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Rajesh Chauhan
Web Hosting Expert

As a leading webhosting provider and experienced datacenter operator in Germany, Hetzner Online offers professional hosting solutions for a fair price.

On October 9, 2021

Hetzner Review: Best Dedicated Root Server and VPS Server

Hetzner Review: Online is a very popular web hosting company that is hosting more than millions of websites.

It is a German web hosting service Provider Company which are started in 1997 by Martin Hetzner, founder of Hetzner Company.

Its data centre is in Falkenstein, Vogtland, and Nuremberg and the head office is Located at Gunzenhausen, Bavaria.

Hetzner is a top web hosting company from a German till now and more technical upgrades are also made by introducing Amazon Web service.

Though this company is a German still it is also documented in English for making it available to the world.

Hetzner Web hosting company has shared web hosting, dedicated servers, virtual private servers (VPS) and colocation.

And along with it many other important tools for operating and managing your Website or blog.

Unlike other web hosting companies, Hetzner plans and other platforms are in huge varieties for any customers to choose.

Hetzner Review Overview

The data centre located on Falkenstein, Vogtland and Nuremberg are made very safe for the environment.

As they use the power supply run on the hydroelectric energy source.

And they are also awarded for many such great innovative technologies maintaining for the developer of Web Hosting services.

Hetzner is a huge company of hosting service providers so everything you will find in many choices varied in price too.

Let, us see more about the services and their specialities.

Domain- There is the largest domain registration in Hetzner which will give you a powerful Domain name at a very lower price.

Web Hosting – When it comes to owning a website you first have to do is buy a hosting service for your domain name. And here Hetzner offers us four shared hosting plans having the best features in it.

Dedicated Server- There is a huge collection of plans for the dedicated server and each plan is categorized in Dedicated server EX with 7 plans,

Dedicated server– PX with 8 plans, Dedicated server SX with 3 plans and also Dell Power Edge.

vServer-  This service has 5 plans starting with additional features like Memory space and flexible in any operating system like Windows and Linux etc.

Colocation- Another service you are offered by Hetzner is the colocation which is again followed by 3 different Racks with the climate control (Air Cooled technology included)

Hetzner Review Online Web Hosting Plans and its Price

There are 4 hosting plans- Level 1, Level 4, Level 9 and Level 19 with varying features and price. Let us see more about the plans in details-

Hetzner Review Online Web Hosting Plans and its Price

Level 1- In this plan, you can buy in just €1.90 and will get the features like one domain included and free data transfer up to 10GB, having a disk space up to 2GB and 50 subdomains.

Level 4- you can get this plan in just-just €4.90 and features having one domain included, 5 Add-on domain, free unlimited data transfer, having a disk space up to 10GB and 400 subdomains.

Level 9- In this plan, you can buy in just €9.90 and will get features like one domain included, 10 Add-on domain, free unlimited data transfer, having a disk space up to 25GB and 800 subdomains.

Level 19- In this plan, you can buy in just €19.90 and will get features like one domain included, 20 Add-on domain, free unlimited data transfer, having a disk space up to 50GB and unlimited subdomains.

Hetzner Review Online Additional features on every plan

No matter what plan you choose, you will get these important features for operating your website. And some the important features are like-

Email Features- You will get anti-spammer technology for safe and secure mailing facilities and also virus scanner. The company is fully trusted when it comes to the security system.

Developer features- In the purchase of every plan, you will be provided with easily manageable techniques for platforms like Wordpress, Joomla, etc. and also SSL server included.

Support and Payments

Hetzner has full support for any problem faced by the customers while using web hosting and, therefore, provides free Phone call support, Emails, etc.

Mode of Payments- You can pay for the plans using the bank money transfer and also using the credit cards.

Hetzner also gives you the freedom you select your mode of payment annually.

Cancellation program- If you are unhappy with the service,

you can still cancel the service which the company gives you within 30 days of the period for the cancellation.

Support and Payments

Hetzner hosting is a very inexpensive web host, but it hurts from lots of cost-cutting. Best for specialists who know precisely what they need.

Pros and Cons


  • Wide collection of hosting packages and services
  • cPanel and Plesk are accessible in some of their packages
  • All packages come with the newest software and hardware
  • Great monthly bandwidth, particularly for cheaper models (30TB/month)
  • Extraordinary download speeds


  • Unfortunate control panel
  • Setup fees
  • Basic web knowledgebase
  • Incomplete customer support
  • Common of their documents and wiki is in German

Hetzner Black Friday Deals 2021

Prepares Hetzner Have Black Friday Deal? Yes, one of the calmest ways to save money is to use Hetzner Coupon & Coupon Code on their website.

This Hetzer Black Friday Sale is devoted to disregarding and pricing loads of dissimilar kinds of styles.

Hetzner Black Friday Deals

They give you nonstop auctions and specials on all sorts of plans.

Get up on your gift shopping or grab some trimmings for that special someone and don’t forget to pick up approximately special for yourself with all the money you’ll save during Hetzner Black Friday Sale.

  • Hetzner 21 YEAR SPECIAL – No Setup fee on RYZEN Dedicated Server
  • Hetzner Beta Cloud – Free 3 cloud servers per user.
  • Hetzner Cloud – High Quality & Unbeatable Price from €2.49
  • Hetzner vServer starting at €3.9/month in Germany

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Get Started with Hetzner Dedicated Server

While Hetzner provides numerous different services, the greatest of its focus is on posing dedicated servers.

While it’s careful a cheap dedicated server provider, Hetzner offers a number of good-looking plans, particularly if you are in the market for a reasonable and small server.

It is also value seeing that Hetzner uses comparatively fresh hardware crossways most of its packages.

SSD storage is a choice on all dedicated servers.

This is perhaps Hetzner’s main selling point; you don’t need to devote a fortune to get the latest tech since they offer the latest hardware across all packages.

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