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PrenHost Review

Technological growth has made us used to get easy access to everything. So when you run a business, you must know that people look for comfort not just in your product but also in buying it or using your service. This makes it imperative for you to have a business website.

However, this requires a plan and a lot of consideration for website development and hosting. While the development aspect is tricky, you don’t really have to give it much thought as your developer would take care of everything. 

But if you wish the same for hosting, you need to initially put in some research work to find the hosting solution that best suits your business needs.

One such solution that we came across is PrenHost. It’s great for beginners as well as pros and can help a lot with business growth. To help you understand more benefits of this hosting, let us look at this PrenHost review. 

About PrenHost

Whether you are a beginner or an expert in this website hosting game, most of you will definitely want to have an easier time working with website hosting. PrenHost understands this, and therefore, it offers an easy-to-use interface and features that are suitable for beginners and experts.

PrenHost Review

It aims to offer the best speed and security to your website so that you have the best gains out of it. Apart from that, it helps you build your website, give it a domain name, and host it all in one place so that you do not have to run around different sites. 

PrenHost Data Center Location

PrenHost has its presence around the world with global availability of data centres located in-

PrenHost Data Center Location
  • France
  • Germany
  • US
  • Bangladesh
  • Singapore

Key Features of PrenHost  

Let us now take a look at the key features of PrenHost in this PrenHost review.

Key Features of PrenHost  

Fast Speed

We know from our own experiences that we love the fast speed of websites, and if it takes more than a few seconds to load, we get irritated and leave the page. When you take hosting with Prenhost, this does not happen to your websites when your potential customers visit them.

PrenHost offers lightning speed, and Turbo Hosting solution is also available for your business and blogs for more speed and higher performance. 

Pre-Installed WordPress

WordPress is great for high-traffic websites, and most businesses use this CMS for their web development and management. Understanding the same, PrenHost offers pre-installed WordPress so that you don’t have to fall into the hassles of integrating your hosting with the WordPress CMS.

Free Let’s Encrypt SSL

Forming secure connections is essential to prevent your data from being harmed or misused. This can be avoided by creating secure connections, which can be done with SSL certificates. PrenHost offers free Let’s Encrypt SSL.

99.9% Uptime

You cannot always be awake to attend to a customer, but your website can with 99.9% uptime offered by PrenHost hosting. 

30-Day Refund

Don’t you feel more tempted to buy those things that ensure no risk of them since you are backed with a money-back guarantee? PrenHost understands this temptation and offers a 30-day refund policy on all its plans.

PrenHost Hosting Plans 

PrenHost offers a large number of services, including hosting. There are several types of hosting that serve different purposes. A few types of hosting that PrenHost offers are Managed VPS Hosting, Shared hosting, Reseller hosting, Dedicated Hosting, and WordPress hosting.

PrenHost Hosting Plans 
  • Managed VPS plans range from $47 per month to $88 per month.
  • Singapore Shared Hosting will cost you $4.99 per year to $28.99 per year.
  • Corporate hosting will cost from $16.99 per year to 34.99 per year.
  • Reseller hosting costs anywhere from $8 per month to $38 per month.

Types of Hosting Does PrenHost Offers 

PrenHost mainly provides five types of hosting:

Other than this, it also offers domain-related features and also website building. 

What Makes PrenHost Different from Other Hosting?

A few reasons why PrenHost is different from other hostings is its capacity to do most of the tasks related to a website in one place.

It can help you build your website, register its domain name, install applications and host your website all in one place. 

FAQ’s – PrenHost Review

What payment methods do PrenHost accept?

PrenHost accepts many payment methods mentioned below in bullet points. 

  • Credit card 
  • Debit card 
  • PayPal
  • Cryptocurrency etc.

Which Plan Should I Choose?

This is a very conditional question, let’s elaborate on it. PrenHost provides many services you can avail of with a very easy and simple process. For example, if you have high traffic, then we will recommend you to go with VPS or a Dedicated plan. 

But if you have a low budget, we will recommend you go with a shared hosting plan.

What are the benefits of Corporate Hosting?

Corporate hosting is a kind of combined hosting of both Shared and VPS servers, enabling the mentioned benefits. 

  •  fast performance
  •  low latency
  •  better loading speed.

How many websites can I host on a Dedicated Server?

Although you can host as many websites on the dedicated servers you want, but it sometimes also depends upon the resources offered by your service provider.

Conclusion – PrenHost Review

PrenHost is a hosting service provider that offers its services worldwide and has several data centres spread across the globe. They offer 24/7 customer support and 99.9% uptime.

Considering all these advantages this amazing hosting solution offers, we can only conclude this PrenHost review by approving that PrenHost is a pretty

affordable hosting service provider that helps you do most of your website building and running work in one place with an easy to use interface.

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4 User Reviews on

PrenHost Review

  1. Worst Hosting Ever

    My site during the first week of hosting was down 5 times, 1 time it was down for 8 hours before they fixed the issue.
    Avoid Prenhost – just terrible hosting

  2. Not a reliable hosting service

    Site was down almost every 2 days, not a good professional hosting service and slow reply to tickets. Maybe when they have more experience things will be better but at the moment i cannot suggest these peoples.

    • He is Posting this fake Review in many Web , I ask Web team to verify this Customer first . if he is prenhost customer ask him to provide his domain name so we will keep him support

  3. Don't Waste Your Time n' Money

    Service was down constantly and support is rude and takes days to get a reply. Seems like a 1 person hosting business based out of where they live so be very careful getting hosting here. Also seems like they are using nulled control panels.


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PrenHost Review

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