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Have you clicked your way through webpages and reached here just because you were caught into the technicalities involved to get the issues resolved by StableHost support staff? If yes, then you have made the right decision by landing onto this page.

By this article, we’ll make you aware of the various customer service channels offered and the tech know-how required to establish contact with the members of the stableHost support team. 

We’ll leave no stone unturned in enabling you to easily access the support team on occasion of grave issues arising while functioning through StableHost.

So without any further waiting, let’s get started with a small brief about StableHost. 👍

About StableHost

StableHost, founded in 2009, provides web hosting services at affordable rates to thousands of its clients spread all across the world. Incredible features including 24/7/365 customer support service makes it completely a user friendly web hosting provider.

About StableHost

So let’s understand about the different support channels offered by StableHost to its clients before we do a detailed analysis about them. 

What Support Channels Does StableHost Offer?

StableHost offers few but efficient mediums to approach the team of StableHost support in case of any issue or technical problems to be resolved. So, the support channels offered by StableHost are as under:

  • Live chat cum ticket support
  • Voice call
  • Email 

Further, let us understand how each of the following support channels work.

How to Contact StableHost Support?

To start with, let us know how you can establish contact with the support team in case of grave issues. Through the steps given below you’ll be able to easily get access to the stableHost support staff via:

Live chat cum ticket support

  • Go to StableHost homepage and click the green message icon provided at the bottom of the page.
StableHost homepage
  • As you enter the live chat feature, you will find several relevant FAQs adequately answered by the support team on the home tab.
Live Chat
  • On tapping it, you’ll find a detailed explanation of that issue along with the steps required to resolve it.
  • Let’s say the FAQs prove insufficient to get your issue settled, so in that case, you can type the issue in the Send us a message option, to get it fixed.
Send us a message option
  • As you type your issue, a chatbot first replies saying that the message has been successfully received and you need to wait for the response by the tech support team.
As you type your issue
  • The expert comes with a satisfactory answer to the doubt mentioned by you or if the issue requires a greater assistance, then it directs us according to the nature of the issue.

In Stablehost, the live chat option has been integrated with the ticket support system preventing the stocking of unresolved issues at the end of the day. 


It is an additional tech support feature that happens to be handy for the new users, who visit and explore StableHost for the first time and have issues that require a detailed explanation to enable them understand the technicalities involved in resolving the concern.

  • For issue related to upgrading, ordering new services, reach them at [email protected]
  • To file problem related to setting up of new email accounts, rebooting or re installing your VPS and so on, mail them at [email protected] 
  • And concerning the billing process, you can approach them at [email protected]
  • In case the services offered by Stablehost, proves unsuitable for you, mail them at [email protected] 
StableHost Email

After filing the issues to the customer support department of StableHost via various support mediums, it so happens that it becomes necessary to seek the resolution of the same issue previously submitted to the stableHost support team.

In this case tracking the status and checking the support history becomes necessary.

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How do I Check My Support Ticket History?

Keeping a record of all the issues previously submitted enables the users to refer to them at times when the same issue arises again thereby saving a lot of time conversing with the tech support team for the resolution of the issue.

  • Click the live chat icon provided below and press the Messages button thereafter, to check the history of all the previously submitted doubts and their related answers to get assistance.
  • Click on one of the listed issues that were previously filed, to track the status and to know the instructions provided to sort out the problems similar to it.
My Support Ticket History

Submitting and tracking the support tickets is easy when using Stablehost, thereby attracting a lot of appealing customer feedback. Let us get to know a few of them further.

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Other StableHost Customer Feedback

Any hosting company’s foundation is its 24/7/365 support services. And when it comes to Stablehost, customer service is the best solution offered to its potential clients, including not only real time chat powered by intercom but also multilingual customer support removing any kind of language barrier between stableHost support team and its end user.

So after discussing the extensive and efficient support services offered by Stablehost, lets see what their customers have to say:

  • Chat support is quick and Great client support overall
Great client support overall
  • Helpful support
StableHost Helpful support
  • Technical support is helpfulTechnical support is helpful
Technical support is helpfulTechnical support is helpfu

Our Experience with the StableHost Support 

Looking at the constructive feedback of the clients, we undertook few tests of all the support channels offered by Stablehst to ensure the genuinity of the services enabling new users, looking forward to order hosting from Stablehost, to get an overview of the efficiency of the StableHost support services.

To start with, we filed a minor issue involving tech support, at all the support channels, to which we got the following results:

Live Chat cum Ticket support 

✅ The issue was resolved in a minute’s time, even though they offered a guaranteed reply within minutes.

✅ The expert was having a positive sense of conversation.

✅ Technicalities involved in processing the issue was explained simply by the tech team.

✅ If in case the issue requires greater assistance, they advise to visit KnowledgeBase or provide email id to address the issue in the relevant department.


The email was not responded to even after the passage of 22 hours. Maybe because of the meager staff attending the support department, the issue is still left unresolved.

Voice call

The dial number provided in the stableHost website was not reachable. In years to come, they may provide an international toll free dial number to enable their clients from foreign countries to call on occasion of verbal assistance required to get the doubts resolved.

All the tests were thus finally accomplished.

Conclusion – StableHost Support

Lastly, as a note, I would like to convey that if you are trying to approach the StableHost support team to get your tech related issues resolved, make sure to approach the tech support team via live chat cum ticket support system.

Through the results of the tests that were conducted to verify the genuinity of the support channels it is crystal clear that the live chat option is the most helpful and handy medium of support available.

We sincerely hope that the information provided about stableHost support and the results of the tests conducted proved fruitful. Your act of sharing this post and valuable comments on it might motivate us to make more tech savvy articles. Mail us at [email protected] in case of any assistance required.

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