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Finding it difficult to manage the technical issues faced while using the services from RoseHosting? Has contacting Rosehosting support staff become an arduous task for you?

Seeking to find a way out from all the queries mentioned above? Then you have clicked onto the right page. As in this post, we will be covering all facts related to the support channels offered by RoseHosting and a proper set of instructions that is to be followed to establish contact with them. 

Moreover, we will also run a few tests, for users’ suitability, to check the quality of response of all the support channels.

With so many things to discuss, let’s not waste time and dive in deep to gather informative facts about RoseHosting support. 👍

About RoseHosting 

RoseHosting has been providing high quality VPS since 2001. It is the oldest web hosting company to provide commercial Linux Virtual Servers. With their data center in St Louis, RoseHosting provides customers services rendering low latency and extremely rich connectivity.

About RoseHosting 

The support staff is kept at alert for providing customer services 24/7 in case servers go down or any other issue that might pop up while using the hosting services.

It is not the great quality product but actually the after sales services (customer services) of a company that makes it legitimate among the users. So let’s discuss the customer support channels further in this post.

What Support Channels Does RoseHosting Offer?

More the number of support channels the hosting provider offers, greater is the level of after sales services. And in case of RoseHosting, the support channels are not only diverse but also operational 24/7, giving the users accessibility to the support staff at any hour of the day.

So how many support channels does RoseHosting actually provide?

  • Live chat 

To resolve minor queries related to pre-sales doubts, billing problems or RoseHosting login issues, the live chat is the best choice among other support channels offered by RoseHosting.

RoseHosting Live chat

A user using this feature gets an opportunity to connect with an expert agent ensuring the deliverance of the query in a time bound manner.

  • Ticket Support

Technical issues arising out of server related configuration can be resolved easily by bringing the ticket support system into play.

Ticket Support

It is also an efficient medium of receiving support service from the customer care executive of RoseHosting in case of a grave emergency.

  • Email support

For various issues that crop up while using the RoseHosting services, a new user, who is yet to buy services from RoseHosting, can easily get his issues addressed by mailing the support team belonging to different departments depending upon the kind of issue that is needed to be addressed.

  • Voice call

Customer care team of RoseHosting provides dial numbers to the users to approach them in case of an issue that requires verbal assistance.

  • 📞 (888)-767-3467 for US based users 
  • 📞 (314)-275-0414 for users based in any country other than US

Having discussed the various support channels offered by Rosehosting, let’s read further for more details on how to contact the support teams through these mediums mentioned above.

How to Contact RoseHosting Support?

Users, wanting to establish a smooth connection with the support team of RoseHostingcan do so by sincerely following the instruction given below.

Live Chat 

Live chat proves very useful to the users, looking for a quick and easy solution to the issues. So to get access to the live chat feature of RoseHosting, one needs to adopt the stepwise instruction provided further. 

  • Firstly, go to the RoseHosting HomePage and click the blue message icon saying “Chat with a human
  • On clicking the blue message icon, fill in your name and valid email id, type the issue you are facing and Select the department to which you want the message to be sent to (Sales/Technical Support) lastly pressing the Start a Chat option to initiate the live chat process.
Start a Chat option
  • On pressing the Start a chat button, a chat box appears in which an expert agent is available to help bring you out from the issues you mention.
RoseHosting Support

If in case you are having further issues even related to RoseHosting Nameservers or problems while ordering hosting from RoseHosting, you can easily get them addressed via live chat option.

Ticket Support

To reach the customer care executive via the ticket support system, you need to login to your RoseHosting account, in order to type a new ticket and submit it to the support team. Here are the steps that need to be adopted to use the ticket system of RoseHosting:

  • Go to the RoseHosting HomePage and login to your account or create a new account if you are a new user.
  • Once you login to your account, click the Support Tickets Tab mentioned in the menu bar of your RoseHosting account.
Support Tickets Tab
  • On reaching the support option scroll down and click the Create New green colored button to open a new ticket.
Create New
  • A new ticket opens under Open New Support Ticket. Fill in the ticket details and make sure you provide all the points related to your issue. Attaching a screenshot relevant to your issue, would make it look more genuine. Finally, click submit to send it to the support team.
click submit to send it to the support team
  • Once your ticket is submitted, you will be given a unique ticket number enabling you to track the status of your ticket.
unique ticket number
  • Notification is received when the ticket is answered in your dashboard.
your dashboard

Once the ticket is submitted, the user can easily track the status of the ticket in his dashboard itself. Let’s read more to find out how to check the status of the tickets previously submitted by you.

How do I Check My Support Ticket History?

Sometimes, the user suffers with the same problem that he has already got addressed by the support staff before. Typing a new ticket for such an issue is time consuming so the users check the history of tickets previously submitted to see the resolution provided by the support staff.

Therefore, it is important for the users to know how to check the history of support tickets. Below is the stepwise procedure to check the history of support tickets submitted.

  • Go to the RoseHosting HomePage and Login to your account.
  • Once you login to your account, your dashboard appears on the screen.
  • Scroll down to see the status of your tickets submitted to the support staff under the support tickets option. Click the View all option to open the tickets previously submitted.
Click the View all option
  • On clicking the View all option, you can see the status of the ticket, the department it was submitted to and a lot more relevant details as well.
 status of the ticket,

Checking history of tickets previously submitted is easily navigable. One needs to login to his account in order to avail all options related to the support tickets.

So far we see the customer service provided by RoseHosting is not only efficient but also quickly navigable making it quite a user friendly hosting provider for its potential users. The positive reaction of the support team has left its users with remarkable testimonies. 

Other RoseHosting Customer Feedback

Feedback is important for the new users in order to choose the right among various hosting providers. It gives an outline about various products and level of customer service by the experienced clients already using the services from RoseHosting. Here are a few to mention below.

  • Quick and professional tech support
RoseHosting Customer Feedback
  • Good information via live chat
RoseHosting Customer Feedback
  • Prompt and efficient support
RoseHosting Customer Feedback

To ensure the genuinity of the support services offered by the RoseHosting support team, we have run a few tests in order to enable the new users, who are yet to purchase the hosting services, understand the quality of customer assistance provided by RoseHosting.

Our Experience with the RoseHosting Support 

We made sincere efforts in establishing contact with the support team via all channels offered by RoseHosting to bring fruitful outcomes for our readers. After running tests, we came up with the following results:

Live Chat 

  • It is very handy to the users as the option to initiate live chat with a human is available in the bottom left corner of every page.
  • The query put forward is responded by a human rather than a bot, which is seen in the websites of many other hosting companies.
  • Response was lightning fast with the reply coming within 10 seconds of the submission of the query.

Ticket Support

  • The response time of the ticket system, though not as quick as the live chat option, is fair. The reply of the ticket submitted was received in 6 minutes. 
  • The guidance was well informed and precise.
  • The tone of the executive was formal and simple.

Email Support

  • Email support was not prompt at all. We received the reply 9 hours after the email was sent.
  • Reply was short and well structured enabling the users to understand the subject matter.
  • The tone of the response was simple and straightforward.

Voice Call

  • The dial number didn’t go through, due to connection glitches.
  • Maybe in days to come, RoseHosting might provide a toll free number to enable new users to reach the support team for verbal assistance.

Conclusion – RoseHosting Support 

To end, we would like to convey that if you are a new user and are trying to establish contact with the support team of RoseHosting, live chat with a human and support ticket option might be the best support channels at your stake to approach the support staff. 

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