ScalaCube NameServers

Scalacube nameservers are the first and the foremost thing that a user, attaching an existing domain with the game server, should change once he orders hosting from Scalacube. But due to unawareness about the technicalities involved in hosting packages, a new user is unable to perform so.

If you are one of the above-mentioned new users trying to seek a solution to configure the Scalacube nameservers, then you have made a fair decision by clicking your way through to this page.

Besides Scalacube nameservers, user-friendly techniques to verify the updated nameservers will also be discussed in the article. Let’s take the talks ahead 👍

How to find ScalaCube NameServers?

Nameservers are part of the domain name system which translates the human friendly domain name system to machine friendly IP address. Nameservers servers are important to configure when changing the hosting service from one provider to another to help your customers locate your web files easily. 

Therefore to find Scalacube nameservers, you are required to adopt the instructions as given under.

  • Go to Scalacube HomePage and login to your billing profile. 
  • As you login, your dashboard appears. Click the domains option provided at the left hand corner of the dashboard options.
Scalacube domains option
  • On clicking, the domain page appears where you are required to press “I already have a domain “ and enter your current domain name in the box given. Then click the next option.
Then click the next option
  • After entering your existing domain name, you will be asked to replace your old hosting provider nameservers with Scalacube nameservers. So we can easily find the Scalacube nameservers mentioned as under.
 Scalacube nameservers

What if you have an existing domain, then what to do in that case? You need to first replace your previous nameservers with the new ones and then point the same to your existing domain. Now, to know about it, keep scrolling further to read.

How do I point to the ScalaCube NameServer in my domain?

Pointing the nameservers of your existing provider to your already existing domain is important to get access to various web files and make necessary configuration related to your data. So to manage your nameservers the following procedure is followed.

  • Go to scalacube website and sign in to proceed further with the configuration of DNS.
  • Click the domain option provided in the menu bar at the left corner. Press your domain.
  • On reaching your domain page, select custom Domain and copy both the Scalacube nameservers in the boxes displayed as under.
Scalacube nameservers
Check DNS
  • Then the final step to attach the changes to the game server, is to select the key showing the save option.
save option
  • Lastly, click the server option from the menu list of your dashboard and click on the manage server option.
Scalacube Dashboard
  • Press the manage key again to initiate the process further. 
Press the manage
  • Then select save after clicking the change option in the server domain box attach your domain to your game server.
clicking the change option

How do I check and verify my updated NameServers?

The most user friendly way to check status of the updated nameservers is by using whois checker tool, the most amazing to use being, GoogieHost whois checker tool. It is responsive and user friendly too. The tool is used in the following manner:

  • Go to GoogieHost whois checker tool. Type the domain name you want to verify the nameservers of.
whois checker tool
  • After typing the domain name, press the Get Whois Data button provided below to start the verification procedure.
updated nameservers
  • On clicking the get whois data key, it takes split seconds to get all the information of your domain giving updates about your domain name nameservers as well.   

Using GoogieHost’s whois checker tool, you can easily, with no complex configuration, verify the status of your updated nameserver. In case of any issue feel free to contact the support team of GoogieHost by mailing at [email protected]

How to contact ScalaCube Support if my NameServers Are not working? 

At times it happens that even after putting a lot of effort to configure nameservers, they fail to get updated or the user finds it difficult in even locating them as well. In that case, contacting the support team of Scalacube remains the best option for redemption. So for this case, contacting Scalacube support team can be made easy via:

Live chat 

  • This feature is provided just at the bottom of the Scalacube HomePage. 
  • Click on the orange message box to initiate chatting with the expert team for nameservers related support.

Ticket system 

  • To use the ticket support system to get the nameservers related issues addressed, you need to log in to your account and select the support option from the menu list provided in your dashboard. 
  • Select the new ticket option and type your problem in detail to which you will get a well informed reply from the support team


Nameservers are the important component of your DNS and you need to revise it once you change your hosting provider in case you already have a domain. In this article we learnt not only how to find the Scalacube nameservers but also help you understand how to point the custom nameservers to your domain and finally attach it with your game servers.

We also made you aware to use the Scalacube support option if your efforts applied to configure nameservers proves no worth.

We do hope that this article enlightened you with some of the necessary specifics related to the nameservers of your domain. If you sense so, then like and leave a valuable comment to motivate us to make more tech related articles for our potential readers.

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