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OneVPS Review

Web hosting is a complex process that is made relatively more accessible and straightforward with the help of the numerous hosting providers available online. They help host your website with added benefits and features at minimal costs. 

We have curated all the particular facts and ideas about one of the most trusted and reliable hosting providers, OneVPS. This review contains all the aspects and plans a beginner must consider before investing in OneVPS. 

Overview of OneVPS

OneVPS is an online hosting provider that furnishes you with several services that suit your requirements and best fit your budget. This hosting platform is situated in Hong Kong with guaranteed ultra-low latency since it uses outstanding locations for its data centers.

OneVPS Review

With powerful servers and maximum support, your data is safe and protected with DDoS protection and backups. It allows setup in 60 seconds and offers VPS hosting and VPS servers with domains at the lowest costs.

Test and Analysis of OneVPS

User Interface & Ease of Use

OneVPS comes with a cPanel control panel making it easier for you to work on and manage your hosting services. These servers are fully managed and furnish you with maximum security and protection. The software and configurations are timely and regularly updated with automatic updates, providing outstanding features and benefits. 

OneVPS Customer Support 

OneVPS keeps its customers as its priority and thus offers you the best and top-flight services. You can ask your questions and doubts via email or find your answers in the FAQ section. 

Security Analysis  

OneVPS keeps its customer’s security and privacy at the top and thus offers numerous security features and benefits. It comes equipped with proper security measures to prevent your data from theft or loss. They are a reliable and secure platform that offers accessible backup facilities with all of its plans to safeguard and restore your data when required. 

OneVPS Data Center Location

OneVPS is a highly trusted and reliable network that provides you with the best and most secure services, thanks to the location of its data centers. OneVPS has fourteen data centers globally with the lowest latency locations managing servers efficiently worldwide. 

These data centers are in

OneVPS Data Center Location
  • New York
  • Los Angeles
  • London
  • Amsterdam
  • Manchester
  • Frankfurt
  • Zurich
  • Tokyo
  • Hong Kong
  • Singapore
  • Sydney 

They furnish you with robust infrastructure, ultra-low latency, 24/7 security, etc.

Core Features of OneVPS 

7-day money-back guarantees and the best locations

OneVPS furnishes you with a 7-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with their services. You can easily connect to their technical team or simply apply and avail of the refund at your convenience.

To provide its customers with the best and top-class services, it uses the most competitive locations for its servers and data centers to provide its customers with the best and top-class services. 

Ultra-low latency and constant support

OneVPS is best known for its speed and reliability and thus furnishes you with best-in-class infrastructure and highly optimized servers to ensure negligible lag or latency.

OneVPS provides highly optimized, faster services wherever you are in the world. They have their customers at the top and thus assist them constantly thanks to their 24/7 availability to address all your queries. 

A 60-second setup with lightning-fast speed

Setting up your account and registering for a plan with OneVPS is extremely easy and hassle-free, making your experience simple and the best. OneVPS offers you a 60-second setup of your account with the chosen plan.

OneVPS knows how important speed is for online websites and thus furnishes you with a lightning-fast server and website speed to enhance your performance.

Types of Web Hosting OneVPS offers  

OneVPS offers six plans and packages backed by numerous benefits and features at minimal costs, including unlimited bandwidth and more. 

Types of Web Hosting OneVPS offers  

Important Note: Web Hosting prices are updated frequently. So, I request you to verify the pricing by visiting the respective websites.

  • Basic: This plan costs $5 per month and furnishes you with 512 MB of memory, 1 CPU, 20 GB SSD disk space, and 1 IP address. 
  • Standard: This plan costs $7 per month and comes with 768 MB of memory, 1 CPU, 30 GB SSD disk space, and 1 IP address.  
  • Premium: This plan costs $10 per month and comes with 1024 MB of memory, 2 CPUs, 50 GB of SSD disk space, and 1 IP address. 
  • Professional: The professional plan costs $14 per month and furnishes you with 1536 MB of memory, 2 CPUs, 70 GB of SSD disk space, and 1 IP address. 
  • Executive: This plan costs $21 per month and comes with 2048 MB of storage, 4 CPUs, 90 GB of SSD disk space, and 3 IP addresses. 
  • Custom: The custom plan offers up to 8192 MB of memory, 4 CPUs, up to 15 GB of SSD disk space, and up to 5 IP addresses. 

OneVPS Domain

OneVPS offers you a massive choice of domain names at affordable prices with top-class privacy protection. 

OneVPS Domain

Register a New Domain

You can easily register a domain with OneVPS with the most competitive domains at minimal costs. It offers .com at $11.99, .net at $15.99, .org at $14.99, .cn at $10.99, .eu at $10.99, .us at $10.99, and more at minimal costs on a yearly basis. 

Transfer a Domain

You can easily transfer a domain with OneVPS with the most competitive domains at minimal costs, just like registering one at the same price.

OneVPS Hosting Pros & Cons  


  • OneVPS offers lightning-fast speed with high-performing servers that experience ultra-low latency. 
  • They use the best locations for their servers and data centers to enhance your performance. 
  • It offers a 7-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with its services. 
  • OneVOS offers outstanding customer support that immediately tends to all your queries with the correct solutions. 
  • It offers various options and plans to choose from at the most affordable rates with daily automatic backups.


  • The OneVPS hosting platform lacks a telephone number and makes it difficult for customers to connect verbally. 

FAQs – OneVPS Review

What payment methods do OneVPS accept?

OneVPS supports numerous payment methods for its customer’s convenience, including Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, Skrill, Diners Club, Discover, Alipay, and other Debit cards and Credit cards. 

What kind of Plans does OneVPS offer?

OneVPS offers many plans and packages with added benefits and top-class features at the most affordable rates. 

It provides dedicated VPS servers, VPS hosting, domains, and more. The VPS hosting facility offers six different hosting plans with unlimited bandwidth and massive disk space ranging from $4 to $20. 

Why Choose OneVPS Hosting plans?

OneVPS has numerous features and added benefits for your budget. They offer you maximum support and protection with high-performing servers. It ensures zero lag and latency for its servers. It furnishes you with a 7-day money-back policy globally using the most competitive locations for its geolocated IP servers. 

Conclusion – OneVPS Review

We have come up with an in-depth analysis of the features and benefits OneVPS offers its customers. This review is laden with all the aspects and points a customer must keep in mind before choosing the services of OneVPS.

With everything we have mentioned here, it is safe to say that this hosting provider does have all you can look forward to while hosting your website. This includes affordable domains, hosting plans, and much more.

However, if you are looking to speak to customer service via a telephone call, that might not be possible. The same goes for the live chat option as well. But you can always raise a ticket on a highly responsive site. 

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