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GetSpace Review

There are some unique web hosting providers that talk way beyond providing just the services. 

GetSpace is a one in all web hosting platform for all your needs. They have got everything covered and provide a varied range of services you can choose from individually or even mix and match. 

It is located globally and its offices are spread out through a wide range of areas. You will also be able to get local customer service in your mother tongue as well, for ease of use. It has so much to offer to everyone and so we have created this GetSpace Review that will guide you further.

About GetSpace 

GetSpace provides sensitive data protection along with quality as well. Their team of innovators and employees is highly qualified for this job. Some of their other agencies include Starflix Vilnius which is a digital advertising agency and you can choose to use it to increase the digital presence of your site.

About GetSpace Review

The other agency under them is WordPress Academy which is an intensive and practice-oriented web design course that will prepare you for the future. The practical aspect of this course is almost 90%. 

GetSpace Data Center Location

Your data will be saved in Tier III data centers which are located across Europe. GetSpace also guarantees top-level security. 

GetSpace Data Center Location

They are also partnered with some of the most well-known hardware and software manufacturers which mean you will only be served quality products. You can access all the possible hosting services from GetSpace at any time. 

Key Features of GetSpace

Some of the key features of GetSpace that distinguishes it from all the other Hosting Service Providers are listed below. 

PHP Version and Support:

The Speed is really great using GetSpace, you will get the newest PHP 7 versions along with HTTP/2 with the latest hardware and also pure SSD which ensures lightning speed. They also offer 24/7 support along with a lot of free stuff as well like 50GB of totally free space. 

You can also chat from the cloud as well and do not need to use chat apps. You can send a link and just join the conversation just like that.

Chat, Server Side encryption, and File access control:

There are also server-side encryptions as well. Using this all your chats will be encrypted with a unique key and it will be impossible to read information or modify it under such circumstances. You all get file access control as well, which is their brand new feature.

Using this you can set an expiration date or also choose to disable the access to a certain file whenever needed. You can also create different access levels based on employees recruited. 

SSL, SSD, and Free move:

If needed, the information will be saved to the cloud from any gadget that you own and there are no restrictions as to that. You also get a free SSL certificate and SSD storage which makes sure that there will be greater speed and no lags whatsoever.

SSL, SSD, and Free move

The Free migration of website option is also exceptional where you can easily move your webpage to their system for free, including all pages, email accounts, and also domain names as well. 

Types of GetSpace Hosting Plans offer:

There are a lot of GetSpace options you can choose from. These include

Types of GetSpace Hosting Plans offer:
  • SSD hosting starts from $3.18 with 100% pure SSD Plus- 100 GB Cloud
  • WordPress Hosting starts from $6.25 (Super speed, free SSL Certifiacte , backup restoration, and 100 GB Cloud )
  • VPS hosting starts from 7.50 (SSD, unlimited traffic) 
  • Cloud hosting starts from $0 with a vat of 23% (50GB for free and all your documents can be safely placed in the cloud)

What Makes GetSpace Different from Other Hosting:

With GetSpace you get Full security packages with 100% protection which means your site will be fully free from all kinds of hackers and spammers. Along with this, you will also be provided SSL Certificates, SiteLock security, Enterprise backup solutions, and Cloudflare which are great for site protection. 

You should choose GetSpace since you get reseller web hosting as well. You can get a space when required and then resell it later as per requirements. This is also a great way to purchase wholesale services and then sell them to customers at a higher price. 

Conclusion – GetSpace Review

You should really consider getting GetSpace web hosting service , with such great offers in terms of prices and also the different features, there is no other hosting site out there that is providing such a huge range of features to their customers.

The services other than the technical aspects of hosting a website are also good and fast-paced to help you. Make sure to try out GetSpace since it has everything you need to get started with.

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GetSpace Review

  1. Scam

    Absolute SCAM! I cancelled my hosting with them, got their confirmation and they still keep charging me. Be careful if your payment goes through PayPal, they use it as excuse to keep charging you automatically. So if you’d like to stop dealing with them, make sure you block all possible accounts, otherwise you will continue paying. They claim that even if you cancel, it’s your responsibility to deal with banks and PayPal so they won’t charge you automatically. So, as soon as your first charge went through , expect paying more! That’s where such a « reasonable « prices come from!


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