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Did you make your way all across the web Pages to reach this post to find the way to contact the OVHcloud support team? Isn’t the answer to this is yes? If that’s true then let us buckle up and go through the article to know well about the ways one can contact the support team of OVHcloud effortlessly.

Furthermore, we will also have a look at the positive feedback that the potential users have for OVHcloud support and confirm the same with our relevant tests as well. But before we make a leap forward, let’s have a quick brief about OVHcloud. đź‘Ť

About OVHCloud 

OVHcloud, which started in 1999, provides an enormous selection of groundbreaking cloud and bare metal solutions. In addition to hosting, they provide a variety of cloud services and have a global infrastructure with 33 superb data centers. 

About OVHCloud

Hosting services like web, VPS, and dedicated are much more adaptable and likely to be used by today’s consumers owing to its sustainable, compliant, and secure cloud environment. 

With that being said, let’s make a quick dive through the support channels that OVHcloud provides to its new and its existing users as well.

What Support Channels Does OVHCloud Offer?

As far as the support channels of OVHcloud is concerned, it offers assistance to its customers via a wide range of mediums. They are as follows:

  • Live Chat

For users looking forward to sorting out minor issues that require less technical know-how, can use the Live chat option to address the issues.

OVHCloud Live Chat Support
  • Support Ticket system

A ticket support system is another way to get issues sorted out that are more technical in nature. The ticket support system enables the users to address and receive the reply in a descriptive format to resolve the issue from the root.

OVHCloud Support Ticket
  • Help Centre (Guides)

Help center, as the name says, is really helpful when it comes to Account settings > Networking and security > configuring DNS servers (OVHcloud Nameservers), and a lot more. A major portion of assistance is offered by the articles in the Help Center.

ovhcloud helpcenter

Keep scrolling further to acknowledge urself with the specifications involved in each and every support channel provided by OVHcloud. 

How to Contact OVHCloud Support

With the various support channels offered by OVHcloud being discussed so far, let’s now make an effort to know some technicalities involved in approaching the support team via the aforementioned channels. They are as follows:

To access the live chat option of OVHcloud, you need to follow the suggested steps provided as under:

Live Chat

  • Go to the official website of OVHcloud > press the? The help orange icon is displayed at the bottom of the screen.
  • On pressing the above option, enter the name, registered email address, and the issue that you want to convey to the support staff. > Press the send message option.
OVHCloud Live Chat Support
  • On submitting the issue, you’ll receive the reply depending upon the availability of the support staff.

Ticket support

Now, let’s see how easily you can approach the ticket support system in OVHcloud, for which you need to follow the given guidelines as under:

  • Go to the official website of OVHcloud > login to your OVHcloud account to open a ticket.
  • After logging in to your account > press the Support ticket option provided right at the bottom of the page under Help support option.
  • On pressing the required option > click the + open a support ticket option > fill in the issue you require to get addressed by the support staff of OVHcloud.
  • Finally press the continue options after you complete your support ticket.

Help Center

This is the one and only best support option available to the new as well as existing users of 

OVHcloud. In order to get access to this support channel, one needs to follow the given steps:

  • Click the Help center option provided at the bottom of your display under the useful links heading > click on the required field you need the assistance in.

How do I Check My Support Ticket History?

It feels you are contended after knowing the effortless way to locate the ticket option to type concerns to the support staff. 

Lets see how you can check the status of your support ticket previously submitted to the support staff to get more contented with the support services offered by OVHcloud.

  • Go to the official website of OVHcloud > login to your OVHcloud account.
  • Click the My support ticket option > a tabular format of your ticket is displayed under the my support ticket tab.
  • Check the status of your selected ticket under the status tab.

Lets see how efficient the support channels of OVHcloud are? For that we have listed a few of the potential clients’ feedback to let the new users get an idea about the level of responsiveness and effectiveness the support channels render the services.

Other OVHCloud Customer Feedback

Feedback is the grassroot level of help that can be provided to the users before they actually plan to buy the services. Therefore we have listed the recent reviews that some clients of OVHclous posted online. 

Let’s go through each and everyone of them to get an overall picture about the support services offered by OVHcloud:

  • Unsatisfied Customer support
ovhcloud customer feedback
  • Slow response time 

Though the picture of OVHcloud framed by its existing users is not that good. 

Our Experience with the OVHCloud Support 

So, to verify the creditworthiness of the comments posted by the clients, we tried and tested the support channels of OVHcloud and came with the following points as under:

  • Live Chat

We never received any response to our concern posted via live chat. 

They offer the support service via live chat on weekdays (Monday-Friday from 8:00 to 5:00) and no support services via live chat on weekends (Saturday and Sunday).

  • Ticket support 

No reply was received from the Ticket support that was submitted a day ago, to the technical support staff. 

  • Help Center
  • Configuration related to most of the concerns were easily available in this option.
  • It can be easily located in the dashboard of your account itself.
  • The language in which the posts are written is simple, lucid and comprehensive.


So far we have understood all the support channels and the ways to access that are offered by OVHcloud, and not only that, we have even tested the support channels too giving you the recent updates about its creditworthiness. 

If you are a new user and are looking forward to get help for certain configuration related to nameservers or account settings, the best option at users’ sake is the help support option. It not only covers all the fields but also the words are user-friendly to understand. 

We hope you liked this article and your insightful comments might make a tremendous difference further motivating us to write more on such topics.

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