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UmbrellaHost Review

In today’s digital era, where every business is eyeing a strong online presence, merely having a website doesn’t work. You really need a high-performing, feature-rich, and secure website that can meet end-to-end business needs and requirements. This can happen only when you have a strong hosting solution powering your website.

One such solution that we think is worth a try is UmbrellaHost. Why do we say that? 

Well, this UmbrellaHost Review will help clear out every question you may have in your mind about it. So, let’s get started!

Overview of UmbrellaHost 

Coming into the picture in the hosting industry in the year 2008, UmbrellaHost has been a premier web hosting solution offering affordable and high-speed hosting services around the world with their base headquarters and data centers in the UK.

UmbrellaHost Review

With a well-established team of seasoned system and server administrators and support professionals, UmbrellaHost puts in dedicated efforts to offer its clients the best quality hosting services to meet their highest satisfaction levels.

Test and Analysis 

Before choosing any company as your hosting partner, it’s important to know its performance on certain parameters like usability, speed, support, and security. Well, here are the detailed results of our tests and analysis for UmbrellaHost.

User Interface & Ease of Use

UmbrellaHosting offers the users their choice of control panels and operating systems with some of its plans. This shows the care this hosting solution puts in to meet the comfort and convenience of its clients. Given that the users can choose the UI/UX by themselves, it’s clear that the user interface and ease of use are phenomenal with UmbrellaHost.

Umbrella Customer Support 

The customer support with UmbrellaHost is pretty good. They mention that their team of expert technicians remains available for support 24/7. 

However, going a bit into details, it seems the support is available only during business hours. But during that time, the replies are prompt, and you can reach out to them by raising a support ticket or through a call.

Existing customers can raise the support ticket only after logging into their accounts. They do mention a chat option for support. However, that doesn’t seem available on their website. Nonetheless, the support is good, even with limited options of reaching only via calls or support tickets.

Security Analysis  

The security offered by UmbrellaHost is pretty amazing, which can be judged by the multiple security features and compliances available on the hosting solution. Hereinbelow is an overview of what you get as regards security on UmbrellaHost-

UmbrellaHost Data Center Location

UmbrellaHost has all its data centers based in the UK. The specific data center locations are-

  • London
  • Leeds
  • Nottingham
  • Manchester

Core Features of UmbrellaHost 

When choosing a hosting solution, getting relevant knowledge of the main features is best. Hereinbelow are some core features you can expect in UmbrellaHost.

SSD Storage Drives

UmbrellaHost cares for the speed and performance of its servers. So, to ensure lightning-fast speed in all its servers, it offers SSD storage drives with all its hostings, ensuring that the websites load at fast speeds taking minimal time to show data.

Support for Multiple Applications Installation

UmbrellaHost understands the need to extend website functionalities with more applications. So, it offers one-click app installation features for over 60 apps on its servers.

E-Commerce Support

With PSI-DSS compliant hosting and simple app installation and integration, UmbrellaHost is highly capable of supporting eCommerce websites, and you can easily integrate payment systems and order systems in the hosting.

Excellent Uptime Guarantee

UmbrellaHost uses cloud technology to host its servers, ensuring that your systems remain online. With that, the hosting solution offers up to a 99.99% uptime guarantee.

Instant Account Setup

The hosting service keeps it easy for its users by offering almost instant account setup features that help you start hosting your website on this brilliant host in no time.

Types of Web Hosting UmbrellaHost offers 

UmbrellaHost hosting is a premier web hosting solution that offers almost all kinds of hosting. Hereinbelow is an overview of the main types of web hosting available at UmbrellaHost-

UmbrellaHost Domain 

A domain is important for a website, and you can easily get one with UmbrellaHost.

Register a New Domain

Important Note: Domain name prices are updated frequently. So, I request you to verify the pricing by visiting the respective websites.

Register a New Domain

UmbrellaHost offers domain registration at the most affordable prices, and you can choose any domain name you like with your preferred suffixes, whether .com, .co, .in, or anything else.

Transfer a Domain

If you’ve got a domain from another hosting solution and wish to transfer it to UmbrellaHost, that’s easily facilitated by experts at UmbrellaHost. They have a well-guided process for domain transfer and migration, which will make the entire process seamless, smooth, and swift.

UmbrellaHost Hosting Pros & Cons 

You need to look at the positives and negatives with every host to make a proper comparison. Here are some of the major pros and cons of UmbrellaHost.


  • Super fast SSD storage drives
  • Excellent security with multiple security features and compliances.
  • 1-click installations and instant account setup.
  • Domain registration and transfer features.
  • Free SSL certificates.
  • Help with website migration and domain migration.
  • Affordable hosting plans with a 30-days no questions asked money-back guarantee.


  • While they mention 24/7 support, the support is available only during business hours.
  • There is no live chat feature available for support.

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FAQ- UmbrellaHost Review

Can I host my own website?

Yes, you can host your own website. However, you need to have the relevant knowledge required for hosting a website all on your own.

You must know how to set up the www software system on your device, and there are other procedures and compliances too, which can make it hectic and overwhelming to host a website on your own.

How do I get an Umbrella SSL certificate?

UmbrellaHost offers free SSL certificates with all its plans. So, when you take up its hosting services, you get the SSL certificate along with other security features and protections.

Can Umbrella be trusted?

After thoroughly reviewing the hosting on all essential parameters, we can say that it’s secure, fast, and reliable. So, yes, you can trust UmbrellaHost.

Conclusion- UmbrellaHost Review

So, this was a thorough and thorough review of UmbrellaHost, and we explored almost everything we could about it. After all the tests and analysis, we can conclude that it’s good with its speed, performance, and security.

The support can cause problems with accessibility at times. However, it’s not something you could think of as a deal-breaker.

Overall, the hosting solution is good, and it makes sense to trust it for your website.

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    UmbrellaHost Review

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