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ValueHosted Review

ValueHosted company is a top-rated web hosting service provider with approximately 10x service users across the globe. The service provider is a well-known firm in its service delivery arena and is considered 24*7 available for work. It is very secure and a very trusted hosting service provider.

The web hosting services are continuously increasing, leading to increased competition in the arena of web hosting. Still, ValueHosted continues to be on the top list of service providers. Its service is growing daily because of the impetus growth in the field of Information and Technology.

About ValueHosted

ValueHosted was founded in 2014 and has reached satisfactory popularity in a short span of time. It has emerged as the world’s emerging hosting service provider. The technology that ValueHosted uses is up to date with no fault lines.

ValueHosted Review

The quality of services it provides is amazing, keeping it ahead of all competitors in the web hosting field. It has a marvellous team of skilled professionals, giving it an edge over other web hosting service providers.

Test and Analysis 

Following section deals with the competency of ValueHosted concerning different parameters. It tells us how ValueHosted performs in each of the given categories.

User Interface & Ease of Use

The platform which ValueHosted provides is quite interesting to its users. It has all the mentioned details arranged adequately, providing the user with a sophisticated platform to work upon.

ValueHosted Customer Support 

The company has an all-time mobile service line for its users. The website has a live chat option to cater to the urgent queries of the customers. The whole work management is well maintained, and the users are nicely treated for their complaints.

Security Analysis  

The company has promised terms and policies. It ensures that no client is misled following the privacy of their personal information. The firm’s database is well protected by firmware, and no third party is allowed to access the database. 

Key Features of ValueHosted

Here are a few outstanding features that valueHosted has got, and these features indeed have helped it to reach such laurels of success-

Key Features of ValueHosted

Great Security Features

ValueHosted is an immensely secure, reliable, and very authentic website to work upon.

Endowed with the latest technology

ValueHosted has been endowed with the latest technology, giving it an impetus in terms of advancement. The technology is up to date and is 99% committed to the users’ welfare.

Types of Web Hosting ValueHosted offers  

ValueHosted provides the following hosting services-

ValueHosted Domain 

ValueHosted Domain 

The domain names that ValueHosted provides are plenty in number. It offers almost all the domain names to its customers. Some domain names are even sold on special occasions or celebrations of target clients associated with the firm.

ValueHosted Pros & Cons 

As everything has some blacks and whites, thus, ValueHosted has some shortcomings along with its immense plus points. These are discussed below-    


  • The website provides packages at relatively cheaper rates than other service providers.
  • It has high-performance hosting.
  • It has high-security provisions for all its users.
  • The hardware and all physical storage devices are up to date.


  • A bit complicated for beginners to use.

FAQ’s- ValueHosted Review

Does ValueHosted offer Free Hosting and Domain Name?

No, it does not provide its users with free hosting and domain name services. The website has immense options for its customers to avail the domain services at reasonable rates.

What panel does Value Hosted provide?

The website has cPanel services for its users. It is interactive and compatible with all the needs of the users.

Is free SSL available with Value Hosted ASP.Net Plans?

No, free SSL is not available for the ASP.Net plans of ValueHosted.

What is the database size limit with each package?

The database size ranges from about 1000 MB to 15 GB too.

Conclusion- ValueHosted Review

ValueHosted offers various types of web hosting plans at a cheaper rate than most web hosting providers in the market. Its high-end hardware elevates the user experience with a 99.99% uptime guarantee which shows the quality of its service. 

Although a new company in this niche, Valuehosted has accumulated many positive hosting reviews from its users due to its excellent hardware, easy-to-use UI and excellent customer support team with live chat support.

Valuehosted is a great choice for small and mid-sized businesses that are looking for affordable web hosting providers with extensive customer support. 

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