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Hetzner Review

We understand that your business is essential to you, and you want it to grow to reach its full potential. To do this, you need to put in effort and input, but the way of doing so has changed over time, and everything runs faster on the internet. To run a successful business online, you must host it using a reliable hosting provider. 

Hetzner is one such platform that takes care of all your hosting needs. The company has been operating for more than decades with thousands of customers all over the globe. To make your experience even better, they have been adding more and more data centres for faster service.

But there is more to it than what meets the eye. Hence, we compiled the important aspects and created this Hetzner review.

About Hetzner

Founded in 1997, Hetzer operates through thousands of servers and has been providing its services to the world through its data centres located in Germany, Finland, and newly added locations in the USA.

They provide their services to businesses of all sizes, whether small or big, with robust and trustable IT infrastructure. 

Hetzner Review

They keep working on their products and improving their performance-to-price ratio since they aim to give a perfect mixture of solid and stable technology. It offers several hosting services that you might not find with other hostings.

There is a lot to know about this hosting platform so let us go into this Hetzner review. 

Hetzner Data Center Location

Heytzner has four operating data centres located in:

Hetzner Data Center Location
  • Nuremberg, Germany
  • Falkenstein, Germany
  • Helsinki, Finland
  • Virginia, USA

Speed Test and Analysis for Hetzner

We have looked at Hetzner in brief and how it operates. But let us look at the rate at which it offers its services and if its benefits can stand to your expectations.

Ease of use and interface 

A user-friendly interface is necessary since everyone who runs a website might not be a website expert. But everyone has to run their business, and for that, they need to have a good hand at their website hosting. The hosting can help you with this by providing a user-friendly interface.

And Hetzner does just that. As soon as you log in to your Hetzner account, you will be provided with a dashboard full of easy-to-understand setting options, your purchases, and the status of your hosting plans. So working with this platform could seem to be a pretty easy task because of its simplicity. 

Speed Test

The ranking of your website on the search engine is proportional to the speed your website has. The search engine will only show those websites on top that are the most user-friendly and are fast to load.

We tested the loading time offered by Hetzner, and it fits nicely into the speed requirements that could make your website a top ranking. As per our testing on GTmetrix, the website hosted on this platform loads in about a second, which is a pretty good speed and will keep your visitors interested. 

Uptime Test 

Now comes another factor that has a firm hand in the success of your website and, in turn, your business; uptime. Yes, uptime is one of the deciding factors whether you get to grab all your customers or not because you can make visitors your customers by being available on the internet whenever they want you.

Hetzner claims to provide a minimum of 99.9% uptime guarantee. But we had to check it ourselves as per our uptime graph. The uptime was usually about 99.9% and sometimes also reached 100%. So the claims made by this platform about their uptime are approved. 

Hetzner Customer Support Analysis 

We have discussed the services that will serve your customers, but what about your requirements? Like your customers, even if you need someone to help you do tasks. 

Hetzner Customer Support Analysis 

This hosting platform helps you with such conditions with 24/7 customer support only with German data centres. The timing for telephonic calls is different for every centre or even service. Other than this, you can even leave an email with the team that might take some time to receive an update back.

Key Features of Hetzner  

Let us know more about Hetzner Web hosting by looking at its key features.

Unlimited Traffic

It feels so great when your website is doing good and is attracting a considerable number of customers. But before you start celebrating your success, you get a notification from your web hosting provider that you are receiving extra traffic than the limit and have to pay for it. So are you still happy?

But, with Hetzner, you can continue celebrating as it puts no limit on the traffic you receive. So no extra charges are applied even if you receive enormous traffic. 

DDoS Protection

When running a website online, you have to take some basic steps to take care of your data since content online is prone to attacks. These attacks are of many kinds, but one of the most damaging causes is DDoS attacks, and your data must be protected from them at all costs. 

But you do not always have to pay a cost for that since Hetzner offers DDoS protection to your content for free with your hosting plans. So your content is at bay from any DDoS attacks. 

Free SSL Certificate

Safety measures are essential at all levels; another layer of safety measures you could take is when your website connects with other websites on the internet. Sometimes, your website might get damaged or cause damage to your users.

So that browsers accept your website and your website’s connections are also encrypted, Hetzner offers SSL certificates to avoid data leakage. 

WordPress Installer

Most users worldwide favour WordPress because it offers its facilities to beginners and experts with an easy-to-use interface. It would be great to have it installed on your hosting, but how? Will you have to pay for it?

Not always because hosting service providers such as Hetzner offer you this service with some of the plans you buy from them. These plans are also WordPress compatible, so you get the most effortless WP experience. 

Types of Web Hosting Hetzner Offer

Hetzner offers a small range of web hosting services:

Types of Web Hosting Hetzner Offer
  • Level 1 Web Hosting- For simple WordPress sites (Staring from $1.90). It includes unlimited traffic, 10GB SSD Space, and 50 Subdomains.
  • Level 4 Web Hosting- Starting from $4.90. This includes unlimited traffic, 50GB SSD Space, and 400 Subdomains.
  • Level 9 Web Hosting- Starting from $9.91. This includes unlimited traffic, 100GB SSD Space, and 800 Subdomains.
  • Level 19 Web Hosting- Starting from $19.91. This includes unlimited traffic, 300GB SSD Space, and unlimited Subdomains

Hetzner Domain

A domain name is the address of your website or business online. A straightforward domain that tells about your business could help you build a better and more successful website. To help you do this, Hetzner offers you domains at pretty affordable prices. 

Hetzner Domain

Besides buying, you also get domains for free with some of this platform’s hosting plans. The limits and terms and conditions are different for each plan. 

Hetzner Pros and Cons

Let us look at the pros and cons of Hetzner hosting plans.


  • Variety of features
  • Affordable plans
  • Variety of services
  • cPanel and Plesk are accessible in some of their packages
  • Extraordinary download speeds
  • All packages come with the newest software and hardware


  • Data centres are only in three countries.
  • No live chat support
  • 24 Hours Tele support available only in German Data Centers

Extra Services offered by Hetzner

Besides hosting, Hetzner offers several other services such as:

  • Colocation
  • Server auctions, Server finder, etc
  • Clouds
  • Storage
  • Domain, etc

What Makes Hetzner Different from Other Hosting

Hetzner could be said to be different from other hostings in many aspects. It offers several services apart from hosting, such as server auction, which generally hosting providers do not offer.

Even with such a wide variety of features, this platform still offers its plans at a price that keeps your pockets safe. So this makes it different from other hostings. 


Is Hetzner good?

Yes, we have tested this hosting platform on various aspects, and we must say that it stands firm with its excellent performance. Not only are the plans affordable but consist of all the features you are looking for in a hosting provider.

What is Hetzner used for?

Hetzner is used for web-related purposes such as web hosting, domain purchasing, colocation, storage, servers, etc. 

Is Hetzner an Indian company?

No, Hetzner was founded in 1997 in Germany by Martin Hezner, which makes it a German hosting service provider

Is Hetzner safe and legit?

Yes, Hetzner is safe, legit, and reliable. As it was founded in Europe, it is pretty transparent about its features and pricing and stays under the law’s limit. 


By now, you know about Hetzner hosting service providers in detail. You can trust the company due to its reliable security features such as DDoS protection and others to keep your data safe. Although they only offer telephonic and email support, you might have to wait a while for their response to resolve the errors.

The only issue is that they do not have any live chat support which might have been an excellent addition to make it more user-friendly. But overall the resolution of the queries is done very professionally in the end.

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Hetzner Review

  1. The problem with my account forced me to move all my services to another provider.

    This is the worst provider in the world! For some unknown reason, they blocked my account and say that I owe them money, but there was no debt. I always paid my bills on time. I’ve been trying to communicate with their support for almost 2 months to make them understand my problem. I’ve been using their servers for a long time and I don’t want to lose them, but in the end, their pathetic support didn’t care about my problem. They either didn’t respond to me or gave me some useless steps, like, “You can recover your account through forgot password.” But the account is blocked! How can I reactivate it through forgot password? Of course, I followed their instructions four times, thinking that maybe I was doing something wrong, but in the end, nothing came out of it.

  2. Terrible experience! Terrible support!

    Terrible experience! Terrible support! Don’t recommend!


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