Order Hosting From WebDock

Yes, it’s the right place you’re looking for! We’re here to assist you in the basics of order hosting from WebDock. Before going to the basics, let’s see what WebDock provides;

WebDock is one of the best cloud VPS hosting providers. They offer two types of VPS hosting services: Xeon VPS and Ryzen VPS. We also reviewed the WebDock reviews, which have a rating of 4.4/5 on Trustpilot.

In this article, we will see these VPS hostings’ plans and pricing structure with their ordering process. This will help to save you time and make you feel easy for the way to explore all its features. 

So, without any delay, let’s start with the pricing and plans of the VPS Cloud server;

What are the prices and plans for VPS Cloud Server pricing?

We’ll show you the pricing and plan structure of VPS cloud server hosting in WebDock. We already mentioned that it has two VPS products. 

Check the tables below to get a clear idea:

  • Intel Xeon Cloud VPS hosting: Customise your VPS profile with Xeon cloud servers, which provide features like SSL certificates, Backup snapshots, Bot protection, etc.
€5.99/month Or$6.50/month€23.99/monthOr $26.99/month€47.99/monthOr$52.08/month
5 threads/vCPU2O threads/vCPU30 threads/vCPU
  • Ryzen cloud VPS hosting: Ryzen helps you to supercharge your VPS with water-cooled CPUs. It includes a web server panel, and you can completely customise your VPS profile.
Ryzen Nano4Ryzen 9 Bit MoreRyzen 9 Premium
1 thread/vCPU4 threads/vCPU12 threads/vCPU

The tables mentioned above will help you select the best VPS cloud-paid plan! If the choice still overwhelms you, don’t wait; just contact the WebDock support team.

Ok, we got it; now you’re confused about the ordering process, right? See below to make the process clear and easy!

How to Order VPS Cloud Server [ Intel Xeon] in WebDock?

Let’s start with Intel Xeon first:

  • Firstly, open the official website of WebDock> sign up using your credentials or do WebDock login if you already have an account > search for Xeon VPS in products.
WebDock VPS Cloud Server [ Intel Xeon]
  • If you click on Ryzen Cloud VPS, another interface will open, like the picture below. There, you can find the plans and pricing:
Ryzen Cloud VPS Interface
  • Next, select the plan according to your needs. Here, we will show you an example. We‘re going to choose the 1st plan over there:
Next, select the plan according to your needs
  • After clicking Order Now, you will be directed to the payment interface. Select the payment option you prefer, fill in your credentials, and make the payment to complete your successful order of the Intel Xeon VPS cloud.
payment interface
  • On Purchasing the web hosting service from WebDock, ensure that you point the nameserver to your domain. In case of an issue, Contact the support team to fix WebDock nameservers.

How to Order VPS Cloud Server [AMD Ryzen] in WebDock?

Adopt these below-mentioned steps to make your way clear to order an AMD Ryzen VPS cloud server:

  • Open the official WebDock page and select AMD Ryzen from the products.
VPS Cloud Server [AMD Ryzen]
  • Click on that to open the pricing and plans and select the plan according to your needs.
VPS Cloud Server [AMD Ryzen] Plans
  • After clicking Order Now, the payment interface will open. Select the payment method you prefer, fill in your credentials, and start exploring the Ryzen VPS Cloud server.
payment interface

How much time does WebDock take to Activate my Order?

Generally, WebDock activates orders instantly. If an order takes time to activate, users can contact the support team.  

If you want to know the exact activation timing, you can contact the WebDock support team directly.

Conclusion –  Order Hosting From WebDock

Through this article, we hope that we have assisted you properly in ordering hosting from WebDock. Also, we mentioned the pricing plans to select the best fit for you.

We suggest you to asses your needs first before choosing any paid plan. Evaluate the plans and their features properly to make them an excellent choice for your website.

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