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Are you looking forward to buy hosting from ProHoster but are unsure of their support service? We‘ve brought for you a complete article on the ProHoster support, the support channels they provide, and how to contact them using those channels?

We will even tell you about checking your support ticket history and other customer critiques of ProHoster.

Ride along with us to learn all the creamy details about ProHoster support.

About ProHoster 

Located around Seychelles, ProHoster offers its users various services may it be hosting services such as shared hosting, virtual hosting and dedicated hosting and other related services such as SSL Certification, Domain name registration, VPN setting, IPv4/IPv6 address ordering.

In the next section, we will cover for you the support channels this company offers its users.

What Support Channels Does ProHoster Offer?

Let’s start with learning about the support channel ProHoster offers; they offer two mediums of support:

  • Support Email: This is the only active support email we found on the site use [email protected]
  • Knowledge base: A complete array of articles this company provides to improve users understanding.
Prohosters knowledge base
  • Support ticket: After creating a dashboard account with them (which is absolutely free), you will find this option with ease.
prohoster support

Allow us to direct you to the steps to contact them in the next section.

How to Contact ProHoster Support

In the previous section, we covered ProHoster support channels; now we will tell you how to connect with these.

Support Email

Knowledge base 

  • Visit the ProHoster’s website.
  • On the right side of the page, check under the information tab < there will be a tab named “Knowledge base”, click on it.
Prohoster knowledge base
  • This will open up the knowledge base for you right away.

Support ticket

  • Login to your dashboard < on your dashboard, find “Submit a Ticket” on the upper side of your portal.
prohosters submit ticket
  • This will open up a new tab for you in the same dashboard < check for all the particulars to be filled.
prohoster dashboard
  • Exclusively for you, we have divided the ticket creation into simpler steps with a sampler ticket created for you.

Step 1: Enter a short but relevant subject.

Step 2: Find and select the type of service you require.

Step 3:  All types of queries are divided into particulars; choose between “technical department” OR “financial department”.

Step 4: Choose the priority of response between low, medium, and high.

Step 5: Type in your complete, prefer a questionnaire format to get your reply more relevant.

Step 6: Upload if required, any attachment you would like them to refer to while answering your query.

Step 7: Finally, click submit; great you have created your first ticket with ProHoster.

prohoster support tickets

Done with creating your support ticket. You would want to check their response, too, don’t you? Let’s cover this for you in the next section, where we cover for you, How to Check Support Ticket History.

How do I Check My Support Ticket History?

Has it been too much time since you sent in your support ticket to  ProHoster and looking where to check for provided response? 

We have written down the steps you will need to follow to check the sent ticket:

  • Login to your dashboard < check on the upper left side of the screen; a ‘chat support’ icon will be visible; click on it.
prohoster chat support
  • This will open up the ticket section, here you can see if the submitted ticket has been replied to or not and the status of the response, too.
prohoster chat replies
  • A double tap will open up the ticket < read the company response right here.
prohoster company responce

Let us move forward on what other customers have to say about this company.

Other ProHoster Customer Feedback

User Feedback is required by any hosting provider to know whether what they are doing is actually working amongst the users or not.

Here are some user’s reviews of ProHoster :

  • “Extremely satisfied with Prohoster”
prohoster customer review
  • “Unprofessional behaviour and ambiguous over fake reviews”
prohoster unprofesssional
  • “Non-responsive support team’
Btcvik prohoster
  • “Worst service ever”
aubrey prohoster

Read on and stay tuned to the comments, have we?

Read down below on what we have to say about ProHoster’s support.

Our Experience with the ProHoster Support 

We’ve worked with ProHoster for quite some time now and can now pen down our experience with them precisely. 

  • The response time on our support ticket was much delayed as we received a response from the support team after a day or so.
  • We faced some connection issues while raising a support ticket. 
  • We felt the absence of live chat support was a downer for the company as we had had to wait for a long time, writing them support tickets to get answers for such small tasks.

Customer service is the essence of any hosting plan. Maybe ProHoster has better hosting plans, but their customer service is not up to the mark.

Grab an in-depth analysis with ProHoster Reviews exclusively available for you to get a brief idea about the web hosting services rendered, before ordering hosting solutions from ProHoster. Furthermore, If you face technical issues while pointing ProHoster Nameservers to your domain or Signing in to your ProHoster Login account, Don’t forget to contact the Support team of ProHoster.

Conclusion – ProHoster Support

We can finally conclude with a saying that ProHoster can improve upon its services and should work on this specifically. Lack of proper customer support can not only tarnish the user’s perception of the brand but undo its right-doing too.

With that being said, we told you about the ProHoster support channel and how to contact them. We even covered for you how to create a ticket with them and check the ticket history.

Comment down below what you liked about the article and even tell us even MORE down below. As always, Happy Hosting 👍

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