7 Best VPS Hosting Denmark 🇩🇰 – In-Depth Tests (Jul, 2024)

Are you a Danish web developer wanting to create a controlled, private testing environment for your applications, software, and websites? 

Perhaps you’re seeking to meet the rising expectations of your high-traffic website, which attracts visitors from Denmark. If so, you’ll require the best VPS hosting Denmark.

Choosing VPS hosting in Denmark will provide your website with the lowest possible latency, the greatest regional redundancy, and all of the other SEO benefits.

In this article, we’ve jotted down a list of the top 7 best VPS hostings solutions in Denmark, emphasizing their key features, plans, and pricing schemes to help you make the right decision for your needs.

So, without further delays, Let’s dive into it immediately! 👍

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7 Best VPS Hosting Denmark Jul, 2024

Exclusively for our fellow readers wanting Denmark VPS hosting solutions, We’ve listed the top 7 best VPS hosting options in Denmark for 2024.

These providers have data centres right in Denmark, which means they can handle a heavy influx of traffic on your Denmark-based website with ease. Plus, they offer quick web page loading times to ensure the lowest latency possible.

⏰  TL;DR:

1. QloudHost Overall Best VPS Hosting in Denmark
2. UltaHost Best Performing Denmark VPS Servers
3. A2Hosting Best Managed VPS Hosting in Denmark
4. ScalaHosting Best VPS Hosting Services in Denmark
5. Liquidweb Best Premium Managed VPS Hosting Denmark
6. Contabo Best High-Speed VPS Hosting in Denmark
7. Ahost.eu Affordable VPS Hosting in Denmark

1. QloudHost – Overall Best VPS Hosting in Denmark

Known for its offshore VPS hosting services, QloudHost offers the fastest SSD servers and the highest uptime ensuring that your visitors from Denmark can easily access the content of your websites.

Moreover, QloudHost offers an unconditional 14-day money-back guarantee for users having doubts about its quality services. 

As far as incredible security is concerned, QloudHost’s Denmark VPS hosting servers offer BitNinja, Imunify360 and advanced DDoS protection with multiple OS options as well for users.

QloudHost Hosting

Key Features

Below are a few back-to-back VPS Hosting services that QloudHost offers to its users: 

🔶 1 Dedicated IP
🔶 1 Snapshot per week
🔶 Free Website Migration
🔶 Full Admin Access
🔶 99.90% Guaranteed Uptime
🔶 Multiple OS (Windows/ Ubuntu/ AlmaLimux/ RockyLinux)

Plans & Pricing

Want to know the QloudHost VPS Denmark plans? See the screenshot where you can find the details of the VPS servers:

Pricing PlansBandwidth CoreRAMPricing Plans
VPS ENTRY1 TB2 CPU4 GB$18.99 Per Month
VPS VALUE1.75 TB4 CPU8 GB$46.99 Per Month
VPS BUSINESS2 TB6 CPU12 GB$55.99 Per Month
VPS ENTERPRISE2.5 TB8 CPU16 GB$79.99 Per Month

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2. UltaHost – Best Performing Denmark VPS Servers

Users looking for turbo-fast VPS server speed, unlimited data transfer and built-in security updates, can go with UltaHost which happens to be one of the best VPS hostings companies with data centres in Denmark.

UltaHost even offers a dedicated Management Team that helps you manage servers letting you focus on the growth of the website.

Along with that, UltaHost is also known for its round-the-clock support services via LiveChat and Ticket Support as it offers extraordinary assistance at times of server failures or configuration.

ultahost ABout

Key Features

As far as features are concerned, UltaHost offers the following Denmark VPS services. Go through the points below:

🔶 Free Backups
🔶 24/7 Support Services
🔶 Dedicated Firewall and Auto-healing
🔶 Free Domain Transfer
🔶 Round-the-clock server monitoring
🔶 Free SSL certificate for all the domains

Plans & Pricing

Below are UltaHost’s VPS server monthly plans that can help you choose the right plan as per your requirements.

Pricing PlansBandwidth CoreRAMPricing Plans
VPS BASICUnlimited Bandwidth1 CPU1 GB$5.50 Per Month
VPS BUSINESSUnlimited Bandwidth2 CPU2 GB$9.50 Per Month
VPS PROFESSIONALUnlimited Bandwidth3 CPU14 GB$16.50 Per Month
VPS ENTERPRISEUnlimited Bandwidth4 CPU6 GB$21.50 Per Month

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3. A2Hosting – Best Managed VPS Hosting in Denmark

With A2Hosting, get both Managed meant for newbies & UnManaged VPS server hosting services, specifically for developers and gamers that require full server control and 100% server management.

Free CloudLinux OS is pre-installed in your VPS server with a free cPanel control panel for easy website handling.

A2Hosting offers highly scalable plans that allow users to upgrade their web resources according to the needs of the website.

A2 hosting

Key Features 

Apart from developer-friendly features like a staging environment and SSH Access, A2Hosting offers many more services as follows:

🔶 Latest NVMe Storage
🔶 Free SSL Certificate
🔶 Powerful Bare Metal Servers
🔶 Command Line Management + Full Root Access
🔶 Free Pre-Installed CloudLinux OS
🔶 Fully Automated Backup and Updates

Plans & Pricing

Affordable Managed VPS Hosting plans offered by A2Hosting are provided as follows:

Pricing PlansBandwidth CoreRAMPricing Plans
LIFT PLANS4 TB8 CPU16 GB$35.99 Per Month
MACH PLANS4 TB8 CPU32 GB$54.99 Per Month

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4. ScalaHosting – Best VPS Hosting Services in Denmark

Talk about All-in-one Hosting platform sPanel and SShield Protection to secure the data of the VPS servers from malicious online threats, ScalaHosting Tops the list of the Best VPS Hosting services in Denmark.

Along with that get an Anytime money-back guarantee that allows the users cancelling the product to receive cash within a specified date.

Furthermore, get on-demand Scalability of VPS servers letting you upgrade the web resources as per the need of the user’s website. ScalaHosting even guarantees a 30-second Live Chat and a 15-minute Ticket Response Time.


Key Features

ScalaHosting’s features are amazing to note as it has abundant hosting services for Developers and other VPS users:

🔶 Amazing SShield Security System
🔶 Unlimited Bandwidth
🔶 Fully Managed VPS servers
🔶 sPanel VPS Control Panel
🔶 30seconds LiveChat & 15minutes Ticket Response time
🔶 Round the Clock server monitoring

Plans & Pricing

Wanting to know ScalaHosting’s VPS server plans and pricing policy? Below is the screenshot that shows all the flexible VPS plans from Denmark:

Pricing PlansBandwidth CoreRAMPricing Plans
BUILD #1Unlimited Bandwidth2 CPU4 GB$29.95 Per Month
BUILD #2Unlimited Bandwidth4 CPU8 GB$63.95 Per Month
BUILD #3Unlimited Bandwidth8 CPU16 GB$121.95 Per Month
BUILD #4Unlimited Bandwidth12 CPU24 GB$179.95 Per Month

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5. LiquidWeb – Best Premium Managed VPS Hosting Denmark

LiquidWeb offers a minimum of 10 Gbps data transfer, Standard DDoS Attack Protection and a lot more latest premium Hardware like SSD NVMe storage to provide users with quicker website loading speed.

Plus, LiquidWeb allows 100% Server Access to the users to give them self configuration environment. 

Ever heard of 100% guaranteed power and Full Network Uptime? LiquidWeb has it all for the users wanting VPS servers for greater website needs.


Key Features 

Get the key specifications that LiquidWeb offers to its VPS users targeting viewers from Denmark:

🔶 1 Dedicated IP Address
🔶 Root Admin Access 
🔶 100% Network & Power Uptime
🔶 Standard DDoS Protection
🔶 Memory and CPU-Optimised Plans
🔶 Pre-Installed AlmaLinux

Plans & Pricing

Memory and CPU-optimised VPS Hosting plans in Denmark offered by LiquidWeb are listed in the screenshot under:

Liquidweb VPS Plans
Pricing PlansBandwidth CoreRAMPricing Plans
BUILD #110 TB2 vCPU2 GB$20 Per Month
BUILD #210 TB4 vCPU4 GB$30 Per Month
BUILD #310 TB8 vCPU8 GB$40 Per Month
BUILD #410 TB12 vCPU12 GB$50 Per Month

🔔 Liquidweb Offer 2024— Save up to 72% all VPS Hosting Plans. Get discounted pricing on Linux and Windows VPS when purchasing a 12- or 24-month plan

6. Contabo – Best High-Speed VPS Hosting in Denmark

Contabo is well-known for providing 99.996% Committed Uptime, SSD NVMe storage and monthly 3 SnapShots.

First off, Contabo provides German-quality servers, famous for their optimum performance and AMD EPYC Core for smoother data processing. Along with that, servers are monitored 24/7.

Furthermore, get Windows and Linux VPS servers for users who feel comfortable working with the chosen OS. Lastly, round-the-clock Support services via LiveChat and Ticket support ensure that users can get their issues resolved at all times. 


Key Features

The features that Contabo offers to the VPS users targeting viewers from Denmark are given as follows:

🔶 Fast SSD VPS Storage
🔶 99.996% Guaranteed Uptime
🔶 Ticket and Livechat Support 24/7
🔶 Fully Admin Access
🔶 Highly Scalable
🔶 Advanced DDoS Protection

Plans & Pricing

Below, a screenshot can help you understand the various VPS Hosting plans and choose the best from among the options:

Pricing PlansBandwidth CoreRAMPricing Plans
CLOUD VPS 132 TB4 vCPU6 GB$5.50 Per Month
CLOUD VPS 232 TB6 vCPU16 GB$12.50 Per Month
CLOUD VPS 332 TB8 vCPU24 GB$17.50 Per Month
CLOUD VPS 432 TB12 vCPU48 GB$32.50 Per Month

🔔 Contabo Offer 2024—Right now the best Contabo discount code is a 10% off web hosting coupon. This promo code applies to VPS hosting, SSD web hosting, and dedicated server hosting.

7. Ahost.eu – Affordable VPS Hosting in Denmark

For users seeking top-notch KVM smart VPS server speed, unlimited data transfer, and built-in security updates, Ahost. eu stands out as one of the premier VPS hosting providers.

With data centres in Denmark, Ahost.eu offers robust services including a dedicated Management Team to assist in server management, allowing you to concentrate on your website’s growth.

Ahost.eu is renowned for its 24/7 support services via LiveChat and Ticket Support, ensuring exceptional assistance during server failures or configuration issues.


Key Features 

Regarding features, Ahost.eu provides the following Denmark VPS services:

🔶 High-Performance Servers
🔶 24/7 Server Monitoring 
🔶 LiveChat Support round the clock
🔶 Free SSL certificates
🔶 Updated Firewall
🔶 Committed 99.90% Uptime

Plans & Pricing

Plans that Ahost.eu offers its users are given as under in the form of a screenshot:

Ahost.eu vps plans
Pricing PlansBandwidth CoreRAMPricing Plans
KVM SMART1 TB1 CPU1024 Mb$7.52 Per Month
KVM SMART2 TB1 CPU2048 Mb$13.97 Per Month
KVM SMART4 TB1 CPU4096 Mb$17.2 Per Month

🔔 Ahost.eu Offer 2024—Right now the best Contabo discount code is a 10% off web hosting coupon. This promo code applies to VPS hosting, SSD web hosting, and dedicated server hosting.

What are the benefits of choosing Denmark VPS Hostings?

Let’s take a look at the benefits you can reap when using VPS hosting in Denmark for your high-traffic, Denmark-based website.

  • First off, VPS hosting from Denmark ensures minimal web page loading delays for your local websites.
  • Users can enjoy the advantage of local Danish support services, available in both Danish and English, with 24/7 LiveChat and ticket support.
  • VPS hosting services in Denmark also offer the convenience of transactions in the local currency (EUR) and provide a wide range of payment options, including Bitcoins.
  • Additionally, VPS hosting in Denmark ensures your online business or website complies with local regulations and legal requirements concerning website content.
  • Finally, it helps ensure your website ranks among the top local searches for the European audience due to the improved SEO capabilities.

Is VPS faster than a cloud?

To understand this in a very easy language, VPS hosting services are faster than cloud hosting services in some cases as they dedicate specific resources to your website, reducing the chances of performance fluctuations. 

With VPS, you have guaranteed CPU, RAM, and storage, often leading to more consistent and quicker response times. However, cloud hosting excels in scalability and redundancy, allocating resources as needed. The speed advantage depends on your specific requirements, especially for steady performance, VPS is good, but for handling variable traffic with resilience, cloud hosting might be chosen.


Are there any cheap VPS Hostings in Denmark?

Yes, as far as affordability is concerned, UltaHost and QloudHost offer the cheapest low-budget VPS Hosting services in Denmark with incredible security, Full Root access and manageable web servers all at just $5.50 per month every month.

Why is VPS Hosting Hosting in Denmark the Best?

VPS Hosting in Denmark is considered to be one of the best choices if you are planning to target a Denmark or European audience then in that case you get SEO benefits, Local Support Service in the Dutch language and even Data  Privacy and Law compliance of Denmark ensuring copyright issue of your content as well.

How Much Does a Denmark VPS Hosting Cost Per Month?

As far as UltaHost is concerned, it offers incredibly managed VPS servers simply at $5.50 per month with amazing security, reliability, High scalability and Full root access letting the users self-configure the servers to make changes as per the requirements of the websites.

What payment methods do you accept for Servers in Denmark?

From Credit cards, Debit cards, and PayPal to Bitcoins and other crypto Currency options, VPS hosting providers in Denmark accept payment through all the methods ensuring easy billing and quicker checkouts.


To meet the most demanding requirements of websites, we’ve put together a list of the top 7 best VPS hosting providers in Denmark for 2024 that you can choose from without hesitation. We know that selecting one from so many options can be challenging, so always keep in mind the VPS hosting company’s use of powerful hardware, speed, and security features. 

Also, make sure the VPS hosting service has a data centre located in Denmark to ensure quicker website loading times and the lowest possible latency for your users.


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