Database Hosting Provide in May, 2024:

✅ GoogieHost:  One of the leading free database hosting service providers that comes with many amazing features such as Hotlink Protection, Multi-layered data security and much more. 

✅ Kamatera:  If you are running a business or a High-traffic blogging website then Kamatera will a perfect pick for your all thanks to its enterprise-level hardwares and robust features.

✅ DigitalOcean: DigitalOcean provides you premium droplets of their servers at very affordable, making it a perfect option for entrepreneurs or tech enthusiasts. 

5 Best Free Database Hosting Provide in 2024

To provide you with an adequate database hosting service, we analysed numerous companies and listed some of the Best Free Database Hosting service providers below. 

1. GoogieHost- Overall Best “Free Web Hosting” Provider  

GoogieHost is one of the leading Free web hosting service providers, offering its services to the market since 2012 at completely free of cost! 

As we mentioned, GoogieHost primarily focuses on providing free web hosting services to make hosting services accessible to everyone, and the establishment it has served more than 2 million customers all across the globe.  

Googiehost About


Let’s discuss some of its major pros and cons to determine the quality of its services and whether it will suit to your website or not. 

🔶 Latest NVMe SSD storage: GoogieHost uses the latest and most powerful hardware technologies in the market to provide you optimum performance with their services.

🔶 Hotlink protection: Hotlink protection is used to safeguard your website’s data, such as images, videos etc., from being copied.

🔶 Multi-layer server protection:  It is a Technique to use several distinct components which all serve different protection, making your website much more safer on the internet.  

🔶 PHP support: One of the most interesting aspects of GoogieHost is that it supports all the versions of PHP so that you can easily connect your website with your database.

Pros and cons 

Here in this section, we will cover some of its major pros and cons to understand its quality and reliability. 


  • Latest NVMe SSD storage 
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • High-performance   
  • Fast ticket response 


  • No live support 
  • No call or chat support 

2. Kamatera- World-Class Free Managed DataBase Hosting 

Established in 1995, Kamatera is especially popular for providing best-in-class cloud hosting services.

Nevertheless, it offers multiple hosting solutions such as managed database hosting, VPS servers and many more exciting services at a quite impressive price. 

You can choose Kamatera if you are running an online business or a high-traffic blogging website because their servers are primarily focused on the enterprise-level websites. 

Kamatera About


Here in this section, we have covered some of their key features, which we found really quite robust while researching about its service’s quality and reliability

🔶 Instant setup:  Just click on their plans! And your servers will be ready to use right after you finish the purchase without any technical errors. 

🔶 Latest storage hardwares: Kamatera uses the latest SSD storage to provide your optimum performance and lightening fast loading speed. 

🔶 Smart backup and monitoring system: Kamatera has built smart features or systems that constantly monitor your website database and automatically notify you for updates. n case you want to use Kamatera’s VPS hosting and require data protection for virtual machine servers running on platforms like VMware and Hyper-V, you can easily integrate third-party backup solutions like NAKIVO Backup & Replication for VMware or Hyper-V to safeguard your virtualized environments and ensure data integrity and business continuity.

🔶 Unbeatable pricing: One of the most interesting parts about Kamater’s service is that you get quality services at a very affordable price

Pros and Cons

Let’s discuss some of its major pros and cons to understand whether its services will suit to your website or not. 


  • 99.95% uptime guaranteed 
  • Lightening fast performance
  • No hardware maintenance cost 
  • No hidden charges


  • No shared servers provided  
  • Enterprise-based solutions. 

3. Digitalocean – Affordable and Powerful Database Hosting

DigitalOcean is the most popular cloud hosting service provider among tech enthusiasts.

However, it provides many more amazing services, such as managed database solutions, cloud firewalls and much more

No matter! Whether you want to upgrade your server’s specification or shift to your different solutions DigitalOcean allows your full flexibility, all thanks to its resilient servers. 

DigitalOcean About


We have covered its key features that make it one of the best free database hosting service provider in the market

🔶 Free automatic data backup: DigitalOcean provides you smart backup feature that create your database’s automatic backups so that you can restore your data in case any misfortune happens.

 🔶 End-to-End security: To protect your data against unauthorised access, DigitalOcean uses end-to-end encryption that encrypts your data in alpha-numeric form, making it much more secure.

🔶 Easy scalability: DigitalOcean allows you to easily upgrade your resources or shift to premium plans if you want more powerful performance

🔶 Automatic updates: The best part about DigitalOcean services is that it has built smart systems that constantly monitor your website and automatically update its resources with your active involvement.

Pros and cons 

Here are some its major pros and cons mentioned below so that you can analyse its quality and reliability. 


  • Free data backups
  • Easy-to-use dashboard 
  • Multiple database management languages 
  • 99.99% uptime guaranteed


  • No call support is available 
  • Not beginner friendly

4. Cloudways – Reliable & Scalable Managed Database Hosting

Established in 2012, Cloudways has simplified the cloud solution making it accessible to all.

It provides your pre-configured servers such as Amazon AWS, Linode, DigitalOcean and much more. 

So if you are facing problems to avail database solutions, then you can use Cloudways to avail of their best-in-class pre-configured servers

cloudways about


Here in this section, we will discuss some of its key features to understand its service quality and reliability. 

🔶 Simplified solution: If you have ever tried to purchase cloud solutions, then you must have realised how difficult it is to configure the server. But Cloudways provides you with everything pre-setup in a bundle, making it a much easier option to choose. 

🔶 CronJob manager: Cronjob is a Linux command that schedules tasks to be automatically executed at a particular time. 

🔶 3X faster SSD storage: It uses the latest SSD drives to provide you with optimum performance and blazing fast speed

🔶 PHP-ready servers: if you are aware of PHP, then you might be aware of its importance — It is used to connect your website with your database. Cloudway’s servers support all the versions of PHP, making it easier to set up everything. 

Pros and cons 

Let’s discuss some of its major pros and cons to get an exact idea of whether its services will suit to your website or not. 


  • Multiple server options 
  • Perfectly compatible with WordPress 
  • Easy-to-use dashboard 
  • Easily scalable 


  • No live chat
  • Only Paid customer support 

5. Vultr- Secure, Highly Available, and Easily Scalable

Established in 2014, Vultr provides 100% NVMe SSD storage based web hosting solution so that you can experience optimum performance with your website. 

One of the most exciting aspects of Vultr is that secure, easily scable and fully managed database solution which you can avail in just a few clicks. 

Vultr About


Here are some of its key features that will help you to get an exact idea of whether it services will suitable for your website or not. 

🔶 Fully managed solutions: Vultr provides fully managed solutions so that you don’t need to put extra effort into managing the servers.

🔶 Maximum uptime guarantee: Uptime tells you about the availability of your website on the internet, and even with 1% of downtime, you can lose hundreds of customers. That’s why Vultr provides you with a 99.99% uptime guarantee. 

🔶 Instant set up: Just configure your server, finish the payment and your servers will be ready to use in just a matter of seconds. 

🔶 Built-in Backup: One more interesting feature of Vultr is that you don’t need to pay for extra backup features, its services come onsite backup option. 

Pros and cons

Let’s go through some of their major pros and cons to get and exact idea of whether its services will suit to your website or not. 


  • Top-notch security 
  • Easy to scale 
  • Smart upgrade features 
  • Instant setup 


  • No live support available 
  • No chat options. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of using a Free Database Hosting 

Database hosting services are amazing options to choose, but not everything about it can be only good, right?

Hence here in this section we have attached a table to provide you complete information of it advantages and disadvantages. 


  • Improves your websites loading speed 
  • Reduces data redundancy 
  • Improved data security 
  • Easier data integration 
  • Improved data access 


  • Systems can be complex to manage 
  • Extra cost 
  • Extra man power required to manage everything 

FAQs – Best Free Database Hosting

Where can I host a database for free?


Almost all the service providers offer you a free trial of their services, but if you are looking for a completely free-of-cost service, then you can go GoogieHost and avail of their services at cost! 

Can I host MySQL databases for free?

No, a separate database server is quite an expensive service, but you can definitely get a free trial from any of the above-mentioned service providers. 

Is MongoDB free to use?

No, MongoDB is not a free database to use but it comes with very affordable plans plus you can also avail its free trial with no hidden charges. 

Final Words – Best Free Database Hosting

Database hosting service is an amazing option to make your database much safer, faster and more secure. But what makes it more interesting is that the database server can boost your website loading speed much faster than before

Hence, if you sync it with your website, you can experience optimum performance and blazing fast loading speed. 

We will recommend you to go either GoogieHost or Kamatera because they both are one of the best free database hosting service providers, all thanks to their reliable features such full malware protection, maximum uptime and much more. 


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    5 Best Free Database Hosting Providers in 2024 – [Reviewed]

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