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Ordering hosting From Stablehost is not your cup of tea? Having trouble ordering hosting packages? 

If you clicked your way through to reach this page to seek answers to these issues, then you have made the correct decision. Ordering hosting can prove difficult if necessary steps aren’t followed. 

In this article we’ll be cohesively discussing the various hosting plans offered by Stablehost, their features, and prices, enabling you to make choices among them, and also making you learn the correct way to order the hosting packages from Stablehost. So let’s read the article through. đź‘Ť

What are the Prices and Plans for WordPress Hosting?

Before you learn the ways to place an order for your hosting plan, it is important to choose the best web hosting option for you first. The choice for your hosting services should depend solely upon:

  • The features that you actually require for your website.
  • The availability of finance with you.

Below we have discussed comprehensively, the plans, features, and related prices to make the choosing of your hosting service lucid for you.

Plans and prices of the following services are mentioned in detail further.

WordPress Hosting 

Stablehost wordpress hosting plans


VZ 1GB1024 MB1 CORE40 GB1 TB$10.95
VZ 2GB2048 MB2 CORE60 GB2 TB$16.30
VZ 4GB4096 MB4 CORE100 GB4 TB$32.95
VZ 8GB8192 MB6 CORE 200 GB8 TB$65.95
VZ 16GB16384 MB8 CORE300 GB16 TB$130.90


PREMIUM8 GB3 TB2 x 300 GB SAS$165
ULTIMATE16 GB4 TB2 x 300 GB SAS$245


BASIC 20 GB$9.12
PRO40 GB$18.29
PLUS60 GB$27.45

How to Order VPS Hosting from StableHost?

To order VPS hosting services from Stablehost, you need to follow the given navigation:

  • Go to Stablehost HomePage and click the VPS option provided at the top right corner of the menu bar.
Order Hosting From Stablehost vps option
  • After clicking VPS, you will be required to choose among the options provided according to your suitability.
Order VPS Hosting from Stablehost
  • On doing so, you reach the product configuration page where you’ll be needed to make some changes with respect to the operating system of the service and server location.
Stablehost Product Config
  • Drag down the operating system option to select from among the given options. 
  • Similarly drag down the Location option to select the server location between Phoenix(USA) and Amsterdam(Europe). After doing so, press the select option to move further with the ordering process.
Stablehost product config
  • Having pressed the select option, you will reach the cart page of Stablehost to place your order for the VPS services. 
  • A brief summary of your product describing the product name and its type, billing period, and the price, is stated as under.
Stablehost order hosting plan
  • Scrolling further, before you press the Continue to check out option, you will be required to tap the form of payment you will be using to pay the amount.
Stablehost payment method
  • On tapping Continue to Check out option, you’ll be asked to log in to the Stablehost account. As you enter the login credentials press the sign-in option to carry on with the purchase. 
  • But if you are a new user, then you’ll be needing to create an account to initiate the Stablehost login process. 
Stablehost create account
  • As soon as you press the Sign in option, you will be directed to the billing page, where your card name and card number will be required to be entered. 
  • Your order gets placed the moment payment is successfully done.
Stablehost paywith credit

As soon as you complete the payment of your order, it soon gets activated. On activation, you can log in to your account and make the necessary Stablehost nameservers configuration for your domain to make it easily approachable to your visitors 

The steps mentioned above are easily navigable and extremely helpful to order VPS products from Stablehost.

How to Order Dedicated Hosting from StableHost?

To avail powerful performance for your website, dedicated hosting services are the best match, suitable for the users. Ordering dedicated servers will become no difficult for you once you decide to follow the instruction given as under:

  • Go to Stablehost.com and click the Dedicated Hosting option at the top corner of the menu bar.
  • Choose the appropriate plan among the options available according to the specifications you need. Press the sign-up option once you select the right hosting plan for you.
Stablehost dedicated hosting plans
  • On pressing the sign-in option, you reach the order page, where you are required to search, register and purchase a new domain name for yourself if you are a new user.
  • However, if you are an existing user and want to use your existing domain, then you can press to either transfer the domain or use an already existing domain. 
  • Click the Review your Order button to move further with the purchase.
Stablehost order review
  • After reviewing your order proceed to payment by clicking the Continue to checkout option.
Stablehost review your order
  • Lastly, make the payment thereby placing the order for the Dedicated hosting services.

Following the instructions given above, a user can easily order dedicated hosting services without any hindrance. In case of any assistance required, you can contact the Stablehost support team.

How to Order StableHost Reseller Hosting?

Users planning to build their own hosting company can go for the reseller hosting services of Stablehost. To place an order for the reseller hosting services, you have to adopt the following footsteps:

  • Go to Stablehost HomePage and click on the reseller hosting option available at the top corner of the menu bar.
  • On clicking, you’ll reach the reseller hosting page.
  • Choose the appropriate plan that is suitable according to your needs and fits the budget. Click the signup option provided below the plan.
Stablehost dedicated hosting plans
  • Search for a domain name for yourself. Register and purchase the same. If you already have a domain name, then click on the transfer a domain option to initiate further with the domain configuration.
  • After domain configuration, press the review your order button.
Stablehost domain configuration
  • On clicking the option, you’ll reach the cart, where you’ll be asked to change the billing period of your reseller hosting plan and domain name registration according to your requirement.
Stablehost review your order
  • Click the Continue to Check Out option to proceed further with the placement of the order.
  • Before billing, you’ll be required to log in to your account. If you are a new user then you need to create a new account to process your order further.
Stablehost create account
  • As you click on to sign in or create an account option you’ll reach the billing page, where you are required to make the payment to finally place your order.
Stablehost paywith credit

On making the payment, the order is placed successfully. At times it happens that after the placement of the order, the activation of the order observes a small delay. 

How much time does StableHost take to Activate my Order?

In order to solve this query, we had an opportunity to ask the resolution for the issue to the expert agent via the live chat feature. And lastly, we came up with the following feedback for you about the activation.

Stablehost chat activation

As per the live chat agent, the activation of your order is soon processed as your request and the payment is reviewed by the Stablehost team.

As soon as the order is reviewed, the order gets activated no matter if it is VPS hosting, Dedicated hosting, and Reseller hosting. 

Conclusion: Order Hosting from Stablehost

The images and information provided in this article will surely be more than enough for you if you plan to purchase any of the hosting services from Stablehost.

The facts stated are reader-friendly and we hope that you not only enjoyed going through the post but also got to have a substantial idea about the ordering process of Hosting in stablehost.

Reach us at [email protected] in case you want to suggest we make more tech-related navigable posts for you.

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