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As in this article, we’ll be discussing the Plans and Prices of the Web Hosting Services offered by OVHcloud. Not only that, we’ll be also providing you detailed step by step instructions to place an order for the Web hosting services as well. At the end, we have talked about the order activation period soon after the payment is made. So, Let’s read 👍

What are the Price and Plans of Web Hosting?

Before you make a move to order Web Hosting services from OVHcloud, it will be good if you halt for a while and give time to choose the Right Web Hosting Plan that is suitable for you.

Below, we have given a detail about the VPS and the Dedicated Server Hosting plans and its features to enable you to choose the right one among them.

VPS Servers

Having an e-commerce store, and do not know which product to pick for hosting? Come here and choose VPS Servers that are incredibly Reliable due to its powerful processing setup and greater storage, giving you an excellent hosting environment. 

Sounds good, doesn’t it? If you are keen to purchase the VPS Hosting services from OVHcloud, we’ll recommend you to look at the plans and its related prices to get an easy idea before we get to the ordering process.

Plans and FeaturesCPU SeriesRAMStorage Bandwidth Price per Month
Starter 1 vCore2 GB20 GB SSD SATA100 Mbps$4.20
Value1 vCore2 GB40 GB SSD NVMe250 Mbps$7
Essential 2 vCore4 GB80 GB SSD NVMe500 Mbps$14.70
Comfort 4 vCore8 GB160 GB SSD NVMe1 Gbps$27.30
Elite8 vCore 8 – 32 GB160 – 640 GB SSD NVMe2 Gbps$39.40

Dedicated Servers Hosting

For websites professional needs, users can opt for Dedicated Server Hosting Plans to cater the increased requirements of the sites. Moreover, a Dedicated server provides a user with greater RAM, bigger storage, anti-DDoS and a lot more incredible features giving an enhanced level to your online presence.

Impressed right? For our readers, we have made sincere efforts to arrange the relevant information about the Dedicated servers along with its monthly price in a tabular form. 

Plans and FeaturesAboutRAMPrice per Month
Advanced Dedicated ServersSuitable for small and medium businessUpto 1 TB$85.50
Game Dedicated ServersFor Games and streaming platforms.Upto 128 GB$108
Infrastructure Dedicated ServersFor building huge infrastructuresUpto 512 GB$123
Scale Dedicated ServersFor complex infrastructuresUpto 1.5 TB$399.50
High Grade Dedicated ServersOptimized for Critical loadsUpto 2 TB$939
Storage Dedicated ServersFor Backups and StorageUpto  32 GB$90.90

With that being said, let’s take a ride to understand the complete ordering process of the web hosting services from OVHcloud. 

How to Order VPS Servers Hosting on OVHCloud?

To order VPS Servers Hosting services from OVHcloud, a user needs to follow the instructions given as under:

  • Visit the official website of OVHcloud > Drag down the Bare Metals and VPS tab > Click the VPS option.
  • Choose the Right plan among the options given > Press the order now option.
  • Configure your VPS by clicking the modify button > Select the appropriate operating system(Plesk Desbian for $10, cPanel for $12, Docker for free) > Choose the nearest location of your servers > Press the continue option.
 Order Hosting From OVHCloud
  • Pick the Automated Backup plan starting from $3.70 on a monthly basis >Choose the additional storage as per your website needs > Press the continue option.
Press the continue option
  • Select the billing period as per your budget and suitability > Enter a promo code to avail attractive Discounts on VPS prices > Press the Login and Pay option.
Select the billing period as per your budget and suitability
  • On clicking the Login and Pay option > You’ll need to enter your login credentials if you are an existing user, or else you’ll be required to register yourself with OVHcloud at first.
login credentials
  • On logging in you’ll be redirected to the billing area where you’ll be required to pay for the hosting services purchased.
  • After successfully making the payment for your VPS hosting services, your servers are soon activated.

Users are keen to know how much time the VPS servers take to get activated soon after the payment is made. To this, we have tried contacting the support team, the response of which will be discussed in detail later in this page. 

But first let’s see the ordering process of Dedicated Servers Hosting from OVHcloud.

How to Order Dedicated Servers Hosting on OVHCloud?

To place an order for Dedicated Servers Hosting services from OVHcloud, a user needs to adopt the instructions given as under:

  • Visit the official website of OVHcloud > Drag down the Bare Metals and VPS tab > Click the Dedicated server option.
  • Choose the right Dedicated server plan from among the options provided > Press the View Advanced Servers option. 
  • After choosing the Right hosting plan for your website > Pick the Category, Ranges, Prices, Processors, Bandwidth and Data center Location as per your website needs.
  • Select from the reconfigured plan and choose the one suitable for hosting your website > Press the Configure the Server (***).
Select from the reconfigured plan
  • On making necessary changes > Click the Continue order option to proceed further with the purchasing process.
Click the Continue order optio
  • Now click the Checkout option after reviewing the entire hosting package before the final purchase.
OVHCloud  hosting package
  • You’ll first need to register in your account, if you are a new user. Login to OVHcloud with your login credentials if you are an existing user.
  • After logging in, you’ll be redirected to the billing area, where you’ll be required to make the payment using your appropriate payment method.

On making the payment, your dedicated servers take time to activate. As you read further, you’ll get detailed information about the order activation period. So keep Reading 👍 OVHCloud NamerServer

How much time does OVHCloud take to Activate my Order?

As far as the hosting service providers are concerned, the activation of the VPS servers usually takes 5 to 10 minutes whereas, the dedicated servers take approx 48 to 72 hours to get fully activated for usage due to complex functionality.

However, we have tried contacting the support team of OVHcloud regarding the activation period of the order. Unfortunately, we didn’t receive any response from the live chat expert nor from the ticket support agents. Maybe due to Limited working hours they were unable to attend our request. 

So lastly we assure you that the activation period of the order for VPS and Dedicated servers would be the same mentioned above. 

Conclusion – Order Hosting From OVHCloud

Got what you needed! Right? The entire ordering process for VPS servers and Dedicated Servers explained Step by Step with the help of HQ Images will assist you at all times. We have tabulated Plans, Features & Monthly price as well to enable you to take an idea before you make a move to purchase the hosting services from OVHcloud.

Get Started with your favorite VPS server or Dedicated Server services from OVHcloud Now!

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