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Vevida Review

Over 50,000 customers have been using Vevida since 1997, and those customers have been attached to them since then. The best thing about this service provider is that it is known for its amazing hosting services and security features. 

The whole website has immense information about the company, so the user can utilise it and rely on it.

Web hosting has gained immense popularity in recent years, and this is because of the bloom in the Information and Technology sector. The basic amenities on the internet are all controlled by web hosting, and thus, it has valuable importance for internet users.

About Vevida 

Vevida was established in the year 1997, and since then, it has been one of the best web hosting service providers. Its servers are based in the Netherlands and have a high expertise team of members to work on projects.

Vevida review

The website has competitive pricing enabled for the domain name services and their packages. It provides facilities like domain registration, e-mail registration, and web outsourcing too.

Test and Analysis 

Some components are essential for the web hosting experience, in this Vevida Hosting review, we have tested the key components of Vevida and here are our results:

User Interface & Ease of Use

The user interface provided by Vevida is quite interesting, and at the same time, it is pretty comfortable for a regular user. The website has the tabs arranged properly and for quick access for the user.

Vevida Customer Support 

The company has a live chat option present on its screen to let the customer contact the company in case of urgency. The firm also provides a mobile number and email id for contact with the firm.

Vevida Customer Support 

Security Analysis  

The company ensures that the security of the user’s personal data is not hampered. It has enabled a strong encryption facility on the database where the user’s information is stored and manipulated by the database manager.

Key Features of Vevida

The following key points highlight the essential features of Vevida and also substantiate the difference that Vevida offers to its users from other web hosting service providers-

Safe and reliable ordering 

Vevida offers the facility of safe and reliable transactions to take place between the user and the company. It has testing authorities to check the reliability of the work that the customers do on the website and then allots the certification. 

Team of experts

The platform has a team of experts to offer its customers the best services for their easy user experience. It has received a gold certificate from Microsoft for its outstanding customer care service providing the facility.

Vevida Domain

It provides a range of domains to its customers at reasonable rates. The company offers the provision of transferring and developing new domains too. The users are provided with a range of domains to look upon and choose from.

Vevida Domain

Vevida Pros & Cons 

As all service-providing companies have shortcomings and some plus points, so does Vevida, have some fault lines too. The pointers mentioned below highlight these aspects only-


  • The domain name service is affordable at cheap rates.
  • There is a provision for the transfer of domain names, and that too at very low prices.
  • The company well manages the whole customer service facilities.


  • It has an issue with the server. The server may lag when multiple websites work simultaneously on the same package.

FAQ’s- Vevida Review

Why choose Vevida web hosting?

One should use Vevida web hosting as its web hosting service provider because of the below pointers-

  • It has very well-planned service-providing tactics for its users.
  • The security management is well done on the platform.
  • It has cheap rates for the customers to avail of the services that are provided by the various packages of the company. 

How many types of web hosting are there?

Vevida provides the following web hosting services-

 How much does web hosting cost?

At Vevida, WordPress hosting costs about $ 11.17 p/m. The prices are well stimulated as per the convenience of the users. The WordPress Pro has a rate starting at $ 16.26 p/m.

Conclusion – Vevida Review

So, to experience the best web hosting service facilities, one must definitely use Vevida. It has all the basic facilities that a web user wants, making it a unique option for internet users

The service providers manage the whole system well, making Vevida an outstanding choice among internet users.

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    Vevida Review

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