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Rumahweb Review

Rumahweb Review: Gone are those days when we personally handed over our business or personal cards for further contact.

Choose your host provider carefully as it is a long-term commitment. The whole performance of the website depends on the type of host you have partnered with. 

Building a website is a crucial part, as I always mentioned. Moreover, a website is like the backbone of numerous professionals and businesses.

A website works like an online identification whenever needed. 

People think that getting a host for their website costs more. But in reality, there are several types of hosting services available in the market. The different types of hosting are based on features, performance, and prices. 

In today’s world, people know Indonesian hosting service companies for providing the most affordable hosting for websites. Honestly, it suits the pockets of a significant population.

So, in this article, I will review one more Indonesian hosting company – Rumahweb.

About Rumahweb

Founded in 2002 in Yogyakarta, Rumahweb is now one of Indonesia’s largest web hosting companies. Moreover, it has a customer base of more than 14,000 domains!

Rumahweb Review

The company offers numerous hosting plans and packages for the user, a free website builder, and a user control panel. Rumahweb also offers hosting, VPS, SSL, domain, email, and website at an affordable price anyone can opt for. 

So, let’s dive into the plans and pricing section of the Rumahweb review without being much late.

Test and Analysis 

It is now time to test out the services of this platform in this Rumahweb Review.

User Interface & Ease of Use

The website is designed and directed so that a layman can understand what it offers and how they can start using it. Rumahweb has provided knowledgebase, live chat, email, call and ticket submission options to solve each and every user problem. 

Complete tutorials and basic but user-friendly tools and control panels are the ones that make it easy for the user to work with. 

Rumahweb Customer Support

Rumahweb proudly calls themselves as Home People as they claim they are 24/7/365 available to support their customers.

The support team can be reached via email, live chat, and telephone round o’clock.

Rumahweb Customer Support

To reach them via email drop a mail on [email protected]

For tech-support reach them on [email protected]

You can also contact Rumahweb on phone : 0274-882257 or 021-25556765

For live chat, the team is available 24/7 over the phone. You can also reach Rumahweb on their live chat option. I personally tried their live chat, and unfortunately, the team replied to me very late.

They took nearly 10 minutes to respond to my query. So you have to be patient while asking for any requirement or doubt.

When I compared the Rumahweb review with IDWebHost Review, I found the support of IDWebHost more active.

Another thing I noticed is that Rumahweb’s support representatives prefer to chat in the Indonesian language only. But they will switch to English once you request them to do so. 

Security Analysis  

With an SSL certificate, secure your server by encrypting a link between the user and the host to keep your data saved and protected. 

There’s also the Web Application Firewall, which monitors incoming website traffic and blocks specific types of traffic depending on established criteria.

The content delivery network, or CDN, is a system of interconnected server networks tasked with delivering your website to end-users worldwide. If you host your website on a server you administer, that server is responsible for dealing with all the traffic.

If you don’t employ a worldwide CDN, your server may get overburdened, leaving your website open to DDOS attacks, which are prevented by Rumahweb’s security systems.

Website Monitoring Service implements one of the simplest ways to ensure your website is secure in the long run. 

This service will give you information on your website’s performance, whether any issues need to be handled, and whether any vulnerabilities need to be addressed immediately.

Rumahweb Data Center Location

RumahWeb has its data center in Indonesia. They have a dedicated hosting platform in their homeland, ready to provide services to all the people who live near or in Indonesia because they’ll get the best connectivity. 

And as you start going far, it becomes challenging to promise reliability.

Key Features of Rumahweb

Rumahweb, the Indonesian web hosting company, has various plans and prices.

But does it mean you can blindly go for their plans?

No! It is quite necessary to know their features and offerings in the amount.

As part of the Rumahweb Review here, I am jotting down the company’s most notable part – Features!

Varieties of hosting plans

This is the first feature I noticed about Rumahweb. They have a wide range of hosting packages in their bucket.

Starting from the Shared Hosting, VPS, Cloud hosting, WordPress hosting, Unlimited hosting, and Alibaba cloud VPS – They cover all.

You will also get affordable plans and monthly payment options.

Supports various programming languages

Rumahweb supports several programming languages but is not limited to PHP 5 and 7, CGI support, CURL, PERL, to name a few.

Free domain and website builder

Rumahweb offers a free website builder with its packages so that the user can build their website easily.

It also offers free domain along with its hosting packages. There is no need to buy separate domains. 

Monthly hosting plans

Most of the hosting companies offer yearly or two, three subscriptions to their users.

Well, Rumahweb doesn’t bind you with any long term commitments. You can choose the plans month on month based payment option. The moment you decide not to continue with them, you can quit and switch to another host.

Fairly good support team

Rumahweb’s support team is average and responds with the exact solution.

Though their response time is long compared to other companies, they make a great support team while solving your tech-queries. You can consider Rumahweb, a great competitor against Hostgator.

No hidden fees

Rumahweb doesn’t force sales of any of its products by hiding any charges from the customer.

No HIDDEN Charges!

There are no hidden fees included with any of their plans. Also, it will never charge you extra pennies while creating or upgrading their services.

What Types Of Web Hosting Are Offered By Rumahweb

Want to balance your pocket and decide whether Rumahweb suits your website?

Well, plans are the main part of any hosting review. They help the user to decide which plan or pricing is the best suitable option for their website.

What Types Of Web Hosting Are Offered By Rumahweb? 

For your preferences, I am summing up plans offered by Rumahweb, their basic features along with prices. Thus, you won’t have to spend more time researching which one to choose. 

The company facilitates web hosting services with reliable cloud computing technology. There are several kinds of hosting options available, like

They have also introduced Cloud Hosting and Alibaba Cloud VPS recently to their bucket in the series of amazing plans.

Rumahweb Domain

Let’s talk about Rumahweb’s Domain Services:

Domain Register

Starting with its country-specific domain extension ‘.id’ and moving towards .com, .net, and Rumahweb offers more at reasonable prices. With managed DNS service and domain locking protection, Rumahweb ensures that they do not lack in providing and registering the best available domain to its users.

Domain Register

The prices range between $4.11 and $14.98/year. 

Important Note: Domain name prices are updated frequently. So, I request you to verify the pricing by visiting the respective websites.

Domain Transfer

As it goes with domain registration, domain transfer is almost the same. Make sure that Rumahweb has the extensions available for you to transfer and carry on with the transfer.

You can then leave all the worries to them because Rumahweb will take care of your transfer and renewals of your domain name on a regular basis.

Rumahweb Pros & Cons

Now we will look at the pros and cons of this hosting platform in this Rumahweb Review. 


  • Wide range of hosting options available 
  • Unlimited email accounts and unlimited bandwidth
  • Monthly hosting plans available
  • Can migrate hosts absolutely free of cost
  • Free website builder and domain available with packages


  • Uptime is not stable and guaranteed.
  • No backup feature provided with its plans
  • Poor load time

Why Choose this hosting company?

Choosing any hosting service depends on the type of service and quality of hosting provided by the company. Rumahweb has been in operation since 2002, and it claims to serve around the clock to its users.

Instant ACTIVATION and COLOCATION Service facility!

While studying for this Rumahweb Review, I found that when you avail of its services, you can instantly activate your service, which seems one of the best parts of them.

Their data centres are carefully prepared so that they can meet the colocation needs of their servers. 

No COMPROMISE in Technology!

Rumahweb’s technology never compromises the reliability of web hosting and VPS services. To provide a seamless service, the company utilises tools and technologies like cPanel, OS, and parallel Virtuozzo.

Hourly BACKUP and 99% UPTIME!

Apart from these, Rumahweb uses R1 software to perform backups every hour so that your data will be saved.

The company claims it has uptime guaranteed up to 99% and you will never face downtime, which is yet to be observed as many customers complain about their server uptime stability. 

Yet overall, Rumahweb has the cheapest and affordable hosting plans in varieties of options for your benefit.

Let us now conlclude this Rumahweb review with my personal tips.

FAQ – Rumahweb Review

Is Rumahweb actually good?

Yes, the affordable pricing and undeniably great features make Rumahweb hosting as well as domain services worth trying. If you like their services, good for you, but if you don’t

How fast can my domain and hosting be up and running

Rumahweb will immediately activate your domain and hosting services when the system verifies your payment. Their billing staff will validate the payment, and the service will be activated as soon as possible. In the meanwhile, if you pay via bank transfer, you must confirm the transaction.

However, some services may not be available right away. Domains having the extensions .co.id,.or.id, and other extensions with requirements, for example.

How do I create an email for a company?

You can buy a domain and host if you wish to set up a corporate email with your domain. There is an option to create an email in the site hosting service.

Conclusion – Rumahweb Review

The several plans offered by Rumahweb is the main attraction of the company. The overall performance and features are up to the mark.

If you have less budget and want a decent host partner, then you can try Rumahweb. Unless you are a programmer or need heavily performed web hosting, Rumahweb is perfect for you.

Especially for newbies, it is one of the best web hosting in Indonesia. If you are looking for a reliable hosting partner for small businesses and bloggers, then you can indeed trust this company.

Are you someone who has already used Rumahweb? Kindly comment in the comment box and let us know your valuable thoughts and queries (if any). Our team will be more than happy to help you.

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