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Timeweb Review

It is no more a difficult task when you had to take your website online and it cost hundreds of dollars. We have come across a Russian-based hosting service provider that takes care of all your hosting needs along with Domain registration.

We created this detailed guide on Timeweb review that covers everything there is to know from its features, prices, plans, servers, and much more. Let us see what it has to offer.

About Timeweb

Timeweb is a Russian web-hosting company, primarily located in Moscow, St Petersburg. They provide a variety of web hosting features that are cost-efficient and also easy to use. 

About Timeweb

It is a web hosting company with some of the best specialists in the industry. They have already been hosting for almost 10 years now and are very experienced in the field. Along with hosting, the technological innovation provided is extremely helpful, with high speed and stability.

They have also managed to build their own Custom control panel which is a plus point that manages a website and also each website is protected by a backup system as well. Kaspersky makes sure to secure your mail and you also get a lot of different bonus rates as well. 

Test and Analysis 

To verify their every feature and service in detail, we have done some tests and analyses, with results proving the performance of Time Web, and here it goes. 

User Interface & Ease of Use

Starting with its user interface, we thoroughly analysed their website and found everything well labelled, making navigation easy for even beginners. 

You can see in the image above that their website looks elegant with everything well-labelled on it.  You can very easily move ahead and buy your desired plans without any confusion. 

Timeweb Customer Support

With excellent customer support, you can get your queries solved anytime and anywhere with a quick and easy process. 

Timeweb Customer Support

A dedicated team of technical experts is there for  24*7 support, so just sit and relax; your website is completely safe in their hands. 

Security Analysis 

While analysing their security, we found that they ensure you with complete security by providing you with remarkable security features, which are mentioned below. 

  • Complete DDoS protection. 
  • Extensive CDN network.
  • 24*7 site monitoring. 
  • Load resistance. 
  • Backup features. 

With these features, you can easily focus on business without worrying about your website’s data security. 

TimeWeb Data Center

They have a range of modern and reliable data centres as well, like centres in  St. Petersburg, which are designed in a way to make sure that it is built keeping in mind international standards. 

TimeWeb Data Center

These data centres also have a fault tolerance ratio of at least 99.9% and come with two independent electrical inputs from the city network, a Fire alarm, and a fire extinguishing system; Access control and video surveillance with data storage for more than 30 days and also the best 24/7 armed security.

Key Features of  Timeweb

There are a lot of features provided by Timeweb some of these include choosing a template you like.  The Intuitive interface works really well and there are 270+ templates and blocks.

Key Features of  Timeweb
  • Bitrix Hosting: Timeweb brings to you 1C-Bitrix hosting where you get access to all the modern technology to create and manage your site. Moreover, you can avail 10-days free trial to test everything.
  • Domains: This hosting provider is an accredited domain registrar for 15 years that provides you with free DNS and domain management systems.
  • Website Builder: Not only will you be able to build your website from scratch and also host it but you get all the tools and templates to make it happen in the easiest manner.
  • Mobile Application: You can now manage your VPS/VDS directly from the mobile app by Time web. We found it super easy and convenient to manage all the servers.

Price and Plans

The Price and plans offered by Timeweb is as follow:

TimeWeb Price and Plans
  • Shared hosting : $2.42/month and $2.83/month when switching to a monthly plan.
  • Dedicated Servers : Starts from $96.10/month
  • VDS : Starts from $4.16/month. The priciest VDS plan is $87.35/month while the recommended one is $28.54/month.

Important Note : Web Hosting prices are updated frequently. So, I request you to verify the pricing by visiting the respective websites.

Types of Hosting and Services Offered by Timeweb? 

There are different Hosting services offered by Timeweb. Some of these are the Shared Hosting, VDS, and Dedicated Servers. Shared hosting is their most popular product. 

Shared Hosting:

This includes a convenient control panel and also comes with training materials for beginners as well. You can also choose to use the website builder Craft as well. The Free Trial period for this is 10 days. You can also choose to transfer your site from other web hosting domains as well if required. 

Dedicated Servers: 

These come with Reliable hardware and also custom server configuration as well. The Rapid response time to all problems will be one minute along with equipment management. 

VDS servers: 

Using VDS servers you will get:

  • Danny Plan: 1×3.3 GHz CPU, 1GB Ram, and 10GB NVME.
  • Scarlet plan: 2GB RAM and also 30GB NVME
  • Arnold plan: 8×3.3GHz CPU, 16GB RAM, and also NVME of 260 GB.

Pros and cons

With satisfying results of our tests and analysis, let’s look at some pros and cons to have a complete picture of their services.


  • Extremely affordable price. 
  • Complete security measures. 
  • Daily backup option. 
  • No restriction on resource usage.


  • No call support is available. 

Why Choose Timeweb?

TImeweb has hosted around 464337 sites and also 872816 domains in the .ru zone which is quite a huge number. Along with this they also have an innovative control panel and also modern webmails for emails as well. You will also get various payments you can use and prefer. 

The mobile applications are really easy to use as well. Along with this their customer service provides you with 24/7 support. So anytime you feel stuck or something feels wrong you can make sure to ask their customer service and they will resolve it for you quickly.

FAQs : Timeweb Review

Can I register domains on Timeweb hosting?

Yes, you can easily register your desired domain with a very straightforward process that includes all extensions like .online .host, etc. 

Is There a Money-Back Guarantee?

No, its services do not include a refund facility, but you can enjoy their 10 days free trial and get a precise idea about their service’s performance before making any purchase. 

Is it possible to use mailboxes on Timeweb hosting?

Yes, they provide a tool cheap sender that offers a facility to send bulk email to fulfil your purposes easily.  

Does Timeweb provide good server uptime?

Yes, they ensure your website’s availability as maximum as possible by providing you with an excellent uptime of 99.9 per cent. 

Conclusion: Timeweb Review

Here we are with all you need to know about Timeweb in this detailed review. We can conclude with the fact that Timeweb is probably the best web hosting website you will find.

Well, it is not only because we found it to be budget-friendly but also well structured too.

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