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Kinsta offers premium WordPress hosting for customers. They have various plans that include free migration and a hack-fix guarantee. Following are more details regarding the nameservers and DNS records that you should be knowing.

What are the Kinsta Nameservers?

Kinsta Nameservers are the default nameservers that are given to a client when buying a hosting plan, read the full Kinsta review

Upon buying a hosting plan, the client will receive a welcome email in which the details regarding the hosting plan, the IP address, and the nameservers will be included.

How Do I Point My Domain to Kinsta?

To point your domain to Kinsta, you can follow the steps given below.

  • Visit the Kinsta website first and click on the Kinsta login button
  • Access the client portal by entering your username and password
  • Click on the Sites option under the dashboard
  • The Select Domains section
  • Then click on Add Domain button
Kinsta Nameservers: Point Domain
  • Add the domain you want and click on Add Domain and Continue
Kinsta Nameservers: add Domain
  • Now you need to verify your domain in MyKinsta
  • To verify the domain, you must add two TXT records to your DNS provider
Kinsta Nameservers: Dns
  •  You can open MyKinsta in a new tab and go to the Kinsta DNS section
  • Then click on Add a DNS record and select the TXT record option
Kinsta Nameservers: Add DNS record
  • Use _cf-custom-hostname for the “Hostname” field, and your unique UUID value for the “Content” field for the first TXT record
  • Click on Add Record after verifying the TXT record details
Kinsta Nameservers
  • For the second TXT record, you can leave the Hostname field blank and use your unique UUID in the Content field.
  • Click on Add DNS record
Kinsta Nameservers: Add DNS Record
  • When you finish adding the TXT records, click on the button that says OK, I’ve Done it
Kinsta Nameservers: Ok Done Add doamin
  • You will receive a notification when the verification is complete
  • Then you can point your domain to Kinsta by clicking on the Point Domain button
Kinsta Nameservers: point domain
  • You must now get to the DNS provider and update the A record to point your domain
  • Go to Kinsta DNS and click on Add a DNS Record and select the A record
  • To point your root domain, leave the hostname field blank, else fill the field with the subdomain if pointing a subdomain
  • In the IPV4 address, field add your site IP address and click on Add DNS record.
  • At last click on OK, I’ve done it
Kinsta Nameservers

For more details regarding pointing your domain to Kinsta Cloudflare.

How Do I Point My GoDaddy Domain To Kinsta?

Kinsta Nameservers
  • Then select the Manage Domains section under the Control Panel Links
  • Pick the domain name and click on the Manage DNS option
Kinsta Nameservers:  DNS management
  • Then you must look for the records area and find the A record under Type
  • Click on the edit button(pencil icon)
Kinsta Nameservers
  • Go to the Sites in the Kinsta dashboard and copy the IP address and paste it in the field that says Point to
  • Click on the Save button
Kinsta Nameservers

How To Add DNS Records in Kinsta?

The DNS records will include A record, CNAME, TXT records, MX records, etc. To add the records, you need to log in to the client portal of Kinsta and click on the Kinsta Nameservers DNS.

Then you can select the Domain for which you want to add the DNS records. Then choose each record and the required details in the hostname, IP address, and TTL.

Click on Add DNS record after adding each record for your domain. For more details.

Kinsta Nameservers

How to Change Bluehost Nameservers to Point Your Domain to Kinsta?

Kinsta Nameservers
  • Click on the DNS option and click on the Edit button under the nameservers section
Kinsta Nameservers :
  •  Add the custom nameservers from the Kinsta DNS under the Setup Type
Kinsta Nameservers
  • Copy and paste the Kinsta DNS nameserver domains and click on the Save button after adding four nameservers.
Kinsta Nameservers

How to Add a Domain Pointing to Multiple IP Addresses?

The first step to adding a domain pointing to multiple IP addresses is pointing your domain to existing wildcard IPs. Create a static A record for your domain that you want to point to Kinsta Nameservers.

The A records should point to the same IP address as your wildcard A records. For an example, see the image below.

Kinsta Nameservers: multiple ip Addresses

Then you need to verify your subdomain. To do that, go to MyKinsta and click on the Next button in the Verify Domain modal.

Then you will be asked to add one or more TXT records to confirm the ownership of the subdomain.

  • Type: TXT
  • Hostname: _cf-custom-hostname.your-subdomain
  • Value: Unique UUID string.

👉 You must then add the TXT record to your DNS provider. When you have completed adding it click on Ok, I have done it in MyKinsta.

Kinsta Nameservers

👉 Now you should point your subdomain to Kinsta by clicking on the Point Domain button. You can now find the Kinsta Site IP address here.

Kinsta Nameservers

👉 Go to your DNS provider and delete the A records of your subdomain. Then add the A record pointing to your Kinsta Site IP address.

Kinsta Nameservers: add records

👉 Once the DNS has propagated, you can see a checkmark next to your subdomain in MyKinsta.

Kinsta Nameservers

Kinsta Nameservers | FAQs

What Does Changing The Nameservers Do?

The internet will look for the new nameserver’s location to provide details related to your domain.

How Do You Update Nameservers?

You can update your nameserver for a domain through your client portal.


One of the major attractions of Kinsta Nameservers is that clients can request a live demo with the Kinsta Support team to understand how they can host, build and launch their websites.

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