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Craving to Order Hosting from ProHoster? Great as we have for you in all the prices and plans of this web hosting company. Along with the plan, we bring to you the order process of three types of hosting from this company; these are Unlimited website hosting, Windows VPS hosting and their windows dedicated server hosting

Along with the ordering guide, we will also cover for you the time it will take for you to get your order activated.

Let’s continue this journey of learning and get ready with the article.

What are the Price and Plans of Web Hosting? 

Although ProHoster offers different types of services along with web hosting such as free website building and SSL certification but here we have covered for you are all the plans along with pricing of all the web hosting plans.


Unlimited hosting

Click to Drag Down the Hosting Tab > Choose the hosting plans from among the following options

  • Cpanel hosting
  • ISPManager hosting

Their plan remains absolutely the same in pricing and configurations; the only change is with their referred name and are mentioned below:

  • Unlim-1 starts from $ 2.5 pm
  • Unlim-2 starts from $ 4.5 pm
  • Unlim-3 starts from $ 8 pm
  • Unlim-4 starts from $ 11 pm
  • Unlim-5 starts from $ 13.5 pm

VPS hosting

This company provides two types of plans to its users:

  • Linux VPS SSD (LXD)
  • Windows VDS SSD/NVMe (KVM)

Dedicated server hosting

With dedicated server in various places you can choose where do you want your server to be located.


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How to Order Unlimited Website Hosting in ProHoster? 

This is how you’ll be able to order unlimited hosting from ProHoster. Follow these steps:

  • Click to drag down the Hosting Tab > Press the desired hosting services from among the options, we selected unlimited hosting here.
  • This will redirect you to a new page; scroll down to your preferred plan < click on the “Add to Cart” button.
  • This will again direct you toward your registration page < Enter your relevant details in the required field.
Prohoster order
  • After successfully Logging in to your Prohoster account, you’ll get access to your Dashboard right away < fill in the information such as IP address, License name, and Auto-renewal < click on the “add to cart” button.
  • Clicking the add to cart button will open up the payments page < enter promo code and click on pay.
  • Complete the payment with the preferred method and your order is done and booked with them.

Allow us to help you with Window VPS hosting too.

How to Order Windows VPS Hosting in ProHoster?

The below mentioned are the steps on how will you order from Windows VPS Hosting:

  • Visit the ProHoster page < hover and click on the VPS tab < click on the Window VDS SSD/NVMe (KVM) button.
  • On the new page, scroll down and find the preferred plans < click on the Add To Cart button.
Prohoster VPS Plans
  • This will open on the registration page same as the above plans< complete your registration by entering your relevant information < click on the register button after solving captcha.
  • Your dashboard will open up which will load up like the image below < click on the order a service tab.
Prohoster Dashboard of VPS servers
  • You will see a variety of services this company offers here, as of now we are searching for the Virtual Server button < click on Order button.
  • Select from the variety of plans according to your use case < click on the Order button across your preferred plan.
  • Right after the plan configuration will open up < enter or select the following details such as domain name, operating system, preinstalled software, IP-address, Disk Space, CPU number, RAM, IPv6-subnet prefix < click on “add to cart” right after confirming the configurations.
  • This will redirect you to the checkout page < choose from the preferred payment method < complete your payment.

Your purchase is successful, and to know about the activation time wait scroll down as we have a surprise waiting for you right this way.

The next is the guide on ordering on the dedicated hosting server from ProHosters.

How to Order Windows Dedicated Server in ProHoster 

Let’s further start on how to order windows dedicated server from ProHoster.

  • Visit the official page of ProHosters < Under the server tab look for any preferred server you want your hosting from( as in our case we went with the US(New York)
  • Scroll down and look for the preferred plans < click on the Add To Cart button on your preffered plan.
ProHoster Dedicated servers in USA
  • On the next page, complete your registration by entering the relevant information same as VPS hosting.
  • You will be logged in to your dashboard, and the same page as VPS plans will pop up but now < click on the dedicated server’s “order” button like VPS.
  • This will open up your plan page < choose your plan according to the preferred locations from here shown below in the image.
Prohoster Dedicated server location
  • Check and choose from the plan under this server < click on the order button right away.
  • A configuration page will open up for you < check for the renewal date and enter the asked information such as the domain name, OS, IP address, IPv6 address, Port speed < click on the Add To Cart button right after checking the configuration.

Okay, now you have the complete information on the various types of hosting this company offers and is also aware of how to buy these hosting services from ProHoster.

Let’s continue to learn about the ProHoster’s activation time on their various plans.

How much time does ProHoster take to Activate my Order? 

Have you ordered hosting from ProHosters and the wait is killing you? Wait and let us tell you about the time it will take for you to get your order confirmed.

After sending the customer support team a ticket regarding the same issue and making several purchases from them we can confirm a wait of 8 to 10 hours will be required to get your order confirmed from them after of course you complete your payment successfully.

Prohoster Supports
Prohoster ticket supports

Let’s sum up all our findings, shall we?

Conclusion / Order Hosting from ProHoster

Finally, you have reached the end of this article. Now we can truly say that you know everything about the prices and plans of ProHoster and even know the ordering process for the unlimited hosting plan, windows VPS plan and the dedicated server plan from the company website itself. Amazing! Isn’t it?

Want to read more about this company, try a read on our other article, where we covered for you ProHoster login procedure where we have covered for you how to login to the dashboard and control panel.

Comment down below with suggestions and what will you like for us to cover next tell us down below. As always, Get Hosting.

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