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Since now, gladly you are here, let ‘s discuss in detail about the plans and prices of different web hosting products offered by RoseHosting, stepwise method to place order and lastly we’ll be discussing about the activation period on successfully placing the order as well.

As you already know from the Positive reviews given by potential buyers of hosting services from RoseHosting like its the high quality features with 24/7 support services offered, let us dive in instantly with the purchasing process of hosting services from RoseHosting.

What are the price and plans of Magento Hosting?

The vibrant plans and its affordable prices are been shown as under:

RoseHosting Magento Hosting Plans

Keep on scrolling the article down to understand the procedure to order different web hosting services from RoseHosting.

How to order WordPress Hosting from RoseHosting?

To order WordPress Hosting services from RoseHosting, you needs to observe the steps provided below:

  • Visit the website of RoseHosting > Go to RoseHosting HomePage. 
  • On the HomePage, go to the top menu bar > Drag the Managed Hosting tab down > Click the WordPress hosting > This will take you to the WordPress hosting page.
go to the top menu bar
  • On the WordPress hosting page, you will find different hosting packages that are structured only for WordPress > analyze the features and pricing of each and every package to choose one that suits your needs > press move your site option.
Managed WordPress hosting Plan
  • Once you have clicked the option of your desired package > you’ll be redirected to the hosting package configuration page > 1) Click to register a new Domain or Transfer an existing Domain > 2) Click on the desired extension for your domain while registering > 3) Enter your desired domain name > 4) Press the continue button.
hosting package configuration page
  • After pressing the continue button > 1) Select the billing period for domain registration > 2) Click the Order now option.
Select the billing period for domain registration
  • On pressing the above option > 1) Choose your appropriate language required in case of IDN domain > 2) Set your nameservers, if you are using an existing domain with your previous hosting service provider or else RoseHosting nameservers will be used by default if in case you are registering a new domain > 3) Press the continue option.
On pressing the above option
  • On making necessary settings related to your domain 1) desired features are displayed on the product configuration page > 2) Choose the Billing cycle as per your need and budget > 3) Pick any addons services from among the features you might require > 4) Press the Continue option.
On making necessary settings related to your domain
  • After pressing the continue option > 1) Review the order description to ensure everything is perfect > 2) Choose the appropriate Payment method for safe and secure transaction > 3) Enter your relevant details to register yourself with RoseHosting > 4) or else Press the Already registered option if you already have a RoseHosting login Id and enter your login credentials > 5) Click the Terms of service checkbox > 6) Press the Checkout option.
order description to ensure everything is perfect

On pressing the checkout option > Enter your credit card or PayPal details initiating the transaction to finally place the order.

A lot of you might be wondering about the order activation status. Do not worry!! A detailed discussion has been done later in this article. But first let’s carry on to help out those who desire to order Linux VPS Hosting from RoseHosting. So, keep scrolling further.

How to order Linux VPS Hosting in RoseHosting?

Let’s minimize your efforts put in, to order Linux VPS Hosting services from RoseHosting. For that to happen, you need to look into the stepwise procedures mentioned below:

  • Go to RoseHosting HomePage > Press the Managed Hosting tab down to select the Linux VPS Hosting from among the options provided.
  • On clicking the VPS hosting tab, you’ll reach the VPS hosting page > Select the suitable package from among the various hosting packages according to your suitability > Press the Get your VPS option to proceed with the order.
Press the Get your VPS option to proceed with the order
  • On clicking the desired option > you’ll reach the Product configuration page > Review the features you’ll be getting on ordering the VPS hosting package > choose the appropriate billing cycle > select the relevant options by dragging down cPanel and LiteSpeed web server tabs >  Select the necessary addons > Press the continue option.
order Linux VPS Hosting in RoseHosting

Are you looking for the procedures to easily order Dedicated servers and you are afraid that we won’t be covering that? Sit back and relax, as now we are now going to list down stepwise procedures to order it 

How to order RoseHosting Dedicated Hosting?

So for those, looking forward to ordering Dedicated servers from RoseHosting, we have listed the relevant steps you need to adopt to order so.

Though the instructions that you need to follow when placing the order for dedicated servers is similar to that which is adopted when ordering the WordPress or Linux Hosting services.

The steps are as stated below:

  • Go to RoseHosting HomePage > Drag down the Managed Hosting > Click the Dedicated server option right away.
  • On clicking the Dedicated server tab, scroll down to select an appropriate dedicated server plan from among the ones listed > Press Sign up to proceed further with the order.
RoseHosting Dedicated Hosting
  • On pressing the Sign up option, you’ll reach the product configuration page > review the features you’ll be getting when purchasing the order > add the necessary billing cycle > and pick the necessary Addons relevant to your dedicated servers > Click the Continue option.
order RoseHosting Dedicated Hosting
  • On making necessary settings related to the Dedicated server you’re ordering > Review your order to cross check the features you opted for > choose the appropriate payment method before initiating the payment for placing your Dedicated servers.

The steps required to follow for processing the payment to place the order are similar to the steps provided above to order WordPress or Linux VPS Hosting. Please refer to the images from above, for detailed navigation.

Now, let’s discuss what we were keenly waiting for so far. Acknowledging the status of Activation of your order is as important as placing the order.   

How much time does RoseHosting take to activate my order?

Late activation of hosting orders delays the functioning of your website thereby proving  dissatisfactory for the potential users.

For our readers sake, we have been able to successfully establish contact with the RoseHosting support team to know about the matter in detail.

After having a friendly chit chat with the support team of RoseHosting, we came to know the fact that your web hosting orders get activated soon after the payment is successfully done within 10 minutes time.

Dedicated servers may take time from upto 30 minutes to one hour depending upon the complexity involved in the configuration of the servers. However, the WordPress hosting and VPS hosting orders are processed and activated soon after the payment is rendered.

Conclusion – Order Hosting From RoseHosting

Now didn’t your knowledge about the ordering process of hosting services from Rosehoting boost? 

Reading this article might have proved worthy by letting you know about the stepwise ordering process of web hosting services in a better way. And not only that, we have also made a sincere effort from your side to establish a friendly talk with the expert team of RoseHosting to know about the activation period of your order.

We hope that this article has been able to provide blessed assistance related to the ordering process of web hosting services from RoseHosting. Please share your valuable comments with us to let us know your viewpoint. 

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