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ActiveServers Review

Has working with your current hosting service provider breaking your bank? Would you like to have those facilities with a smaller price tag, say less than a dollar? Is that even possible? 

Yes, it is with this hosting service provider. 

With ActiveServers, you will get those high-class hosting facilities for less than a dollar. This hosting platform offers numerous services, including hosting, domain names, and more. 

So let us know all about it in this ActiveServers review. 

ActiveServers Overview

Founded in 2012 as PersistencePlus, this hosting platform was known as ActiveServers in 2015 and was considered a startup in 2021. ActiveServers has come a long way and is India-based. 

ActiveServers Review

This hosting platform offers shared hosting, WordPress hosting, Linux hosting, Magento hosting, domain registration, etc. To get us to know about this hosting platform’s services and reliability in this ActiveServer review.

Test and Analysis

Let us now put the services offered by ActiveServers to the test.

User Interface & Ease of Use

Talking about the quality of any hosting platform’s services, they must be easy to work with, no matter how good it is. And ActiveServers understands this. 

This hosting platform offers you a pretty simple interface that you will ace within a few days if not hours. 

ActiveServers Customer Support 

What do we expect from a customer support system to call it reliable? An excellent online time, a perfect communicative system, and most importantly, the availability. With ActiveServers, you get a customer support facility through tickets, Email, and calls 24/7.

Security Analysis 

Let us now discuss another important aspect of a hosting service provider; its security system. 

You would always want to ensure that your data is in the right hands. And with ActiveServers, it is. This hosting platform offers security features such as SSL, backups, monitoring, etc. 

ActiveServers Data Center Location

ActiveServers’ data center is located in:

  • India
  • Europe

Key Features Of ActiveServers 

Let us list the key features of this hosting platform in this ActiveServers review. 

Free SSL Certificates

What could you do to keep your website secure while making thousands of online contacts? You cannot sit and check if every website is safe. You could use SSL certificates that encrypt your website’s connections, precisely what ActiveServers provides. 

Free Migration

So you are dissatisfied with your hosting service provider as it sucks all your money out and does not provide the services you want? Why not migrate your website to ActiveServers? If you are worried about the charges that follow a site migration, let us tell you that ActiveServers offer you site migration for FREE. 

SiteLock And Monitoring

What do you do if you want to keep your phone away from anyone’s hands? Put a security lock, maybe? 

That’s precisely what ActiceServers does to keep your website safe and provides a SiteLock. Also, it keeps away all the security threats through regular monitoring of your websites

What types of web hosting are offered by ActiveServers? 

ActiceServers offer the following services:

ActiveServers Refund Policy  

If you buy a new product, what will you look for in it? You would want to try it only then make a decision which is not always possible. But with ActiveServers, it is as this hosting platform offers a 30-day money-back guarantee with no hassle involved.

Also, if you are looking to purchase a service for 1 year, only then you can apply for Money Back with ActiveServer. Furthermore, the reason needs to be valid enough to get back your money.

ActiveServers Domain

Let us take a look at the domain-related services offered by ActiveServers.

Register a New Domain

If you are looking for a domain name registrar, you could take some help from ActiveServers. With an efficient security system, this hosting platform registers your domain name at pretty economical prices. 

Transfer a Domain

So you already have a domain name? Not a problem at all. You can continue to have it and get it moved to ActiveServers. The add-on to this is the same price of registration, renewal, and transfer is the same. 

ActiveServers Pros & Cons 

Let us list out the pros and cons of buying an ActiveServers plan.         


  • 30-day refund policy
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • 1-click install


  • Only two data centres

FAQs- ActiveServers Review

How do I get ActiveServers Indian Cloud Server?

To buy an ActiveServers plan, whether Indian Cloud Server or any other, you must first want to create an account with ActiveServers, whose customer support team will help you through the process without any confusion. 

What kind of Services does ActiveServers offer?

ActiveServers’ various servers include Windows hosting, Linux hosting, WordPress hosting, reseller hosting, shared hosting, etc. 

Does ActiveServers Offer Linux Hosting?

Yes, ActiveServers offers Linux hosting, including three sub plans that cost about $0.66 to $3.86 per month. 

Does ActiveServers Provide Window Hosting?

Yes, ActiveServers offers Windows hosting with three sub plans, costing you about $0.66 to $3.86 per month. 

Is ActiveServers Offering Email Hosting?

Yes, ActiveServers offers Email hosting with three sub plans which will cost you about $0.64 to $1.93 per month. 


As we saw in this ActiveServers review, this hosting platform has plenty of things that you have been looking for a few things you need to look out for, such as the availability of less number of data centers. 

And the things that we love are free SSL certificates, free migrations, backups, monitoring, and DDoS protection that will keep your website running fast and safe. These are a few things we kept an eye on; what are your preferences?

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