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Do you intend to hire a gaming server if you enjoy playing video games? What could be better than order hosting from Scalacube if such is the case?

You clicked your way to the right page, if you are seeking to get answers to these questions. In this page, we’ll be sharing a great deal particularly about the minecraft and Valheim server hosting and how you can order these game server hosting services from Scalacube.

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What are the Price and Plans of Minecraft Server Hosting?

Before knowing how to place orders for game server hosting services it is very important to know about its features and their related price in detail. Below, a tabular presentation has been provided to enable you to choose the appropriate plan from among the ones stated.

PROXY 768M10768 MB2 X 3.4 GHz10 GB SSD$2/mo
MINECRAFT 1.5G201.5 GB2 X 3.4 GHz15 GB SSD$5/mo
MINECRAFT 3G40 3 GB4 X 3.4 GHz30 GB SSD$10/mo
MINECRAFT 4.5G704.5 GB4 X 3.4 GHz45 GB SSD$13/mo
MINECRAFT 6G1006 GB6 X 3.4 GHz60 GB SSD$18/mo
MINECRAFT 8G1508 GB6 X 3.4 GHz80 GB SSD$24/mo
MINECRAFT 12G22512 GB8 X 3.4 GHz120 GB SSD $36/mo
MINECRAFT 16G30016 GB8 X 3.4 GHz160 GB SSD$48/mo
MINECRAFT 32G60032 GB8 X 3.4 GHz320 GB SSD$96/mo

Scalacube reviews from potential clients also play an important role enabling new users in making fruitful choices from among the various plans provided by Scalacube. 

So after choosing the best plan for yourself, the question of how to order minecraft server hosting is still left unanswered? So keep scrolling further to get the required instructions.

How to Order Minecraft Server Hosting in ScalaCube?

Ordering minecraft server hosting from Scalacube will become an effortless task for you once you follow the stepwise instruction stated below:

Order Hosting From ScalaCube
  • On clicking the server hosting option, adjust the specifics as per your requirement. Then press the Get Your Server option.
Order Minecraft Server Hosting in ScalaCube
  • After doing so, choose the interface for your game (PC or Mobile) and click next.
  • Choose the desired location for your game server and move on by pressing the next button.
ScalaCube order
  • Select the plan you wish to add from among them and click next before moving further.
  • Click to add your domain which will require a minimum charge to be paid every year. Click next to proceed.
minecraft server address
  • Choose beneficial addons to enhance the performance of your server. Click next to move to the next page.
Minecraft server hosting application
  • Now, login to your Scalacube account to proceed with a few other steps pertaining to payment. If you are a new user and do not have an account, then sign up to initiate the Scalacube login process.
scalacube login
  • As you login, the billing page will appear in your Scalacube account. Press the pay option and proceed with the payment option by selecting the appropriate payment method.
  • As soon as your payment is made, your order for minecraft server hosting is placed.

The stepwise guidance provided above will prove worthy and comprehensive if followed properly referring to the screenshots as well. After placing the order you might be worried about the activation process. 

We will discuss in detail about the activation process once we go through the steps required to order Valheim server hosting service from Scalacube. So let’s read further about it.

How to Order Valheim Server Hosting in ScalaCube?

Knowing how to order will be of no worth if you don’t know the specifics and the price of the particular game server hosting. 

The table given below is provided for you to get an idea about the features you’ll be enjoying and price you’ll be paying for Valheim hosting service.

VALHEIM1032 GB8 X 3.4 GHz320 GB SSD$14
  • Click the Get your Server button to proceed further with other configurations.
  • Select the location you wish to choose for your server. Press the next option after doing so.
  • Choose the game hosting between Standard and modded servers and then click the next button.
  • Make further changes to add your domain to your game server. Then press next to move on further.
  • Select the automated backup to ensure that your data is never lost. Now press next button to proceed further with the Login process in your Scalacube account. 
  • Login to your account with your registered email id and password to get access to your billing details of your order.
  • Click to pay for your order with the choice of your appropriate payment method.
  • As soon as your payment is made successfully, your order for Valheim hosting service is placed.
  • After your order gets activated you can configure Scalacube nameservers and can also point it to your domain.

So when does the activation of the order is initiated once the order for hosting services is placed. To know this, keep reading further.

How much time does ScalaCube take to Activate my Order?

To get a valid answer to this question, we tried establishing contact Scalacube Support with the live chat expert. He was extremely helpful to get us sorted out with this issue.

scalacube support

As far as his knowledge is concerned, he informed us that as soon as you make the payment for your hosting service, your request is granted soon and the order is activated in 5 minutes.


You not only got to know about the features and prices of game servers but also got a chance to know how to place an order for your hosting services. We sincerely believe that the information provided above will prove worthy if followed well according to the instruction given. 

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