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Webhuset Review

Hosting Services have almost become a necessity. But it is quite hard to choose the correct service. If you want to know more about the service Webhuest, you are at the right place. 

Today we will review Webhuest and get to know about many of its features. Although founded in 1998, Webhuest has made changes to its infrastructure.

Let’s get to know if their differences are enough. So, without any more talking, let’s start our Webhuest review.

About Webhuset

Webhuset is a Norwegian hosting service, they have provided services to more than 20000 users. This makes Webhuest quite experienced. 

About Webhuset

They offer Hosting services, website builders, and much more to their users. Founded in 1998, they had a long career in the industry. They are now a part of GoDaddy and still serving many users.

Test and Analysis 

For a complete review of Webhuset, it is important to examine the key features of Webhuset and evaluate their real-life performance.

User Interface & Ease of Use

You will appreciate an exemplary user interface when you have to execute a task hassle-free. A good and easy-to-use interface saves you the infuriation of navigating through a bad interface.

Webhuset provides you with its control panel. You also get a one-click app installer to install various apps to improve your site. You can install apps like WordPress, Magneto, and Drupal with the help of the one-click installer.

Webhuset Customer Support 

Another aspect of a Hosting service that should be looked into is the customer service aspect of a Hosting Service. Good customer support doesn’t let you down and helps you solve a problem quickly.

Webhuset Customer Support 

Webhuset has a Live Chat and a Telephone number for their customer support. So, you can get in touch with them and contact them if you encounter a problem.

Security Analysis  

Security is a side that should not be overlooked. If your site contains sensitive data, good security is a must. Even if it does not, you should still consider it as having a secure network never hurts.

You are equipped with free SSL along with SSH access if you choose their service. You also get daily backup, DNS control, and free SSL Certificate with their service. If you prefer Microsoft SQL instead of MySQL, you can also get that as your choice.

Key Features of Webhuset 

Webhuset has always been the top choice among technology enthusiasts, thanks to the outstanding features offered in their services. 

Key Features of Webhuset 

Their features are mentioned below. 

  • Full DNS control 
  • 24*7 customer support. 
  • Free SSL and TSL certificate. 
  • One Click app installation, ex. WordPress.
  • High security and fast performance. 
  • SSH access for secured network communication. 
  • Choice of Operating system. 

Its features are amazing, Right? Now let’s quickly move to its services and Pros and Cons.

Types of Web Hosting Webhuset offers  

With Webhuset Review, you get various types of Web Hosting offers. The following are some of the types of hosting they offer-

Types of Web Hosting Webhuset offers 

Webhuset Domain

Webhuset Domain

Along with web hosting plans, Webhuset also offers domain services. You can buy domains from Webhuset. You can choose from various TLDs and purchase domain names from them. If you are after a Domain service, you can choose Webhuset.

Webhuset Pros & Cons 

Webhuset has some great features and to give you a better position to decide whether you want to use this service, we have listed the pros and cons of Webhuset.


  • Excellent 24/7 customer support.
  • Affordable hosting plans with flexible payment options.
  • Over 6000 servers with SSD storage.


  • No email support or ticketing system for resolving issues
  • No money-back guarantee

FAQ’s – Webhuset Review

Can I get free SSL?

Yes, with the plans from Webhuest review, you get free SSL. So, your site is protected at no extra cost.

Can I host multiple web pages on a web host?

With the Web Hosting plans, you can only host one Website. But their dedicated server can be configured to host multiple websites.

Can I get free subdomains and SQL databases?

Yes, with Webhuset, you get free subdomains and SQL databases. In fact, you can get unlimited databases and subdomains.

Conclusion – Webhuset Review

Webhuset is a great service with great security features and an excellent Interface. It offers plans for all sorts of businesses. Do you think Webhuest is worth choosing after Webhuset review?

So, you can choose them if these features suit you. So, try Webhuest if you think they are worth it and make an informed decision about your next service.

Mamta is a writer, blogger and hosting geek. She loves to explore and test the many hosting companies that are in the industry. When she’s not testing web hosts, she is found researching new companies or exploring new marketing trends while working on developing new skills.

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