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Scalacube user, right? Then it is impossible to say that you haven’t faced issues contacting the Scalacube support team.

Aren’t you here to seek solutions to sort out the above questions? we should say you’ve saved your time by clicking your way to this page in this post we’ll be discussing all the possible support channels offered by Scalacube. We’ll also make you know how to approach them when you are in need.

For your suitability, we have even tried to connect with the support team of Scalacube and came up with fruitful outcomes that we’ll be sharing with you later in this post. So to grab further details, let’s keep reading 📖

About ScalaCube 

Scalacube provides the highest quality gaming servers to its users at a very affordable cost. However, it offers very limited yet effective support channels to its users for getting their doubts resolved.

ScalaCube Support

The support teams are active 24/7 to resolve any problems arising while trying to process scalacube login, configuring scalacube nameservers when ordering hosting from scalacube, and much more.

The users normally run into various issues that require an immediate solution. For that, establishing contact with the support team is the need of the hour. Further, we have made a sincere effort to discuss all the support mediums offered by Scalacube.

What Support Channels Does ScalaCube Offer?

Support channels offered by Scalacube are not very diverse. Scalacube offers issue resolution services via:

  • Live chat 
  • Ticket support

As we can clearly see that the support channel options offered by Scalacube are narrow. The accessibility of the support channels has been discussed further in this post. 

How to Contact ScalaCube Support

Now let us understand the way in which we can get access to the support team via various channels offered by Scalacube. As far as the steps are concerned, the navigation is easy and user-friendly. 

Live chat 

The live chat option is easily accessible as one can avail of this option once you enter the Scalacube HomePage.

  • Go to the Scalacube HomePage and click the orange message box provided at the bottom of the display.
  • On clicking the chat option, the message box opens and you can find an expert agent replying to any request you put forward.
Scalacube Chat

Ticket support

Support via the ticket system is also easily approachable once you log in to your Scalacube hosting account.

  • Go to Scalacube HomePage and click the login button to sign in to your Scalacube account.
  • Sign in to your Scalacube account by entering the login details in the box and pressing the login key.
  • On logging into your dashboard, go to the support option and click it. On the right side of your display tap the + New ticket button to open a new ticket.
  • As you click the + new ticket option, choose the appropriate section for your ticket depending upon the nature of your issue.
Scalacube new ticket
  • Type the subject of your issue (inquiry, billing, support, cancellation). Make sure you mention every minute detail related to your issue. 
  • If possible then attach a relevant screenshot to make your issue look genuine before clicking the submit option.
Scalacube create new ticket
  • As you click the submit option, your ticket gets finally submitted to the support staff to which they reply as soon as possible.

Sometimes, due to delayed replies, users get keen enough to verify the status of the ticket submitted. Let’s scroll further to get the information about that too.

How do I Check My Support Ticket History?

To check the status of your tickets previously submitted, you can simply approach the option in your dashboard itself. 

  • Go to your Scalacube Dashboard by simply logging into your account.
  • Press the support tab at the left corner of your dashboard.
  • Soon as you click the support button, you get the details of all your tickets previously submitted to the Scalacube support team.
Scalacube Support
  • Click the details key to know the question put forth by you and the reply received from the support staff.
Scalacube payment method

So far the configurations required to approach the support team have been effortless. Let’s learn what the regular clients feel about the support services provided by the customer care team of Scalacube.

Other ScalaCube Customer Feedback

Feedback is vital to understand the functionality of the organization in various fields and enable new users to understand if buying the services from the given organization would prove fruitful or not.

So let’s see what customers have to say about the services offered by Scalacube.

  • Best support team
Scalacube customer feedback
  • Customer service response time is not that good.
Scalacube customer feedback 1

Above, the feedback of the clients is average in nature when it comes to the services offered by the support staff of Scalacube.

Our Experience with the ScalaCube Support 

To ensure the genuinity of the customer’s feedback for the customer services offered, we undertook some tests by establishing communication with the support team ourselves. And after doing so, we got some fruitful outcomes and beneficial suggestions for the new users.

Live chat

  • The expert agent was extremely friendly and helpful.
  • The guidance was technical and crisp, not burdening us with unnecessary details.
  • The response time was not more than a minute, making us believe that the live chat option is extremely responsive.

Ticket support

  • The ticket system took approximately 1 hour to respond to our request, which makes us understand that the delay might be due to limited staff to attend to the ticket system.
  • Even though the reply was delayed, the response was positive and extremely helpful.
  • The option to check the status of the previously submitted ticket was easily navigable.

To approach the support team of Scalacube via email, you can send them a mail at [email protected]

Though this email address is not mentioned anywhere on the official website yet we tried exploring the Facebook id of Scalacube and to our relief, we got hold of this email address.

Scalacube via email

Scalacube doesn’t even provide a voice call facility to new users. It only has live chat support and the ticket system is extremely functional and responsive.

Conclusion: ScalaCube Support

Since we are to conclude the article now after addressing all your issues related to Scalacube support, we would like to convey especially to the new users that, if you’re trying to contact the support team of Scalacube, make sure you approach the live chat option or in case of technical assistance, approach the ticket system. They are not only user-friendly but also effectively functional. 

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