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Cloudzy Review

When it comes to Virtual private servers, one name that always comes first in mind is Cloudzy. It is one of the most popular service providers that offer both Linux and Windows VPS services with the same quality and reliability.

We landed on its website when we were looking for a VPS service provider that offers both Operating systems with robust servers and premium support to launch our online business.

So we decided to give it a try and explain to you our experience with its services here in this Cloudzy review — where we have discussed all its features, customer support, pros and cons to provide you with a complete picture of it. 

So without any further delay, let’s get started. 

About Cloudzy

Whether you want VPS or RDP servers, Cloudzy has bundled everything for you so that you don’t need to roam on multiple service providers to get your exact desired services. 

🏆Global Performance GradeA
⏱️Uptime GuaranteeYes
🔒Free SSLNo
🔧Hosting TypesCloud, VPS,RDP
💡Basic Plan Features1vCPU, 1GB RAM, 12GB Nvme SSD
💲Starting Price$4.95/month

Established in 2008, Cloudzy (formerly known as Routerhosting)  has grown at a pretty impressive rate — we can infer that the reason might be their consistent quality services, without which it is probably not possible to grow at such a remarkable rate. 

About Cloudzy Review

Its services include Linux, Windows, Forex VPS, RDP servers and much more — but here in this Cloudzy review, we will only talk about their Linux and Windows VPS servers.

Our focus will be to determine its performance and reliability based on some tests and analysis. 

Test and Analysis 

As we told you above, we have conducted some tests and analyses to determine the performance of their server. Here in this section, we will explain to you the results we found while analysing its service’s performance. 

Let’s start with its user interface. 

User Interface & Ease of Use

When we landed on their website, the first thing that grabbed our attention was their website interface or the frontend part. We were impressed because everything was clean and well labelled, making navigation to the desired services section easy and smooth. 

So in terms of the user interface, we can say that Cloudzy has built an exquisite and well-labelled website, ensuring that everything is easily understandable to both beginners and experienced customers. 

Cloudzy Customer Support 

Next, we looked at its customer support, which we expected to be not very excellent as it usually is in unmanaged services. But we were astonished when we found that Cloudzy provides 24*7 customer support via the below-mentioned modes: 

They have also created an extensive knowledge base where they have provided precise solutions to every possible problem that can occur while you are using the services. 

Security Analysis  

For security, we deeply analysed the features that they have included in their services, and we found the mentioned features that are responsible for strengthening the security of your website or application. 

  • DDoS Protection 
  • Firewall protection 
  • Upgraded and full protected hardware’s. 

It also provides a manual data backup option to safeguard your data from any kind of data loss or other misfortune. 

Key Features of Cloudzy

Cloudzy claims to be one of the best VPS hosting service providers based on their services’ key features.

Hence we analysed its services carefully and found some key features which were really unique, so we mentioned them below for your convenience.

  • Latest and fast NVMe SSD storage: Cloudzy runs its server fully equipped with the latest storage hardware technology to provide smooth performance.
  • Multiple Data centres: To provide you with numerous and best-in-class server options, Cloudzy has chosen the best data centre location that is widely distributed globally. 
  • Guaranteed uptime: Uptime is very essential to ensure your website’s availability on the internet. With their VPS servers, Cloudzy provides a 99.95% uptime guarantee. 
  • Full root access: With full root access, you get complete control over your server, making it to customise and upgrade the servers as per your needs easily. You can also change the security settings to strengthen your server’s security. 
  • KVM-Based Servers: KVM is specifically designed to turn Linux into a Hypervisor (software that is required to run a virtual machine ) to efficiently utilise the hardware resources such as RAM, storage and much more. 

Cloudzy Data Center Locations

Cloudzy has chosen a total of 15 Data Center locations at the best place possible to provide you with robust and best-in-class servers with onsite expert technical staff making them easier to manage. 

Here are all of their data centre locations mentioned below. 

Cloudzy Data Center Locations
  • Seattle (United States of America )
  • San Francisco (United States of America )
  • Los Angeles (United States of America )
  • Chicago (United States of America )
  • Pittsburgh (United States of America )
  • Buffalo (United States of America )
  • New York (United States of America )
  • Washington DC (United States of America )
  • Miami (United States of America )
  • Dallas (United States of America )
  • Pheonsx (United States of America )
  • Los Angeles (United States of America )
  • London (UK )
  • Singapore
  • Amsterdam (Netherland)
  • Frankfurt (Germany)

Types of Web Hosting Does Cloudzy offer

Cloudzy offers multiple hosting services, but they are especially popular for their VPS services that you can avail of any time for various purposes like Gaming, business, e-commerce and much more.

Below is the list of all the services they offer. 

Types of Web Hosting Does Cloudzy offer

Cloudzy Pros & Cons 

Here in this section of our Cloudzy review, we will discuss the pros and cons to understand the complete picture of its services. 


  • 99.95% Uptime guaranteed 
  • Excellent customer support 
  • Lastest and fast hardware-equipped servers
  • 7 Day money-back guarantee 
  • Easily upgradable plans. 


  • Slightly tough for the beginners ( Unmanaged services )
  • No control panel is included, you will buy it separately. 

FAQ’s – Cloudzy Review

Is Cloudzy accept Bitcoin Payments?


Cloudzy accepts multiple payment methods that include Credit cards, debit card, PayPal, Bitcoin and much more payment options. 

Does Cloudzy offer Money Back Guarantee?

Yes, Cloudzy offers a money-back guarantee, which means you can cancel their services and get a refund anytime within 7 days of your purchase. 

Does Cloudzy offer a Residential IP address in VPS Hosting?

No, Cloudzy does not provide you with residential IP addresses with their VPS servers, but if you want a residential IP, you can contact them and figure out the possible solutions. 

 Conclusion – Cloudzy Review

After precisely testing and analysing its services on many different scales, we found that Cloudzy takes customer satisfaction at the top of its priority by providing amazing services.

But if you still do not get a satisfactory experience or face any kind of server-related issue, then you can cancel their services anytime within 30-Days and get a full refund, and no questions will be asked. 

We hope this Cloudzy review has helped you to decide on its services. If you have any queries or doubts, you can comment below — we will try to respond as soon as possible.

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2 User Reviews on

Cloudzy Review

  1. BAD!!!

    I had a terrible experience with Cloudzy. Not only was I unable to use their service, but they also charged me for it. I feel like my money was stolen and I urge others not to use their service. They have extremely poor customer service and their platform is unreliable.

  2. The best choice I have made

    I had a great experience with Cloudzy for the Forex VPS plan that I got last year. Their service has been reliable and I haven’t experienced any issues so far. For my other websites, I use both DedicatedCore and Cloudzy. I am extremely satisfied with their services and backend processes. Both providers offer a variety of operating systems to choose with MetaTrader4/5. Overall, I highly recommend both of the hosting providers for their excellent services and features.


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