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OVHcloud Review 

Want to bring your ideas to life? If yes, walking on the same aim is this very renowned and trusted cloud platform- OVHCloud. 

Start your hosting journey with OVHCloud, which allows you to manage, protect as well as scale up your data. It’s been famous in the market because of its transparency and accountability, which led thousands of people to try its services and trust them with blind eyes. 

Here we are introducing you all to a qualified and certified service provider- OVH Cloud. Let’s know about the company and go through the analysis that we wrote after testing the platform ourselves! 

About OVHcloud     

Introduced in 1999, OVHcloud offers a full range of innovative cloud and bare metal solutions. With a global infrastructure with 33 world-class data centers, they also offer many cloud services besides hosting

OVHcloud Review

Its sustainable, compliant and secure cloud environment makes hosting’s like web, VPS and Dedicated even more compatible and likely to be used by today’s users. 

Without further ado, we’ll share a copy of the test and analysis we run through OVHcloud to give you an honest review of the company. 

Test and Analysis

We analysed OVHcloud through its interface, security and customer support- the three main and crucial aspects of running a smooth website. Explore with us and learn more about their services with this testing:

User Interface

OVH Cloud offers an easy-to-operate website plus Control Panel. It has its own OVHcloud control panel, which we worked on and could easily manage our services through it. 

User Interface

Plus, its website is not complicated but self-explanatory, with each service described differently and its pricing is given in the right format. Hence, overall it has a great user interface, and you will face no problems while working with it. 

Here’s what OVHCloud’s control panel’s dashboard looks like:

 Security Analysis

They offer anti-DDoS protection. A distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack floods a targeted website or platform with malicious traffic in an effort to sabotage services or fully shut them down. 

This kind of cyberattack has the ability to damage your company’s reputation in addition to its financial bottom line.

Every OVHcloud product is, by default, guarded against this kind of malicious behavior’s. With the ability to neutralise attacks up to 1.3 Tbit/s in magnitude, their Anti-DDoS infrastructure includes edge, backbone, and data center network logic.

Customer Support

OVHCloud’s customer support is not that strong. They provide a knowledge base (guides and documentation) for you to go through in case of need. 

Customer Support

They offer unmanaged VPS and Dedicated Server services. Hence, they do not provide any particular kind of customer support. They do have support services that the user can buy as per their choice and budget and enjoy individually alongside their hosting services. 

📌 LiquidWeb and Kamatera are my personal favourites when it comes to customer support.

OVHcloud Data Centers Location 

With a global customer base and services offered worldwide, OVHCloud’s solutions must be as flexible and user-centric as feasible. They have positioned data centers all over the world and are constantly extending the geographic reach of our solutions.

Their 33 data centers are located in the following nations:

OVHcloud Data Centers Location 
  • France
  • Canada
  • USA
  • Australia
  • Germany
  • Poland
  • The UK 
  • Singapore

Key Features of OVHcloud Hosting 

Let’s list the features of OVHcloud. These are the common features of all the services that they provide:

  • Performance: The servers are configured by OVHcloud and powered by Intel-next generation architecture, NVMe SSD storage and all the resources are located to you. It’ll also make sure that your server keeps up to date with security patches. 
  • Availability: OVHcloud provides minimal latency hardware availability, which an SLA guarantees. They provide constant and stable services, which makes them high-available and reliable. 
  • Scalability: Building an architecture with OVHcloud servers gives you a solid technological foundation for your company’s online platform. The option to link your servers to other OVHcloud solutions, such as Hosted Private Cloud and Public Cloud, improves the scalability of your infrastructure.
  • A dedicated environment: You have full administrative access to your virtual server and can use all of the offered hardware resources to host websites. You may manage your online projects in a server environment that is scaled to your usage.
  • Backup Options: They back up and restore tools for files and databases. You can protect your data. Routinely and automatically back up your data using the auto backup option with OVHCloud. 
  • Unlimited Traffic: OVHcloud grows your business without limits. Especially, the VPS server can handle a limitless amount of traffic with a 2Gbit/s bandwidth cap. This implies that you can host services or applications that demand a lot of bandwidth, giving your clients the best browsing possible without spending any more money.

OVHcloud Refund Policy 

OVHcloud offers a money-back guarantee of 30 days. OVHcloud says that within 30 days of the withdrawal request, you will receive a refund of the initial payment. After the deduction of the payment for the days of services used. Other hosts like HostArmada offer a 45-days refund policy.

OVHcloud Domain Service

“As an AFNIC-accredited registrar, OVHcloud facilitates all of the steps and operations required to register and transfer your domain.”

OVHcloud provides a lot of extensions at affordable rates. You can easily get your desired domain name registered and transferred from another company to OVHcloud and renew it with OVHCloud’s domain services. 

OVHcloud Domain Service

They also give you a guideline on choosing your domain name and ensuring it represents your brand and is SEO optimized. 

For better reference, here is the price listing of some domain extensions offered by OVHCloud:

  • .COM
  • .COM.BR
  • .US
  • .TECH
  • .CO
  • .SHOP
  • .OVH
  • .CLUB
  • .INFO
  • .DEV

OVHcloud Pros & Cons 

After discussing the goods of OVHCloud, it’s time to focus on its bad too! Fasten your seatbelts to get the crucial outcome that came out after we experimented on them:


  • Managed Web Hosting 
  • 30-day money-back guarantee 
  • Provides various kinds of products and services apart from hosting 
  • Unlimited traffic 
  • Get a High-speed connection to the global network. 
  • Daily backup and restoring data to ensure complete security and preservation of it. 


  • Lacks good support; provides premium support services. 
  • A limited number of pre-installed content management systems are available.

Why Should You Choose OVHcloud for Your Website?

Why should you be choosing OVHcloud? There are many reasons that we can outline when this question arises OVHcloud is a tech-passionate company built to provide ultra-high security network and guaranteed bandwidth. 

They worked and accomplished in providing reduced latency with their 33 data centers spread globally. And the one main point about them is that they are cost-effective and optimize your costs. They have competitive and clear prices. 

Going on with constant innovation to the construction of their own servers, creation and upkeep of the data centres, OVHcloud is in charge of the entire process of hosting without any other involvement. As a result, they promise premium hosting solutions at affordable pricing that are flexible and dependable.

So, what’s not to like in them?

Do we recommend OVHCloud for your Website?

OVHCloud is one of the biggest hosting provider solutions companies offering your company the best hosting solution.

For Past successful years,  the company has delivered its services to many clients worldwide. It offers all hosting solutions in one affordable place and quality.

Moreover, the company is well recognized for its customer service support and excellent professional backup team to help clients put in all their stops.

So, yes, we highly recommend OVHCloud hosting solutions to be chosen as your business hosting provider.

FAQs: OVHcloud Review 

Is OVH secure?

Yes, OVHcloud is protected by anti-DDoS protection, which determines various aspects of server security and protects it from known and unknown attacks. 

Is OVH good for VPS?

Yes, OVHcloud provides scalability, customisation, unlimited bandwidth, up to 2Gbit/s and Anti-DDoS protection with its VPS hosting. Not only this, but many more features come along, which makes it good for VPS.

What Panel does OVHcloud Offer?

OVHcloud offers its own OVH Control Panel. It’s easy to use and well-marked, which makes operating their control panel simple and fast. 

Does OVHcloud Hosting Offer Extra Services?

Yes, besides hosting hosts, OVHcloud also offers services like domain services, enterprise-level, conducts programs, and offers various types of servers like gaming, advance, storage and more!

What makes OVHCloud Blazing fast?

OVHCloud is an amalgamation of the best technicians and experts consulting what is best for you. 

They put in all stops to bring out the best solutions for your business, making them blazing fast and superior to their customers.

Conclusion: OVHcloud Review 

Ending the OVHcloud Review  with a note that you must be aware of the customer support they are offering. Its standard support is nothing but a knowledgebase and documentation from which the user has to refer and solve their problems. And if you want to support, you will have to buy their premium support services. 

Apart from this, OVHcloud has marked its position as one of the best Cloud Computing Service Providers over the years. We guess this OVHcloud hosting review made you think about them and that you will come out with an informed decision!

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OVHcloud Review 

  1. I keep losing business opportunities through OVH Cloud

    I paid for VPS Server on 5th March last OVH Cloud and they told me that they don’t have enough servers and they will allocate me a server in 24 to 48 hours. They also sent an INVOICE number for payment, my account has been deactivated since yesterday evening. Attempts to contact the customer care number for clarification were unsuccessful.


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