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Scaleway Review

Customer engagement is a core need for the expansion of any business. Connecting to people on a wide scale needs a platform that provides for all necessities to build a website that makes it easy for expanding your business. This is where Scaleway steps in to give you the feature-rich platform for all your hosting needs.

Scaleway, being of French origin has now captured the entire European market. Currently, the company introduced Apple silicon M1 as-a-Service expanding its services across all of Spain and Germany. Moreover, with this hosting service provider not only can you choose to take your website online but save money through the affordable prices.

In this Scaleway review, we will learn about the different sections of the company and how they have created an entire ecosystem for their users.

About Scaleway

Scaleway, previously also known as Online SAS/Online.net, is a French Cloud computing and web hosting company based in Paris, France founded by Xavier Niel in the year 1999

About Scaleway Review

Scaleway provides cloud computing architectures and physical dedicated servers through their Scaleway Element brands and Scaleway Dedibox. 

Scaleway Data Center Locations

Scaleway operates and owns many data center locations all of which are located in France.

Scaleway Data Center Locations
  • DC2—Located in Val-de-Marne consuming a periphery of 4,500 square meters is the first data centre constructed in 1989 by NMPP and then successively taken over by ISDNet, Cable & Wireless, Tiscali, and Telecom Italia, and hence it is an indirect product of the acquisition of Alice ADSL by Illiad.
  • DC3—Also located in Val-de-Marne with a periphery of 11,800 square meters built in 2012.
  • DC4—Located in Vitry-Sur-Seine with an area of  8,000 square meters has six floors situated in the 15th arrondissement of Paris. It was built between 1936 to 1939 and was acquired by Illiad in 2011.
  • DC5—Located at the Saint-Ouen-L’Aumone with an area of 32,000 square meters, is responsible for handling the growth of the hoster from 2107 to 2025.

Key Features of Scaleway

Key Features of Scaleway
  • 24/7 support: Scaleway is one of the few web hosting platforms that provide 24/hr support. You can contact them at any time and they will be sure to resolve your issue. 
  • Web and Cloud Hosting: Not just Web hosting, Scaleway provides both web and cloud hosting. So you need to worry about space, there will always be enough for the contents of your website. 
  • CMS: Scaleway provides a ton of options you can choose from which includes Dotclear, Shaarli, PluXML, Spip, Php BB, Gallery
  • Statistics: They will also give you a view of the statistics of the amount of traffic generated and help keep a clear record.

Types of Scaleway Hosting Plan Offer

Scaleway provides you with web and cloud hosting, with each type of hosting coming with a separate plan. You can choose anyone that suits you the best based on the type of website objective you have in your mind. The pricing depends on the type of performance and resources you choose.

Types of Scaleway Hosting Plan Offer
  • WEB HOSTING: Ideal for small business sites, web hosting provided by Scaleway provides free domain and email account support with each plan and has excellent performance and good speed. Their cheapest Hosting plan includes 150GB of HDD. They have 3 plans for web hosting categories which are quite affordable.
  • PERSONAL HOSTING PLAN: This includes a domain name, 1 MySQL Database, and supports 3 email accounts with a disk space of up to 150GB HDD.
  • PRO HOSTING PLAN: This also includes a domain name, and 5 MySQL databases, and supports 100 email accounts with a disk space of up to 300 GB HDD.
  • BUSINESS HOSTING PLAN: This includes a domain name, up to 10 MySQL databases, and supports 750 email accounts along with a disk space of 750GB HDD.
  • CLOUD HOSTING: If you are looking for benefits of service, then you can use Cloud Hosting. Scaleway provides a large disk space in cloud hosting, which hence allows you to host a large site with a lot of content, along with the domain which is included here by default.
  • ESSENTIAL HOSTING PLAN: It includes a domain name, 2 cores of CPU, a RAM of 1GB, and disk space of 500GB SSD.
  • PERFORMANCE HOSTING PLAN: Includes the domain name, vCPU of 4 cores, RAM of 2GB, and disk space of 750GB SSD.
  • PREMIUM HOSTING PLAN Includes the domain name, vCPU of 8 cores, RAM of 8GB, and disk space of 750GB SSD.

Scaleway Pros And Cons

Let us list out the pros and cons of this hosting platform in this Scaleway review.


  • Included Domain
  • SSD Demand allocated
  • MySql included


  • No refunds
  • Tough for beginners
  • Not clear enough user interface 

Conclusion – Scaleway Review

The Scaleway Hosting review fills you completely with features you would need as your platform for hosting your website.

Make sure that if you are using the Scaleway Hosting platform you start with the middle plans than the base plans since they offer more at the best price. Scaleway is really good in terms of speed and efficiency and has great customer support as per what we spoke about.

It might get a little tough if you are a beginner to get started with things, but overall, you can easily learn as you start using it, and might be perfect for you.

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